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By Helen Jones




Before I launch straight into Thrybergh Park Cricket Club (T. P. C. C. ) mode, I ought to let you know who I am!  I am the daughter of Lol Jones, and up until the last few years have lived most of my life in Ravenfield.  I'm now 'north of the river (Don that is!)' and in Swinton.
My Dad has a life long interest in cricket and for most of his playing career was a member of T. P. C. C.  - he was the wicket keeper (the best non county stumper around - someone once said to me!).  So as children my sister and I spent many happy hours at Thrybergh Park, at other grounds and even on tour!  My Mum did the teas - us helping of course!  I even did a season as scorer.  So there is my interest in T. P. C. C. , but I am also interested in local and family history.  This has led me to do some research on T. P. C. C.
So onto T. P. C.C. :
 Helen Jones






The Club was founded in 1859 by the Fullerton family for the people of Thrybergh.  There is supposedly a document, that was drawn up by the Fullertons, which states that there should always be a cricket pitch within Thrybergh Park.  No one seems to know of its whereabouts.  The Club sadly folded before the start of the 1998 season.
The Fullertons were obviously very keen cricketers.  In 1851 John Fullerton was President of Doncaster Cricket Club, with G Fullerton a member of the Committee.  Five years later, 1856, G, J and A Fullerton were founder members of the new South York Cricket Club, following the disbandment of the old Doncaster Cricket Club.  Membership of the South York Cricket Club was subject to an annual subscription of 1-1-0.  They obviously meant business as a professional bowler had been employed - John Buttery of Oxford.
What I have been doing is checking out team sheets and comparing these with census details to find out who's who and how they fitted into village life.  People from all walks of life came together to play cricket.



One particular fantastic find is a report of the clubs war memorial/roll of honour.  The memorial was made by Harold Kemp of Dalton Parva.  The memorial consisted of a roll of honour, containing some 42 names on vellum, enclosed in a dark oak frame.  The principal centre is an arch with Corinthian pillars, at the capitols a carving of the white rose of Yorkshire, on the keystone a set of wickets, two bats and a cricket ball.  The words 'Thrybergh Park Cricket Club' appear around the arch and at the base is written 'Great European War 1914 - 1918'.  Suspended from the keystone of the arch is a roll with a fringed bottom.  Figures of a bugler of the British Army and a sailor of the Navy stand to the right of the arch.  The flags of the principal allies, regimental crests, a coat of arms of the Fullerton family (with the motto 'Lux in Tenibris'), a miniature water colour drawing of the cricket pavilion, old oak tree, roller, score board, plantation and cricket square were also included.
The memorial was unveiled on Thursday 19 August 1920 by Colonel J S H Fullerton, following a cricket match between T. P. C. C. and Sheffield United Football Club.  Unfortunately rained stopped play.
The names that appeared on the memorial are:
Killed in action:
Lieut. Charles A C Fullerton
QMS John Stones
Private Lewis Beeden
Private Sidney Drabble
Private Willie South
Private G W Willert
Colonel J S H Fullerton
Captain Norman Garrard
Lieut. J R Fullerton
Sergeant Cyril Foster
Sergeant William Milner
Sergeant Benjamin Shaw
Corporal Sargan Boothroyd
Corporal G W Drabble
Corporal Oswin French
Corporal Ernest C Markham
Corporal Walter Shaw
Corporal Arthur Whittaker
1st A.M. Stanley Holdsworth
2nd A.C. Arther Holdsworth
Private Frederick P Bohan
Private Jack Brayner
Private Clement Butler
Private Charles Coucam
Private Samuel Coggin
Private Willie Drabble
Private Robert Everitt
Private Walter Kitchen
Private Stanley Hill
Private William Richardson
Private Benjamin Scholey
Private Henry Smalley
Private William Smalley
Private George Smith
Private G W Strother
Private Gilbert Strother
Private George Taylor
Private Cyril Whitaker
Private John Whitaker
Private Edward Willert
Petty Officer Alan Waining
A.B.S. Herbert Hayes



Unfortunately the whereabouts of the memorial is not known.  There is a memorial in Thrybergh Hall but this is for the members of the golf club who lost their lives.  My Dad does not recall seeing the memorial at the time he was at the club, neither do other older members that I have questioned.  I can only hope that it was removed by someone for safe keeping.  If any of your other correspondents know of its whereabouts I would be delighted to know and to be able to see it would be wonderful.
Going back to my Dad.  He is a bricklayer (now retired) and at one point was employed by Beeden's.  The Beeden's have a long history with T. P. C. C and any employee who played for the club would get preferential treatment!
For many years T. P. C. C.  was a very strong and successful club.  It is such a shame that it has folded.

2007 Helen Jones.


Many thanks to Helen for sharing her terrific research



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