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I was very tempted to rename this page Memory Lane, it is becoming my favourite page on this site. I would like to express a sincere thanks to the people below who have shared their memories, and left the very kind comments you see below. So if you have two minutes to spare, make an old Thryberghite happy and share some memories of  Thrybergh South Yorkshire 

John Doxey


Pre August 2007


Christine and George Nash 
John,  Love your Web Site we keep coming back to it and it gets better and better.

Tom Phillips 
Country Australia
Thank you John for the site I left the uk in 1968 lived in Sunnyside and worked at Silverwood 1959-64 and have very fond memories of all of Thrybergh- Ravenfield-going to the local youth club dances [Those were the days].

Stephen Purshouse

 I am very grateful to John for his kind comments and in awe of the sites he maintains. Nice job, John. I would be pleased to hear from anyone who remembers me, either from St. Peter's or Maltby Grammar School perhaps. Drop me a line to
Thanks, Stephen Purshouse.

John Fullerton   
I'd like to sign your guestbook, if I may. My paternal grandfather, John Skipwith Fullerton, TD, owned Thrybergh Park. I don't know it at all, save for one visit to the old house, now a golf club.
Yours, John Fullerton

  Joy Wheatcroft   
Hi there, I came across your site while searching for information regarding my husbandís family history. We have always known that his great, great grandfather (John Wheatcroft) migrated to South Australia with his wife Charlotte (nee Bisby) in 1856. Thanks to your site, I now know the origin of their home!
We would love to make contact with anyone who may be related, or have more information about the family history. In return we can supply a very detailed, and interesting history of their life after they arrived in South Australia, right through the generations until now.
We have no record of any earlier descendants, but would love to be able to track the family back further.
Kind regards, Joy Wheatcroft

Bob Parker.
great site, lots of names that brings back lovely memories, my dad worked at silverwood 1926 aged 14 until 1960, it is nice to keep in touch, I don't think any of our grandchildren realize what a life we had and yet we loved every day of it.
all the very best to everyone
bob parker/ little lou

Bob Parker.
Hya John,
great site, we didn't have much in them 40/50/60s but we loved every minute of it and its great to see all the lovely people from Dalton and Thrybergh sending their thanks to you, I do get a bit choked when I see your pages.
thank you again john.
Bob Parker/ little lou.

Bob Parker
Having lived down south for the last 45 years its great to be able to visit these pages on Dalton and Thrybergh all thanks to you John, the lads and lasses the mams and dads all great people and it was a good life and I do miss it still after all these years, I do wish a lot more would put their name to the guest book and keep in touch with each other. thank you once again John and all the best to you and your family.

Sue Jones 
Was so excited to read all the information re the Willert family - Theresa Willert is my great, great aunt. Thank you to all those who have made our family history so alive with words and pictures. Have recently started gaining info from David Culley, but I stumbled on all this and it has greatly added to my understanding of the life of my ancestors. Every village should have one!

Geoff Walker, 
I'd like to echo what Brian Anderson & Alan Brailsford say about the site, makes me feel at home. Incidentally having lived in Scarborough since 1961, and still having a sister living in Rotherham I have kept in touch but its not the same as having all this knowledge at the touch of a button ! re the afore mentioned Brian and Alan, I'm pretty sure we were School mates as kids, also Jean Witton (nee Brailsford) from "Chinatown" as Alan said, is the wife of a golfing friend of mine Ken, and they have lived in Scarborough for the last 25 years or so. I hope Iím right in assuming she must be Alans Sister ?.............
All the best Geoff.

Geoff Walker, 
For the Guest Book.  Hi John, its that pest again, I am thinking its time I paid tribute to you & your wonderful website. "Memory Lane" I couldn't agree with you more. That's exactly what it is, the response from Thrybergh & District residents and "expats" says it all. While I'm here a little message for Emma Kelsall,
I knew her Granddad, Reg. he was a great bloke, used to bounce me on his knee when I was a kid, lived straight opposite us when we lived in Cross St, our backs faced Silver St backs, if that makes any sense.? Good luck to her and her family.
Keep it up Pal... Geoff Walker.


I am currently teaching at Thrybergh Primary school, the school which replaced the old Whinney hill school after it's demolition. This year is the centenary of the old school and we are researching local history with the children. Your site has been brilliant in helping us obtain local history and pictures.
Regards Steve Taylor

Susan Parker  03/09/07

I did enjoy that  brill .....I use to live on East Herringthorpe, Farnsworth Road ....I was born at 34 .... my maiden name was Rowlands

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