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            Pronounced locally Thrybur  Old English Triberg

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Lamberts Cottages kindly sent in by the Bird Family [ Robert, Michael, and Christopher ]

Lamberts Cottages
Doncaster Road

Photo kindly sent in by Robert, Christopher , and Michael Bird
The above cottages no longer exist, demolished and replaced by a Bungalow. I thought that the photo was rather fitting for the leader page of this section.


I also thought you may like a closer look at the people on the photo and produced the three black and white images from it. Can anyone put names to the people above. The lady on the right I would say was a ring in [ Model ?] , whilst the family and gentleman on the left look genuine.



Who lived on which street, and when, a thought that passes through the mind when recalling old friends and neighbours. Often when researching ancestors finding out upon which street they lived is a golden bonus. What will be attempted on the forthcoming pages is a closer look at who lived where.

I will limit my contributions to pre 1970 as I have no wish to invade any ones privacy,.. However if you would like to contribute your own family names after 1970 please do so. These particular pages will take a considerable amount of time to produce so I will indulge upon your patience. There is a lot of work to be done on the pages already on the site as regards information on each particular street but the photos are well worth a look.
Where individual buildings from a street have a separate page then a link will be placed as required.
The Thrybergh listing will be on this site, and Ravenfield and Dalton will be found on the appropriate sites.
Street numbers where known will be much appreciated, also should you spot an error please contact me so that error can be corrected to the benefit of all.
Photos [ in any condition ] of any street would be very much appreciated.

If you have any stories relating to a street please send them in.


The Streets

Please note that Whinney Hill can be referred to as Oldgate Lane as they are one and the same. Whinney Hill was often given as the area on documents like the Silverwood sign on list, and that section of Oldgate Lane as always been referred to as Whinney Hill which is the old name for the area.

Apparently as you entered into Oldgate Lane from Doncaster Road, the houses on the right are in Dalton, and the houses on the left are in Thrybergh.

Doncaster road heading up the hill from the above junction was also referred to as Whinney Hill to approximately where St. Gerard's Church is
Park Lane was known as  Common side lane prior to 1900.
Chesterhill Ave. was often referred to as Chinatown.
Some of the streets will have more than one page depending on the number of photos and information..


The street pages are under construction and links will appear below in the coming weeks, so please send in your information it will eventually appear on the site.

If you have a photo any condition of your street why not send it in so everyone can enjoy it




Able Street
Arran Hill   
Back Lane  
Bowen Dive
Brockhurst Way N
Chesterhill Ave.  [ Chinatown ]
Church View
Cross Street
Deer Leap Drive
Deer Park Road
Doncaster Road
East Vale Drive
Finch Close N
Fullerton Cres.
Garbroads Ave
Gerard Ave
Gullingwood Dr.
Hargrave Place N
Hollings Lane  [ Round Mile ]
Link Road N
Longlands Drive
Manor Farm Court
March Flatts Road
Meadow Close
Musgrove Ave
Oldgate Lane  [Whinney Hill ]
Park Lane Court
Park Lane
Park Nook

Park Vale Drive
Pingles Cres
Poplar Ave
Reresby Road
Rockland Villas
Ryods Close
School Lane
School Street
Silver Street
South Vale Drive,
Springfield Ave
Staple Green N
St. Leonard's Ave
Steventon Road N
Thrybergh Road
Top Tree Way
Trough Dr
Vale Road
Vale Cres
Vale Ave
Warreners Drive N
Waterhouse Close N
Well Drive
West Vale Ave
West Vale Grove
Wilson Drive N
Wood Street






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