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I was very tempted to rename this page Memory Lane, it is becoming my favourite page on this site. I would like to express a sincere thanks to the people below who have shared their memories, and left the very kind comments you see below. So if you have two minutes to spare, make an old Thryberghite happy and share some memories of  Thrybergh South Yorkshire 

John Doxey


PRE 2007


Nadia Simpson (Kelly) email:

 My memories of living the early part of my life in Thrybergh are all happy ones. Does anybody else remember the road being flooded by Foster's shop and all the kids sploshing about in it? The rippling stream down the hillies with fields full of daisies? Gypsies scaring us half to death just because they were there? Halcyon days for my generation.
Thank you John, I love our page, it is a gem.
Love to you all from Sunshine Coast, Australia.

Mark Kelsall   Hi, I was born in Dalton but moved to Thrybergh when I was 6 month old to my Granddads house on East Vale Drive , where my dad still lives (Harry Kelsall) I have very fond memories of growing up in Thrybergh and " knocking about with my cousins Martin and Peter Kelsall. As a lad, riding our bikes all over the place. As a lad I can remember the first time I saw the Green on St Leonard's Ave and thinking how big it seemed to a small lad .I remember playing on the park at the other side of the Fullerton when you could buy a Milky way for 2p.I moved to Aughton when I got married but hopefully moving back to Thrybergh with my new partner.

Stephen  Jenkinson  

Greetings from sunny Blackpool in Lancashire! I was directed onto your very good website concerning SiIverwood and noticed you wanted Miners names. Here are two for you Rhyse Thomas1924 - 1964 and Michael Shaw1966 - 1969 Michael married Mr Thomas's daughter and they both live here in Blackpool. But like myself still proud of being Yorkshire people being born in God's own Country. Your site is very good, interesting and your connecting pages as well. The Thomas's were Dalton People and I think the Shaw's were as well.

Maureen Billups nee Lilley  Country: United kingdom

Thank you for a trip around Thrybergh. I am Mr Lilley's daughter and very sad VALE HOUSE was pulled down. I should know you as I bought no 1 School Street. Keep up the good work

 Pauline May Krause (MnNutt) email:  Country: Canada
My ancestry goes back to England.My Great great great grandpa James Routley was born in Devon 1806His wife Mary Ann Baker 1811-12. My Great great Grandfather William Alex Silverwood and wife Mary Jane Cooney, I wonder, would they be from England? Is there more info on Silverwoods?
Thanks so much, Pauline

Julie Palmer
Dear John ,Thank you for the website. My name was Browne before I married and left Thrybergh. I am interested in researching my family records and would be interested in finding records of my family in the area. My Grandparents were Davison and Kearns. Anyone with any info , I would willingly receive. It is nice to recognise a few names in the guest book too.

Sue Jermy (nee Kelly) 
Hello John, I have just started looking to my ancestry and although born in Sheffield, have lived in Norfolk for most of my life. Looking at my Dad's family proved hard as there were not many records available over the internet (that I was capable of finding!). I did find out that my Grandfather lived in Thrybergh and so eventually came upon your wonderful website.  I could hardly believe that the story of Fred, by his daughter Nadia might be my Great Uncle.  What a find and what a wonderful man.  Nothing but praise for such a great website.  Thank you.

 George D. Johnson. Maltby 
Very enjoyable to go through all the details you have gathered. Having worked at Maltby Colliery 31 yrs, electrician and later shift charge elect/eng. So sad to see the pictures then, and the ones of the area flattened. I have been searching for a book containing all the names of those killed in the Maltby gas explosion in July 1923, I understand one exists containing a few pages with information I require, can anyone help ?

Mary Barnett (Sheffield England)

  Hi John I have enjoyed looking at the St Gerard's School and Church site, I remember Owen Kavanagh as his mother and father lived in Parkgate. I was born in 1942 and was Baptised at St Joseph!s Rawmarsh. My name was Mary Turner.  I attended that school and Owens sister Kathleen Kavanagh, taught there. The Head Mistress in those day was called Miss Addis. I attended St Bede's senior school from 1953 to 1957.I also played the organ at St Joseph! Rawmarsh from 1955 up to leaving Parkgate in 1968.I now live in Sheffield and am in St Vincent's Parish. I would like to say I am please I found your Web Site , it as brought back memories to me .
Kind Regards for now,

 Hazel Rose

  Hello, I think your pages are fantastic and get much pleasure from them I was born in Yorkshire and still have family in Bradford I love all there is about Yorkshire . I can remember my dad telling me a poem about ecky thump which went something like this
As I was walking down our street,
I met me old mate ecky thump.
Does any one know of this poem if so I would like to know the rest of the words. thanks for your time Hazel

 Hazel Rose  
Hello I have spent many happy hours reading tales of Yorkshire a place I have in my heart. I wish to thank everyone for making n old lady very happy also for keeping me from being lonely
Best wishes to all
Hazel [an old Yorkshire lass ]

Betsy Roebuck  Web site  Texas, USA Very informative web site! Researching my Roebuck Ancestors in England!

Trevor Hodgson 

  Hi John My name is Trevor Hodgson born 2 Silver St, Whinney Hill Thrybergh. now retired to Spain I attended Whinney Hill School 1945 Cheerio for now, Hodgy

Mandy Houghton: 

Daughter of the late :Old Ozzie Wright and the sister of Oswin Arthur Wright (Ozzie): Joseph Wright (Joe) and David Wright (Dave). Also the Daughter In law of Edward Houghton (Eddie) did the Home Coals at Silverwood. Sunnyside has never been the same since Silverwood pit closed During the Strike my mother Agnes wright made bread and Stew and some of the miners going on picket duty would pop in for a quick bite, sad but also good old times. A lot of people knew the Wright Brothers and mi dad.

Luke   Website

 Hello my name is Luke, I am the webmaster of the another website about Thrybergh, and I would like to say thank you to John Doxey for putting my link on this site, and I'd also like to say thanks for mentioning Steve Stewart, as he was my mentor at school (funded by Aim Higher) and he is continuing this great work. Very nice site, the attention to detail and the photos are very good, I especially enjoyed looking at the pictures of the old junior school in Thrybergh.
My neighbour would like to say thanks to John for finding an old buddy of his, who has lived in Australia

Mike Glennon email:

 Great work John, love reading your history lesson that I can relate to. Waiting for any information on Kilnhurst Colliery.

Muriel Elsworth nee Jackson.

   My Father was Tommy Jackson worked down Silverwood 1916 to 1970 - Lived at 17 Kelvin St Dalton with his Son Joe Jackson. Enjoyed your site very much , well documented I moved to Wincobank to get married in 1957[ still there]

Cliff Bierton

  Now living with the softies of the South of England and showing them what a real graffter looks like. Born and Bred on School Street in Thrybergh, by the side of the railway line that ran up to Silverwood Colliery, moved to St Leonards ave in 1969 into flats at the bottom end by the school field, so it was just a hop to school for me, left comp in 1974 and went straight to Silverwood as an Apprentice Fitter (surface then underground) left in 1986 now residing in Bognor Regis in West Sussex, but even now I still miss my roots and I think I will till the end of my days.
Anybody out there remember me give me an E-mail I`d love to hear from you.

Tanya Travis

 Hi John, I just want to say thank you for getting back to me and giving me that information over my grandfather. I had no idea he had lived in Ravenfield I guess thats how he and my grandma met she came from Bramly. I was suprise to fine out he had been there since he was 18 years old. Well I just wanted to say thank you so much for your time in replying to me, keep up the great work. 

Maureen Swancott

  I used to live in Thrybergh in 1950's in Springfield Drive just after the houses had been built then my father came to Smethwick (now Sandwell) My Aunt lived at Park Nook - Pearson's  I wonder if Alan Cushworth still lives in Thrybergh. I remember the fair that used to set up on the land opposite the Fullerton Hotel.

Flo Hill

Hi, just wanted to let you know that my brother in law Brian Eyre sent us a copy of your paper with the story of Freddy Hartle and the meeting of him and my husband Jim Hill during the war and they still are good friends I must say that Brian keeps us up to date with news of all our friends and relatives keep up the good work kindest regards Flo Hll

John Palmer

Found your web site while researching the Etchells branch of my family. I believe I have a great uncle still, Ezra, still living in Thrybergh. Good web site with interesting information. Thank you from Canada. Your web site is now on my "Favourites" list and will be accessed frequently.

Paula Downing

What a fantastic site you have put a lot of work into this. I have lived in Thrybergh all my life till 1994 when I moved to Maltby but my dad still lives on Deer park road.

Tanya Travis

  Hi, I think your web site is fantastic I grew up in a pit house in Sunnyside, I would like to add my Grandfathers name on your miners list. Percy Johnson. Thank you so much,

Michael Jones

: I lived in Gullingwood Drive until going to university 1966. My father was Dennis, part of a huge Jones family from Bramley, many of whom worked at Silverwood. My mother Molly appears on your list of Foster's employees, and my brother Trevor still lives in the old family home with his family, while my mother is not far away. We very much appreciate what you have done, and since my wife Diana has been researching our various family histories, will be adding more shortly.

Pete [ Webmaster Yorkshire Main Colliery ] 
HI JOHN Good to hear from you, Thanks for the comments on my site, I have learnt a lot from your site over the past twelve months and hope that one day my site will be as good as yours, All the best, PETE.

Peter Oates 
Hi john, I'm a Thrybergh "backer", born across from Fosters and had an allotment at the back of St Peters (the Oatses are a pig killing family). Thrybergh born Thrybergh bred (weak in't ead) and proud of it and found it a privilege to be a ranger at Thrybergh reservoir for ten years. I still live at Sunnyside and have loads of tales to tell, Pete Oates

Marie McDermott

 I must just say how interesting the site is. I was born in Dalton Parva and lived there until 5 years ago when I moved to Bramley.  I attended Thrybergh Comprehensive and spent many years playing in either Thrybergh (where my grandparents lived) or down the backs where lots of my school friends lived.  My father still lives in the same house in Parva - actually he was born in said house.  It has relived some happy memories for dad too.
Well done

 Susanne Smythe  
Hello John have just found your website courtesy of Mollie Drabble.I am the granddaughter of Edwin Drabble mentioned in 1891 census. I am Susanne Drabble (now Smyth). My father was also called Edwin. Born 24.08.1913 and died 26.05.1990.I was born 13.02 45. My mother was Gladys Muriel Reed also from Thrybergh and they married 3.09.1938. She also died in 1990 after being hit by a car outside her house in Whiston near Rotherham. I was brought up in Whiston but my grandparents including Maude Drabble , my fathers mother, always lived at Thrybergh. They are all buried at Thrybergh. I now live at Skipton and have two sons and one grandchild. Thanks for the information about people in my family. I do know that Maude Drabble was in service to a family in Rotherham but I knew nothing about my grandfather's untimely death in 1934.

Alan Brailsford.  Excellent site.  I was born on Chesterhill avenue (chinatown) Thrybergh  in 1947 and still live in Rotherham but I have learned much about the history of the area , of which I was not aware, from your brilliant webpages.
Thank you very much., Gratefully yours,
Alan Brailsford.

Graeme French Adelaide Australia
Dear John, I would like to enter my name in your guest book as I am very interested in the area you cover. My family resided at Thrybergh, Dalton Magna and Dalton Parva for at least 300 years. Henry French and wife Matilda also lived at Ravensfield. So far the earliest ancestor I have discovered is John French, a tenant farmer at Dalton Magna born c 1705. The family church was St Leonards, also Holy Trinity from its consecration and St Albans Wickersley.

Cliff Rust 
Hi, Just to add to the former residents of Vale Rd, We lived at 83, (which changed to a higher number many years ago). It was three doors up from Where the Reversby Arms is now. The last house on Vale Rd was No 87 (After that was garages and marsh land) George and Angela Evans lived there with Sylvia, John and Gina. Then No 85 which was originally the Gill's then changed to the Oliver's. Then ours at 83, Madge (nee Coulson) & Les Rust, with June, David and me Cliff. I was born there in 1953 and we left when I was 11 in 1964 to take over a pub called the Wheatsheaf in the centre of Rotherham. From there I don't know! Many happy memories as a child in Thrybergh!
Well done on the site.

Andrew R Metcalf 
John , donít know how I found the site but itís great. My name you can see below but my moms name is Ruby Metcalf (nee Foster).

Eileen Doane 
Dear John,
I have been looking at your site on Thrybergh and have found it most interesting, my name is Eileen Doane (nee Johnson), I'm 60 years old and went to Thrybergh school in 1955 - 1960. If there is anyone out there who can remember me then I would like to hear from you. I lived in Dalton with twelve brothers and sisters at 51 Norwood St. You can contact me via my daughters e-mail address as I'm not on the interenet and she will pass them on to me. I would love to see any old group photos, if you have any. I look forward to hearing from any of you,
Eileen Doane

Hi, I was given your web/site a while ago but only recently read thru it it is very good hope to see more soon,

John Fullerton 
John, I am a Fullerton who as always wondered about my root's as my father was a orphan and was killed before my 1st birthday. I enjoyed your site and anyone out there who might be related, please mail me.
John K. Fullerton Los Angeles, Ca,

Stephen Purshouse  
ex-organist of St. Peter's, would welcome hearing from anyone who remembers those times and would like to chat! Great site.

Nicki Cooper 
I've just come across your webpage dedicated to Thrybergh and Silverwood pit.It's fantastic. My late father Frank Harvey was a train driver at Silverwood pit and my late grandfather William McGowan also worked there. My parents moved from Rotherham to here in Suffolk before I was born but dad often talked about life down the mine.I was proud he did such a  job, especially when he told me how dangerous it could be (there was a train crash once before he went on shift and this convinced him to come out) I often visit Rotherham and Sheffield, my parents were both born in Dalton and I still have relatives living in Moorgate, Hooten Roberts and Bramley. Your beer's so much better too, apart from the Adnams stuff brewed on the Suffolk coast. Thanks again for a fab website.
Best Wishes Nicki

Len and Lynda Blakesley  
 As  residents of Thrybergh we are interested in your site and have found it enjoyable and informative. We live in a house looking at the view of St Leonard's Church portrayed on your home page. You may be interested to know that this view is in danger of being lost for ever due to a Planning Application submitted by Fosters Garden Centre to expand to the rear and into the meadows to the south of the church. This would result in green belt land being lost and the historic stunning views would disappear from Thrybergh. We are currently making our objections to the application along with our neighbours. Perhaps you would like to support us.
Cheers Len and Lynda

Wendi Darling (nee Moffitt)   
came across the site purely by chance I lived in Thrybergh during the early 70ís- living on Able st I remember buying sweets from the old man at the top of the street, then into portacabins near Silverwood finally ending up in the new houses opposite Reresby Arms. I went to what was then the High school under the head ship of Mr Gent. I would love to know what happened to anyone there at the same time 1973 Ė 75 I left to live in Edinburgh several years later I now live in Chesterfield. Does the school hold reunions?







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