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Thrybergh Sports Centre
Park Lane
Rotherham S65 4BH Telephone (01709) 851745.
Please note this is not an official Sport Centre site, anyone wishing to contact the Centre should do so via the Centre's contact information

No matter where you live we all have one thing in common, we all like to take a shot at the local Council, and I suppose being a local councillor  is a bit like being a referee, no matter what your decision you are going to upset someone. So for a change lets give a Council namely the Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council some praise.


Apart from the Thrybergh Sports Centre the council to their credit also purchased and created Thrybergh Country Park, both venues being today a definite plus for not only the locals but also for visitors to the Village. This year 2003 the council created a beach in the middle of Rotherham Town centre, now considering the heat England enjoyed this Summer [ or maybe you didn't enjoy it ] either way what a great idea it was to create a Beach, the kids must have loved it. I am sure that there are other things the Council have done that deserve  praise, so lets forget the things we disagree with for a moment and give some credit where it is due.
Peter Obrien of Thrybergh was a member of the Yorks & Humberside sports council when the Sports Centre was opened and was a guest at the opening.
John Doxey




Thrybergh prior to the building of the centre was classified as an education priority area with high social and economic deprivation, and as such was deemed by the Rotherham Borough Council as an ideal location for a prototype facility aimed at providing an excellent boost in giving not only School Children but also Adults a place where they could further their sporting abilities.

Funded by The Department of the Environment Urban Programme, The Department of Education and Science, The Sports Council and also The South Yorkshire County Council, the Thrybergh Sports Centre was a focal point of all bodies concerned, if successful, then other similar facilities would be built in other areas. Its success would depend on the management of the Complex, and also the ability of the management and the School to liaise with each other regarding the use of the Complex in enabling all sectors of the community to take advantage of its features.


From its opening the following departments and people had a great input into the running of the complex and all concerned had to work well together to ensure the success of this venture. Mrs D. E. Vernon was appointed as the resident Manager and had a staff of two chargehands and three attendants, all had sporting qualifications and were able to give lessons. These people worked in conjunction with The Head of Thrybergh Comprehensive, The Schools physical education Head, Advisers from the Authority's Physical and Youth, and Communtity Departments, the Department of Amenities and recreation Senior Management.


The project was to cost three hundred and twenty thousand pound sterling.



The official opening of the centre by the then Lord Mayor of Rotherham Councillor S. G. Bennett was on Friday 10th October 1980, with the ceremony commencing at 11.30 a.m. The order of proceedings being as follows.

11.25 a.m. Invited guest assembled in the Sports Hall. 11.30 a.m. The chair was taken by the then Chairman of the Amenities and Recreation Committee Councillor Tom Heath J.P. Councillor Heath then welcomed the guest, introduced the platform party, and invited the Mayor to perform the official opening of the centre.


The Mayor proceeding to make a speech after which he unveiled the plaque. Councillor Heath then invited the then Vice Chairman of the Education Committee Councillor Jack Carr to propose a vote of thanks to the Mayor for performing the opening. Mr Cyril Villiers the then Principal Regional Officer of the Sports Council was then invited by Councillor Heath to present the Mayor with an enlarged dummy cheque to the value of fifty thousand pounds sterling for a grant towards the building.


All present then inspected the Sports Complex and were treated to a display by the pupils of Thrybergh Comprehensive School in the use of the many sporting facilities available.
12.30 p.m. Lunch was served to all the guest in the Social Unit Balcony area.
1.30 p.m. The opening ceremony was at an end.



A large sports hall large enough for four badminton courts, with provision for basketball, netball, volleyball, indoor hockey,

tennis, golf practise, table tennis, archery, cricket practise, roller skating, trampolining, male and female olympic gymnastics, fencing , athletics practice, and indoor bowls.


The hall can also cater for modern ballroom and old time dancing, social functions, folk concerts, country and western concerts, dramatic and operatic activities, exhibitions, displays, and all types of musical concerts.


The hall has a seating capacity for 350 people  Two squash courts, first floor viewing gallery,  a social unit, kitchen, changing rooms with overspill area, laundry, first aid room, staff room, control and reception area, managers office, and a storage area.



I have never seen the Sport Centre only on Photographs, but from what I have read this complex is the best prototype facility ever built for such a wide range of interest within South Yorkshire, if not the whole of Yorkshire. A great boost for the whole community, and everyone concerned with its concept has to be applauded.

official opening program published 1980 by Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council
Contributed by Peter OBrien


Many thanks Peter.





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