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            Pronounced locally Thrybur  Old English Triberg

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The welcome page

Site Guide

This page to help you navigate the site.

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History Introduction

Outline of the history of the Village

Celtic and Roman

The arrival of the Celts and Romans

The Dark Ages

The age of the Danes and Vikings who shaped the North of England

Norman Times

The invasion of England by the Normans and how it affected Thrybergh

Old Thrybergh Park

A Photographic look at the history of the park

12th Century Onward

How Thrybergh changed ownership prior to the Reresby family

16th Century Onward


17th Century

The demise of the Reresby family with  people of that time

18th Century


19th Century


1841 Who resided in Thrybergh at this time.


Who resided in Thrybergh at this time.


Who resided in Thrybergh at this time.

Thrybergh Council

A tribute by John Doxey


Who resided in Thrybergh at this time.

1901 Pg 2

Where past residents were

20th Century

Thrybergh's population explodes with the opening of Silverwood Mine



The Great War

How the war effected Thrybergh

The War Memorial

The memorial built by Dalton Main Co.

Lest We Forget

Introduction to the honour roll

1914/18 Honour Roll

A tribute to those lost in the first World War

Between The Wars

Events between 1918 and 1939

1945 Honour Roll

A tribute to those lost in the Second World War

The Trackless

The introduction of the Trolley bus, with photos

1939 Onward

Through the second world war to the present day

1970 Controversy

The area known as Dahn't Backs becomes a nightmare for the inhabitants

Sports Centre

Thrybergh gains a prototype sports centre in 1980

The Racist Slur

The year 2,000 and Thrybergh residents are accused of being racist!

Mystery Gravestone

A little mystery at Thrybergh Park is solved









Noble Families

The leader page for this section


The man who held Thrybergh before and after the Norman conquest


Gained Thrybergh as tenants through Knights fee's


The family who gained Thrybergh after Rozelline

The Normanville's

The Norman family who inherited Thrybergh in the 13th century

Reresby Pg 1

The Reresby Family emerges in the 13th century

Reresby Pg 2

The family gain their place

Reresby Pg 3

Deeds and such

Reresby Pg 4

Marriages and dealings

Reresby Pg 5

Reresby a very hard dealing man and other events

Reresby Pg 6

Fights within the family, Sir John Reresby, and the end is near.

John Reresby

The life and times of the most remarkable Reresby

John Reresby Pg 2

The life and times of the most remarkable Reresby

John Reresby Pg 3

The sad ending of John Reresby

End of the Reresby's

The final years of the family as lords of the manor of Thrybergh

St Leonard Reresby

The legend of the Thrybergh saint

Sir Leonard's Cross

The poem of the Thrybergh saint by James Ross

Saville Finch

 Thrybergh changes hands again from the Savilles to the Finch's

Saville Finch pg1

The following pages on the Saville and Finch Families is an actual report from a court case at the time, regarding Mary Finch

Saville Finch pg2

contesting the wills of Elizabeth Finch and Saville Finch, and the defendant is Judith Finch nee Fullerton.

Saville Finch pg 3


Fullerton Family

The last family to own Thrybergh

Fullerton Family Pg 2

The last family to own Thrybergh

The Fullerton Servants

A listing of known people who worked for the Fullerton family


Meet the Folks

Introduction to the people section

Folk pre 15th Century

From Viking times to the 14th Century

Folk pre 18th Century


Folk 18th Century


Folk 19th Century


Folk 20th Century


Folk of Note

A list of local people who achieved, by no means a complete list of local achievers

James Ross

His life before Thrybergh

James Ross 2

The Bard arrives in Thrybergh, and Ross events in the 19th century

James Ross 3

The Bard is remembered in the 20th century, and his descendants reunited in the 21st century

James Ross Poems

A list of the poems from the book Wild Warbling's as printed in 1817

The Village Policemen

A look at the good old English Bobby in Thrybergh

Womenfolk of Thrybergh

A tribute to the women of the village and perhaps all working class women in the first half of the 20th century

Womenfolk Page 2

How the women of the time managed with basic necessities.

Fred Kelly

One of the areas best known personalities and a man of many parts

Lol Foster

A tribute to one of Thrybergh's loveable larrikins who has sadly passed on

Fred Foster

A tribute to Fred Foster and his family

Fred Foster 2

A tribute to Fred Foster and his family

Fosters Staff

A tribute to the people who worked at Fosters store

John Henry Green

The story of one of the most extraordinary characters to have lived in the area

The Drabble Family

A family story by Mollie Uttley nee Drabble

The Drabble family 2

The family history before they came to Thrybergh

The French Family

The family who resided at Thrybergh, Dalton Magna and Dalton Parva for at least 300 years.

The Willert Family

The story of the Willert family appeared in Thrybergh in 1891by David Culley

The Willert Family 2

The story of the Willert family appeared in Thrybergh in 1891by David Culley

The Willert Family 3

The story of the Willert family appeared in Thrybergh in 1891by David Culley

Stephen Pursehouse

The story of a local boy who became a Dean of Engineering in New York America

The Beeden Family

The family history of the local builders by Jane Clark

Beeden's The Builders

The story of the family business by Jane Clark

Beeden Profiles

Three of the Beeden men profiled by Jane Clark

Roy Nixon

Roy's memories of Thrybergh

Thrybergh Players

A presentation by Mollie Drabble and Geoff Walker

South Family

A family story by Steve and Yvonne Elmore and the present Riley South

Wheatcroft and Bisby

 John Wheatcroft migrated to South Australia with his wife Charlotte (nee Bisby) in 1856.

Rogers Family

A presentation from Janice Hans

Morgan Family

The families of Isaac and Moses Morgan who originated in Wales

Geoff Walker

The memories of local lad Geoff

James Walker

Geoff Walkers tribute to his brother James pianist and composer

George Hardy

The local policeman who spent his retirement at Thrybergh

Godfrey Marsden

A presentation by Pauline Thorn of the Thrybergh 17th century clothier

John Doxey's Memories

'A time when you could go out at night and not worry about locking the door'

John Doxey's Memories pg 2

OK we didn't have anything worth pinching anyway


Thrybergh Churches

The leader page for the church section of the site

St Leonard's Church

Thrybergh's most historic church

St. Leonard's Church 2

The interior of the church presented by the late Lol Foster family

St. Leonard's Bells

The history of the church bells complete with a photo of the belfry

St. Leonard's Bellringers

The history of bellringers and a photo of the belfry from the Lol Foster collection

St. Leonard's Church Hall

A glimpse of the hall and how it was put to use.

St. Leonard's in Focus

A presentation of photos from the family of Lol Foster

St. Leonard's in Focus 2

A presentation of photos from the family of Lol Foster

St. Leonard's in Focus 3

A presentation of photos from the family of Lol Foster

Thrybergh Methodist Chapel

The history of the chapel that once stood near the top of Doncaster Rd.

St. Peters Church

The history of the church on Oldgate Lane

St. Gerard's Church

The history of the Roman Catholic Church in Thrybergh

St Gerard's May Queen

Annie Eyre the May Queen of 1952


Thrybergh Schools

The leader page for the school section of the site

Fullerton School

The first school in Thrybergh

"The School " a Poem

A poem by James Ross written in 1817 whilst teaching at the Fullerton School

Fullerton School 1800's

Listing of Pupils in the 19th century

Fullerton School 1930's

Three photos from this era

St. Gerards School

The history of the Roman Catholic School built in 1928

St Gerard's School 2

The history of the Roman Catholic School built in 1928 continued

St Gerard's School 3

School photos from 1931presented by Peter Obrien

St Gerard's School 4

School photos from 1931presented by Peter Obrien

St Gerard's School 5

Photos from the past

St Gerard's School 6

View an actual punishment list from the school

St Gerard's School 7

Class photo submitted by  Pamela Cheetham nee Connell

John Doxey at School

John Doxey's school memories or alternately " How I spent ten years discovering I wasn't a genius"

Thrybergh Comp. School

The much needed school built in the 1950's

Class photos 56/57

Two Thrybergh Comp. class photos from 1956/57 presented by Brian Eyre

Whinney Hill School

The history of the school built in 1907

Whinney Hill School 2

Old photos pre 1950

Whinney Hill School 3

The start of a list of past pupils


Pubs and Clubs

The leader page to this section

Thrybergh W. M. C.

The history of the club from 1908

Thrybergh W. M. C. 2


Fullerton Hotel


Reresby Arms


Milburn House


Sport & Social Club




The leader page of this category A look at old buildings, Industries etc. Local scenes

Local Events

Add your local event here free!

Thrybergh Steel

From the sixteen hundreds to the present day Thrybergh has produced steel

Men of Steel

A list of men who worked in the iron and steel Industries

Vale House

The loss of Vale House a part of Thrybergh Heritage

The Hilly Fields

The area which we all loved to play in as kids

The Blacking Mill

The old Mill we knew as Barracloughs Farm


Local Sport

Introduction page to the sport section suggested by Peter Lawery of Thrybergh

Local Sport Legends

A list of local sporting personalities who achieved

Nightingale Brothers

The story of two famous footballers of Thrybergh

Ken Boden

The ex Thrybergh comp lad who played for Australia

Thrybergh Wheelers

The pre second world war cycling group in Thrybergh

The Nibs

Dalton & Eastwood United ,  better known as Dalton Nibs or more affectionately, just " The Nibs".

Cricket Club History

Thrybergh cricket club history by Helen Jones

Cricket Club 2

A look at past players with photos presented by Mollie Uttley and David Culley

Cricket Club 3

A look at past players with photos 1953 and 1960

Davy Lamp Team

A team with some local lads featured and a photo from 1972

St Leonard's F. C.

Photo of this successful team circa 1952

Chilean F. C.

Yes we even had Chile play in Thrybergh, see if you can name the players.

Name the Team

A photo of Ron Marshall of Thrybergh scoring a goal, but which teams are playing, and where!

Michael Hennigan

The story of a football Manager, Coach, and Player

Snodin Family

The famous Snodin Brothers of Thrybergh

Fenoughty Family  The footballing Fenoughty's


Yorkshire Accent

The leader page to this section

101 Damnations

Words, sayings, sarcasms, insults, and what ever else can be said in the dialect of the Rotherham area of South Yorkshire

101 Damnations pg2

Sub titled "The Sequel"

101 Damnations pg3

Sub titled " The return of Dogsbreath "

101 Damnations pg4

Sub titled " 'air a Dog"

101 Damnations pg5

Sub titled "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie"


Jonathans View

A group of pages containing excellent photos of the area by Jonathan Dabs

Jonathans View pg2

A group of pages containing excellent photos of the area by Jonathan Dabs

Jonathans View pg3

A group of pages containing excellent photos of the area by Jonathan Dabs

Jonathans view pg4

A must see Panorama of Thrybergh  by Jonathan Dabs

Jonathans View pg5

A look at the local stonework by Jonathan Dabs

Local Bluebells

Two photos of the local flowers by Mick Carver

View from above

A photo presentation by Peter Obrien and Dave Mellor

New Thrybergh Park

A photo presentation by Mick Carver


We'ers Tha' Live

Introduction to the street section, where you can add the names of who lived on any particular street. Please note this section is under construction and pages are being created for each street. You may find who lived in your house before you, where your Grandparents lived, who were their neighbours. So please send in those names

Able Street


Arran Hill   


Back Lane  


Bowen Drive


Brockhurst Way


Chesterhill Ave.


Church View


Cross Street


Deer Leap Drive


Deer Park Road


Doncaster Road


East Vale Drive


Finch Close


Fullerton Cres.


Garbroads Ave


Gerard Ave


Gullingwood Dr.


Hargrave Place


Hollings Lane  
Link Road  
Longlands Drive  
Manor Farm Court  
March Flatts Road  
Meadow Close  
Musgrove Ave  
Oldgate Lane  
Park Lane Court  
Park Lane  
Park Nook  
Park Vale Drive  
Pingles Cres  
Poplar Ave  
Reresby Road  
Rockland Villas  
Ryods Close  
School Lane  
School Street  
Silver Street  
South Vale Drive  
Springfield Ave  
Staple Green  
St. Leonard's Ave  
Steventon Road  
Thrybergh Road  
Top Tree Way  
Trough Dr  
Vale Road  
Vale Cres  
Vale Ave  
Warreners Drive  
Waterhouse Close  
Well Drive  
West Vale Ave  
West Vale Grove  
Whinney Hill  
Wilson Drive  
Wood Street  

A list of old occupations


A list of helpful definitions of old legal terms etc.

Latin Translations

A list of Latin words used in family documents etc.

Reading a Census

Hints, census dates, and abbreviations used on census records

Rotherham Messages

Messages prior to August 2007

Rotherham Messages pg2

Place your message here concerning the Rotherham area

Old Friends

Find your old friends by leaving a message here

Local Links



Guest Book pg 1

Oldest Entries

Guest Book pg 2

Pre 2007

Guest Book pg 3

Pre August 2007


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