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The list below of Dalton, Ravenfield , and Thrybergh sporting personalities is by no means complete, and I would be grateful for any help in naming those not yet entered here. They can be from any sport, and any club, the only criteria is that they were born or lived in one of the three villages of Thrybergh, Dalton, or Ravenfield.

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Danny Williams

Danny Williams in his School Days from a photo supplied by Peter Obrien

One of the Rotherham Area's most popular figures, and another true sporting legend Danny was born on the 20th November 1924.  He attended St. Gerard's R.C. School, where his playing skills were noticed. He started his soccer career at Silverwood in 1938,  and also played for the Wolves Nursery Team at Wath. He trained for awhile with Sheffield United and  went on to play for Rotherham United from 1942 until 1960. Where he played wing half. He made approximately 450 appearances. When he retired he took the role of Manager at the following clubs .Rotherham United, July 1962 = February 1965. Swindon Town, August 1965 = July 1969. Sheffield Wednesday, July 1969 = January 1971. Mansfield Town, November 1971 = March 1974. Swindon Town, March 1974  = May 1978. Danny's finest hour as a Manager was at Swindon in 1969 when they beat Arsenal in the League Cup and were also promoted to Second Division.
Danny also opened up the Danny Williams Sports Shop in Rotherham. My Mother took me in there one day and introduced me to him, it was one of the great moments of my childhood. Every kid in and around Rotherham wanted to play like Danny Williams.


Albert Nightingale

 Albert's story


Ken Nightingale

Ken Nightingale the brother of Albert played for Rotherham United

Kens story


Laurie Steeples

" Whom I considered the best of the bunch." Quote  from the memoirs of  Joe Davis
Born in Dalton Laurie at age eighteen beat George Cooper to became the youngest player to win the English Championship on the 19th February, 1924. In the previous year he won the U/K Boys championship. In 1926 Laurie set a new record in amateur red ball play with a break of 377. The new hazard limit was seen as a significant handicap to the best red-ball exponents, but in the absence of the 1926 Champion, Joe Earlam, who had now turned professional, it was another red ball player William McLeod, winner in 1923 and 1924, who was generally regarded as favourite to carry off the English title. However, this prediction proved inaccurate, as McLeod was defeated by Horace Coles in the quarterfinals. Coles, who had been the only entry from the Cardiff qualifying area, went on to contest the final where he was to meet Laurie Steeples. On the way he made a break of 233, which was the highest of the Championship and an Amateur record under the new rules. Laurie Steeples, from Dalton Brook, near Rotherham, had won the UK Boys' Championship in 1923 and 1924 and having just passed his eighteenth birthday, was playing in only his second English Championship. Even though defeated in 1926, he had shown his potential with a break of 377, which was an Amateur record for red-ball play. Now, in sight of his greatest achievement, Steeples retained his composure to win the final match 3000-2449 on 19th February, becoming the youngest holder of the English Championship.


In 1930 Laurie was holder of the Snooker and Billiards amateur titles. In that year he played Joe Davis [ on Joe's invitation ] at a club in Bedford in a amateur versus professional night, it was not the best of nights for Joe as Laurie kept him from the table with huge breaks. 1931 found Laurie in the Y.M.C.A. Pitt Street Sydney Australia beating Sydney Lee to win the British Empire Amateur Billiard Championship.  Laurie suffered health problems shortly after and retired from the game.



Alan Simpson

Alan was a pupil at St. Gerard's School and went on to join the Rotherham Harriers, he was to be remembered as the most successful runner of the club during the 1960's when he came fourth in the 1500 metre race at the Tokyo Olympics of that year. The following year on the 10th of April Alan broke the indoor 5000 metre World record with a time of 13:58.4

He became a  professional runner and appeared in Australia for a series of match races against the Australian four minute miler Harry Downes. The first two races resulted in a victory each with Downes winning the third race at Moorabbin in 3:59.9. minutes.



Dave Keeley

Born in Thrybergh achieved great success in America after enrolling in an American High School at the age of 17, with a view of pursuing a career as a basketball Player. Dave had the height, six foot nine inches to be exact and proved he also had the ability. Leading the New Jersey Team to the State Championship and picking up the most Valuable Player Award for that season. After turning down several European offers Dave elected to play for Sheffield Sharks back in England.


Rotherham-born Dave Keeley joins the Riders after two years with last season's Play-off and Cup champions, Westfield Sharks Sheffield. The 22-year-old also won a league title medal with the Sharks in 2003/04.
The Sheffield Sharks have signed 20-year-old Dave Keeley for the 2002-2003 season.
The Rotherham-born centre was a player in the Junior Sharks Development seven years ago before attending high school in America.
The 20-year-old is the final summer signing for coach Chris Finch and is expected to provide size and depth to the Sharks' inside attack.
" Everyone here is very proud at what Dave has done since we first met him "
Chris Finch

"We are delighted to have signed him and now I look forward to helping him succeed at this level and beyond," said Finch.
Keeley led his New Jersey school to a state championship, collecting the tournament's Most Valuable Player award along the way.
His performances attracted college and university attention, but Keeley decided to return to Europe and test the market.
Keeley received offers to play in Spain, but has decided to return home to play for the Sharks.


Ken Boden


Ken Boden [ A striker with a reputation of scoring plenty of goals  [ Source: Official Match Program Australia]
Born on July 5th 1950 in Thrybergh, Ken was the younger brother of  one of my best remembered friends, and I knew him when he was around twelve years old, even then he could run rings around players a lot older than himself. Ken went on and played with Bridlington Town, then joined Doncaster Rovers, made one appearance for Doncaster Rovers wearing the no.10 shirt.. Ken emigrated to Australia and played with Newcastle United. In his final game with United he scored a hat trick, before moving to Sydney City.
Ken reached the height of his career representing Australia playing for the Australian national team the Socceroos
Last  heard of Ken was living  happily in Perth, Western Australia.


Kens story


Tony Williams  

Tony Williams  born in Thrybergh an ex Silverwood miner became a trained nurse and served 22 years with the Royal Army Medical Corps. In 1992 Tony did the London Marathon, and at the prime age of sixty one was chosen as part of a team attempting to climb Africa's Kilimanjaro in a bid to raise £100,000 for a Leeds charity.


Mike Hennigan

Born 1942 at Thrybergh,  Mike had a very impressive career and traveled extensively Worldwide.


Michael Hennigan



Ian Snodin



Glynn Snodin

Snodin Family

Michael Irvine

Michael Irvine--Played football for one of the Sheffield teams, does anyone have further details on Michael

Alan Ogden

Alan Ogden who was a pupil at Thrybergh High School played in the Sheffield United team in 1971 that was for the early part of the season on top of the First Division.


Tom Fenoughty Snr

Tom Fenoughty played for Rotherham United, York City etc had the shop on Dalton Lane.

Thomas "Tom" Fenoughty (born July 7, 1905 in Rotherham, England - died 2001) 

    Fenoughty Family


Tom Fenoughty jnr

Tom Fenoughty Played for Rotherham United

 Thomas Fenoughty (b. 7 June 1941 in Rotherham) was a professional footballer with Sheffield United and Chesterfield from 1964 to 1973, when he resumed has a pharmaceutical chemist.

Fenoughty Family


Michael Fenoughty

Michael played semi-pro for Sheffield United and Chesterfield.  Fenoughty Family

Ken Houghton

Ken Houghton who played for Silverwood Miners Welfare before joining Rotherham United as a mature player. Ken Houghton was transfered to Hull City for a significant sum of money and He had what I would call, an illustrious career. I seem to recall that Ken Houghton came off Whinney Hill backs and off course he would have been a former miner at Silverwood pit.

Ken was known as something of a free kick specialist, he had a shot like a mule.

Peter Hennigan

Ken Mallender

Another significant footballer off Vale Road Thrybergh  was Ken Mallendar. Ken played many years for Sheffield United before being transferred to Norwich City. Ken had a good playing career after Joe Shaw retired at Sheffield United.

Peter Hennigan

Ken Mallender, another experienced veteran who had given good service to Sheffield United — and latterly to Hereford United, helping them to a memorable FA Cup run, and played a key role in promoting the club to the Football League. Mallender in the days leading up to the Matlock game claimed: ‘This was as important to me as any I ever faced in the First Division.’

George Jowett, Eric Naylor, goalkeeper called Clarke.


Three other players who came from Dalton and had good non league careers were George Jowett, Eric Naylor and a goalkeeper called Clarke. All 3 played for Grantham Town for many years. All 3 were founder members of a team assembled to play for Charity. The name of the team was called "The bottle tops" for obvious reasons. The Bottle tops played quite regularly and I believe at one time they would have included Peter Swan, Bronco Layne, former Sheffield Wednesday players banned along with Tony Kay, for betting on league matches. All 3 were at the height of their careers when they were banned.

Peter Hennigan

Alan Ainley


One sad aspect of reviewing talent or sporting legends from Thrybergh relates to those that didn't quite make it for some reason. You might not remember a lad called Alan Ainley. In the "Green un" on Saturday night, they started a feature called "One for the future".

Each local club from the area would select a bright young prospect from their juniors and then they would print an article giving details of the protégé. I believe the first article featured Alan Ainley. Alan played for Thrybergh Youth as it was called then, plus he went on to play junior football for Rotherham united. He was a winger, fast, tricky and a great shot. If he was playing in today's climate, he would have been looked after and who knows what might have been. Unfortunately, Alan suffered from Bronchitis and ultimately, it became to big an obstacle to overcome.

Peter Hennigan




Know of anyone local who became famous in any sport ? add them here





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