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Thrybergh Guest Book

I was very tempted to rename this page Memory Lane, it is becoming my favourite page on this site. I would like to express a sincere thanks to the people below who have shared their memories, and left the very kind comments you see below. So if you have two minutes to spare, make an old Thryberghite happy and share some memories of  Thrybergh South Yorkshire 

John Doxey


PRE 2006


Adge Covell email:  Country: England
comment: A very well presented site, and very interesting too. Lots of good info on the colliery.

Stephen Flanagan email:  Country: Australia
comment: Excellent site. I worked at Silverwood from 1971 - 1987, and enjoyed working with some great blokes

John Ward email: ward4ever@hotmail.comCountry:   Rotherham, UK
comment: Found the website interesting as I lived on Abell Street as a lad and left Thrybergh comp in 1967.I have recently been appointed webmaster for The Rotherham Family History Society at  so check us out.

Michael Painter email:  Country: ENGLAND

Terry Pyper email:   Country: England
comment: I'm a Thrybergh lad now living & working in the west midlands. I remember the bugut down't brook especially the Saturday morning kids matinee 4d for a front seat

Howard J.Dalton email:  Country: england
comment: My great x 3 grandfather was the John Hall mentioned as stone quarry owner Dalton Magna in 1823. I would be interested to hear more about the Hall and Yelland family connection with Dalton Magna and Wickersley.

Nicola Steeples  Country: England
comment: enjoyed reading about my great grandfather and the grapes pub at dalton

Brian Cox email:  Country:   australia
comment: Thanks for the site John, find it very well presented and informative

Steve Willis email:  Country: Australia
comment: I left Thrybergh around 1980. I was born on St Leonards Avenue, and grew up on Reresby Road. I must admit I didn't expect to find anything on Thrybergh when I typed it into the search engine. Enjoyed looking at the site, and reading the comments here (Lacey Clarks was a gathering place for us as kids, as was the football games on the green in front of the shops)

Ann Korta email:  Country:
comment: Util last week I had not heard of Thrybergh - being a southerner! Now I have discovered that one of my ancestors - my gg-grandfather, Thomas Whitaker Wastnage may have been born there in 1822. If I discover anything else about Thrybergh as a consequence of my research I will let you know.

Sam email:  Country: Thrybergh

John Doyle email:  Country: New Zealand
comment: I left Thrybergh in 1971, and then left England in 1977.  I return often, and it's still home, though I'll never return permanently. Yes, I remember Lacey Clarke, and next door the Bunnis's - and the footy games on St Leonards Ave (in front of the Doxey's house). Thanks for this web page guys

Mark Polson email:  Country:
comment: My grandad is listed in your hall of fame.His name is Albert Nightingale-he is alive and well ,living in Huddersfield. He is very proud of his Thrybergh roots and has some photographs of himself presenting prizes at a pub in Thrybergh when he was a footballer.

John Ward email: country:  ROTHERHAM
message: My father Edward titch Ward worked at Silverwood colliery. We lived at Abell Street, top of Whinney Hill, Thrybergh. I can remember our next door neighbour Arthur Roberts trying to jump over the wall while carrying a tray of eggs and he caught his foot on the wall and fell on top of the eggs. We also used the wall as a tennis net when myself and Dorothy Doff Wallis got the raquetts out.

Roy Nixon email:  Country: England
comment: I lived in Silvermoor Drive Ravenfield as a child and went to the local school. My grandparents lived in Eastfield Drive, Thrybergh. My grandfather and father worked at Silverwood. I have many fond (and vivid) memories of Ravenfield during the 2nd world war. I am a retired Headmaster now living in the East Riding. I have an aunt still living in Ravenfield and a sister living in Rotherham.

Richard Costello  Country: Northern Ireland
comment: Great site...just beginning to think about researching my ancestry. Regarding some of the terms used and phrases around N England, when I lived in Chesterfield they used to say 'twitchell' and 'paddock' for a footpath connecting two roads. Being from Scunthorpe originally I found this quite funny as we used to say 'snickett'. They also used to use the phrase 'swat it ere', meaning 'throw it over here'. Doubtless loads more - funny reading

Raye Kelly  email:   Country: england
 yeah  great site my grandfather was a navvy helping to sink Silverwood pit, my father worked there from being 12 years old, ( Fred Kelly )  he played the big drum in the band and was union secretary for a while: I was born in Dalton and lived there for 16 years: it was a great place to live : tramping up whinny hill to school   etc  I've lots of old photos somewhere I must dig em out cheers

Ian McMahon email:  Country: Australia
comment: Hi John I left Thrybergh in 78, went to Thrybergh comp in 74, moved out to Australia in 78 been here every since. do you know where the likes of Janet Wilson Harold Malinder, Paul Swancott, Tina Liversiege, Sandra Grice, Karen Mole, Neil Chandley to name a few, if so please leave a message.

Richard William John Candrick email:  Country: syd / australia
comment: Hey John  Well I spent many hours reading this site and I have to say it was well set out but the picture was a bit out of date with you and Matthew

 Reg Stubbings email:  Country: rotherham
comment: I've lived in Rotherham all my life I started work at Silverwood colliery in 1962 to 1972 I still miss my mates and the type of work

Keith Graham Wilkes email: rugby  Country: england
comment: I was born on Central Ave Sunnyside. my grandad William Wootton ended his days as an onsetter at Silverwood Colliery. his lungs diseased, a great bloke, he paid the price of coal.

Clive (Rick) and Jean Outram   New Zealand
Dear John, My husband's family come from Yorkshire. He was born in Cleethorpes. He is a direct (great grandson of William Sykes and a second cousin of Dennis Taylor). We live in  Mt Maunganui (near Tauranga) in New Zealand and I am very interested to go through you site thoroughly. Thank you

Georgina Nickson Country: Rotherham
comment: nice to see some local information on the web x Georgina age 9

Mrs.Ernie Tradewell 

 Hello My husband's family Ernest Tradewell came from Thrybergh. Some of them were born in Dalton Magna. Interesting and informative site. Tradewell is such an unusual name. Most of them were carpenters. My husband's dad will be 90 this August his family came to Canada about 1906. Thomas Tradewell and Elizabeth (Castle)Tradewell were born in this area.

Daz Beattie  Country: UK comment:

Great site, well presented, brilliantly interesting, even to a Barnsley lad. Anybody recall the second message "etched" on the Royal plaque in the pit bottom?

 Lorraine Pannett  

Thank you so much for this web site. I am a Thrybergh girl through and through!! I have spent 10 years away from home and now I am coming back with my new husband. We are due to move into our new home in Old Ravenfield soon. Your website is so very interesting, I am going to get my dad (Brian Pannett) to come and look at it. Many thanks once again. I know you are thousands of miles away, but your work is still much appreciated.

Ken Boden  

Hi there, John, my name is Ken Boden, you will remember by brother Jeff more than me!! I have family stopping with me at the moment and they put me on to your site, it brings back fond memorys, I see you live in Sydney, have you been back to Thrybergh, do you still keep in contact with any your old mates, did you here that Trevor Wagstaff passed away a few month ago. well keep up the good work John great site, regards Ken Boden.

Anne 'nee Meggitt' 

Best site on Dalton, where I was born, My memories are imprinted in my brain now my Children can print  their heritage from the net, thank you for taking the trouble to collate all the material. My Father worked at  Aldwarke and Silverwood between 1928 until his death in 1971 His name was Harry Meggitt. his last job was on the pit top in the control room and our next door neighbour (Saville St) Stan Machin worked with him. I fondly remember my Father and his "pals",from Dalton congregating at the bottom of Osberton St, they used to  call it ' meeting at the houses of Parliament" here they put the world to rights and had the added advantage of seeing every motor vehicle that passed through Dalton ,forerunners of Last of the Summer Wine I think!"Tha,s  dun a reet gud job Lad"

Michael Knight  Country: England 

I live in Thrybergh and I am the grandson of Wright Knight a worker of Silverwood Pit until 1976 when he was made unfit to work in the pit if any one knows him or can give me some info please E-Mail it to me.

Allen Hall  

Hi John All my family worked at Silverwood My dad Ike Hall brothers John and Pete and me Allen. I lived in Thrybergh and Dalton till I married and moved to Redcar North Yorks Do you remember Jack and Nelly Richardson, son Taggi gringo marsa and monk all nick names. real names John Dave Howard and Keith. I have lots of memories of this wonderful place I still call home.

Paddy Connell   PC2416@YAHOO.CO.UK  Country: ENGLAND


Linda Medlock (nee Whitmore)  

Hi! I saw your page by chance, I lived in Reresby rd my dad Arthur worked at Silverwood up to late 1960's, mum's name was Lilly (nee Evans) she mentioned the Doxey's, I think it was Nelly?. You may know my brother Gerald?. Well done, it's stirred up a few memories. I live in Sussex now.

Mary Elizabeth Fullerton.
Founder/Artistic Director
Napa Valley Shakespeare Festival
Napa, California
Dear John, Wonderful to see this site.  Thank-you

Phyllis Pearson  

I was looking for the name Burden....last night, in the 1901 census, think I made a link with my family. My GG'aunt Norah Elizabeth Robinson, b 1876, Swinton Yorks, could be the Norah Burden b 1876, Swinton, Yorks...I could not find her husband though. So, today I am searching in google for the Burden family. Do you have someone married to my Norah? she was actually called Bessie by the family. Love to hear from you, and, your site is brilliant, and yes, I voted for you.

Gerald [spud] Owen  Country: England
Born in Parkgate, but married a Dalton lass by the name of Jennings. Moved to Thrybergh 25 years ago and have not. regretted a day so far. Worked at the old Aldwarke Coll, from 52 to close, Its nice to here from someone from the other side of the world. Hope you are happy in Aus .best wishes Gerry [ spud ].

Stephanie Smith 

Hi John,

It was fascinating reading your web site - only sorry I couldn't find any of my family members. I know my gggrandmother Emma Barker (b 1829) came from Nether Haugh, Rotherham and she married George Portman from Dudley and they married in Wentworth Rotherham. I have lived most of my life here in Perth, W.A. even though I was born in Sheffield my parents emigrated in 1951 when I was only 4 years old. One day I will go and do some serious family history over in the UK. Maybe we are related through the Norburn family - I have only Martha Norburn ggggrandmother(b 1807 in Wentworth) married to Edward Portman. Thanks for sharing your family. If you have any research tips I would be happy to hear them.
John and Stevie Smith Perth Western Australia

William Dibb   ,   , Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
Thanks for a most interesting site about Thrybergh.
I was born there and lived there until I was 18. Some memories will always abide such as the steam locomotives puffing past our house to Silverwood, feeding the half-blind pit ponies with bread, and going to Thrybergh reservoir to catch a trout now and again. 
If I can provide any help on local historical knowledge in terms of epidemics, pestilence etc., please contact me as that is my field and particular interest.
Best regards, William Dibb

Nicola Taylor  Country: United Kingdom
Granddaughter of former Silverwood miner, Sydney Watson.

Christian Brown  Country: South Yorkshire
 Hiya U lot. I worked at Cadeby pit until it closed as a mechanic fitter. I enjoyed our night shifts listening to radio Hallam with the winders.I went in 1987 to the railway but still look from the top of the crags at what once was a misty headsgear of a family employer.

Joseph Ray Dabbs

Veronica Marshall (nee D'arcy)
John, I am writing on behalf of all the D'Arcy clan to say thank you for such a fantastic site.   I have visited every page and printed off relevant pages, which brought back many happy memories for us all.   David Jackson certainly remembers the Doxey clan. You should be very proud of such an informative site.
My elder sister Marceline is a friend of Anne's through church, so she will l am sure be letting her know how much we enjoyed your pages.   I think you might well be hearing from a Mr Jimmy Hughes, who just happens to live next door to Marceline and she cannot wait to show him the feature on St. Gerard's School (especially the class photo!!!)
thanks again

P. Goodall Hello

I am looking for some old photo's or info on anyone who worked at Bullcliffe /Denby grange with my grandad Clarence Boyles he also played in grange moor brass band thanks

Darlene Wilson
My name is Darlene Wilson from Sedona, AZ, USA. I was doing a web search on Ravenfield, my Spirit Guide who is Native American, just to see what would turn up. Your website came up and I was so drawn to that beautiful little village and the information you shared. I felt the "yearning" to know more and thought how nice it would be to be able to crawl into that website and visit the past and present of Ravenfield. What a wonderful thing you have done in honor of your late wife.

Brian Anderson

 Thanks so much for such a great site. Its like having a trip back home whenever you feel like it . I wish some of the 72 year old Dalton and Thrybergh lads and lasses were more computer literate so we could tell the young uns what a great place it was to live in the 30s 40s and 50s. Kind regards to You and Yours.
Brian Anderson. (In Scotland)

Raye Kelly   John, hello just a quick thankyou for the wonderful web site on Dalton etc, its thanks to people like you that history the REAL history is remembered, I was born and raised in Dalton, my father Fred Kelly played the big drum in Silverwood pit band, my job was to march alongside wearing his hat and hope i didnt *cop for a thump with the drum sticks as he flailed away without mercy once again THANK you, reading all the stuff brought tears to my eyes regards Raye

Christine Nash  

I currently live in the State of Iowa, USA. I am searching for my ancestors and found your site. My dad Mr. Bragger worked at the coal mine in Thrybergh and grew up in Thrybergh prior to WWII. Your site is a fantastic means by which to get an idea of the life and times of Thrybergh. I will visit often. Christine Nash

Diane Bragger   

I would like to compliment you on your web site about Thrybergh. I am trying to research my dad's family who lived in Thrybergh at the beginning of 1900 but I am unable to find anyone called Bragger which is my dad's  surname. Do you have any suggestions ? I now, live in Italy and it is a little complicated to carry out this search. Thank you for any help you OR ANYONE may be able to offer. Best regards Diane Bragger

Clare Fleming  

John. I love the site.  I had a very happy surprise when looking at the photo's of St Gerard's.  My uncle is in one of the photo's and I could pick him out straight away.  I printed it to show my dad who could not believe that I had found it on the internet.  I have lived in Thrybergh for over 20 years and I had not heard some of the things I had found out on your site. 
Well done and keep it up!!!

Chris Tyler  

Hello john, Great website, found it by looking for details on Silverwood colliery. I live in Ravenfield and have done all my life. My mum is from Thrybergh. Her dad my Granddad is Stan Naylor who ran the fruit and veg. shop. I have also played for Silverwood football club.


Just to let you know I found your site interesting. I was born in my grandparents (Jack and Dreada Duggan) house on Gullingwood Drive in 1969, and lived in the backers, then we moved to Park Lane until I married and moved to Whiston at the age of 21. I went to St Gerards and then to St Bernards.

Michael Kerr  

 I would be most grateful for any pointers my enquires are about my great grandfather Thomas Molyneux who i believe was registered as living at 13 Norwood St Dalton approx 1920s or any other Molyneuxs that any one would know of   thanks very much

Colin Fell  

I was most interested to read your web site on Thrybergh. My great grandfather was Fred Foster, who founded Foster's of Thrybergh, in about 1919. I work as an English lecturer in Penzance, and have little contact with the area these days, but am researching the family tree at the moment.
Best wishes

Pauline Marples

Hello John, I was just browsing Yorkshire web sites, and coming from the Rotherham area I have enjoyed your site, Best wishes Pauline ( Marples

Sergio and Rachael Tornese

Hi John & Matthew, how are you hope you are both well, the web site is looking really good I have local people coming into my shop commenting on your site saying how interesting it is, keep it up! we are all fine talk to you soon. best regards Sergio Rachel & Familia

Roy McGann email: 

Country: u.k. Hi John, a great site you have, this is my first visit.

Margaret Broom

Great site for people researching the area.

Eileen Harper  email:  Country: Isle of Man
So glad I found your website, it absolutely bulges with interesting information. It has helped me so much with my searches & I have enjoyed reading all the snippets of information. I am tracing my Potter line at the moment. I appreciate all the hard work that has gone in to making this site.
Many thanks for your help.

Dave Asher 

My dad has just had his 80th birth day and some one brought him some pages that had be down loaded from your web site. They were all of Silverwood pit and he had worked there from 1950 till 1985 when he retired. Lots of the stores and name he saw he could remember and even some that went there too. He tells my they all knew when Ash had been working in that face with all the drawing he'd leave.
I would like to have his name on the miners list you have, his name is Tom Asher. Thanks

Fred Spencer

 an excellent site, your efforts are a credit to your roots, best wishes to you and yours and all those visiting the site.






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