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            Pronounced locally Thrybur  Old English Triberg

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Leonard Reresby due to bad debts incurred by his wastrel brother William had sold Thrybergh to John Saville in the year 1705.

The Saville family were not to remain as Lords of the manor for a long period of time, and this was due to the lack of issue [ Lack of male heirs ] when the estate was passed on to Elizabeth Finch [ nee Saville ] daughter of John Saville. Elizabeth had married John Finch, and they had a son named Saville Finch who married Judith Fullerton. Saville and Judith had no male heir and the estate was passed to Weston Fullerton. So in a period of 100 years the estate passed through three families.



Heneage Finch who was the 2nd son of Heneage Earl of Nottingham was entered of the inner temple for the study of law 13th January 1678. He was appointed Solicitor General from which office he was removed by king James IL 21st April 1686. In 1702 he was chosen to compliment Queen Anne on the part of the university, on her visit to Oxford. In consideration of his great merits and talents was created baron of Guernsey 15th March 1702-3. On the accession of King George 1 26th October 1714 he was created Earl of Aylesford.


He married Elizabeth the daughter and co-heir of Sir John Banks of Aylesford co Kent bart and by her [ who died 1743 ] had issue. [ Elizabeth's sister Mary Banks married John Saville owner of Thrybergh Park ]

Heneage Finch baron of Guernsey and Earl of Aylesford  had a 1st son Heneage [ who inherited] and a 2nd  son John Finch who married his cousin Elizabeth Saville daughter and heir of John Saville [ who married Mary Banks] of Methley co York esq. and died 1740, leaving issue by her [ who died 28th October 1767 ] a son named Saville Finch. Saville had a sister Mary Finch


Saville Finch M. P. for Malton 1761-1780  married Judith Fullerton, and she inherited the Thrybergh Estate when Saville died.


The Church had a School by around 1715, this was encouraged by Elizabeth Saville, at this time boys only were taught.

On the 19th June,1718 Wm. Savile of Mexbrough, gentleman, son and heir of William Savile, deceased and William Fenton of Underbank, to Charles and Samuel Savile of Thrybergh, esq. A judgement for 200 and 63s. costs, obtained by Fenton against William Savile; for 210.  Charles Savile having already purchased the Mexbrough estates for 2,202. 3s.


 In the following month 2nd July,1718 William Savile of Mexbrough, gentleman, to Charles Savile of Thrybergh, esquire. The parsonage and rectory of Mexbrough, etc. for 1500.

Then on the 22nd September,1718 Charles Savile of Thrybergh to William Savile of Mexbrough, concerning a judgement. So long as Charles Savile may peaceably enjoy the Parsonage and rectory of Mexbrough for the term of years which he purchased of William Savile, no execution shall be proceeded with on the judgement for 2,150 which Charles Savile obtained against William Savile the father.

Settlement before marriage of Saml. Saville, esq., of Thrybergh (Yorks.), and Eliz., dau. of Robt. Frank, esq., of Pontefract (Yorks.), and related deed.


In 1739 John Finch Esquire had the manor of Thrybergh surveyed and a map was produced.


Elizabeth Finch's gift to St. Leonard's church by will in 1760, Rent charge of 10L. 10s per annum for teaching ten poor children of the parish. This was a great gift as now the village had a school. She also saw to it that the Rectory which was rather dilapidated at the time was rebuilt, The old rectory was demolished and replaced with a house that had 12 rooms by Elizabeth in 1753, which no doubt pleased the then vicar no end.

Elizabeth Finch was to bring back an air of respectability to the village of Thrybergh after her husbands death.

The Village inn which had seen the downfall of William Reresby and had attracted unsavoury characters to the village was closed, and gambling was not permitted.

Perhaps one thing she introduced was not too popular to the good folks of Thrybergh, and that was the introduction of compulsory attendance at church on a Sunday, not just the once , but twice on the day. To enforce this fines were issued for non attendance.

One has to admire this lady, for she indeed improved the village and the lives of it's inhabitants, and she is remembered well on a plaque in the Rectory, and also on a stone tablet situated in the chancel of the church dedicated to Elizabeth and her husband John.


Will of Charles Savile of Thrybergh , Yorkshire Date 29 April 1743

Will of Sarah Savile, Widow of Thrybergh , Yorkshire Date 31 January 1746


During the time of Saville Finch his gamekeeper was charged with the murder of a William Brown at Dalton, he was a poacher from Sheffield.  John Shirtcliff, game-keeper to Savile Finch of Thriberg, Efq; charged with shooting William Brown, after a trial of above eleven hours, was acquitted. The event was to be remembered in song


Savile Finch resigned his seat at Malton in favour of Edmund Burke.



Judith Finch was to meet with a young boy who was later to become quite a notorious figure in the nineteenth century, and the meeting is recalled within the memoirs of one Ebenezer Elliott " The Corn Law Rhymer"  who remembers it thus:


"Dreading school, I absented myself from it during the summer months of the second year- Playing truant about Dalton, Deign, and Silverwood or Thrybergh Park, where I stole duck eggs, mistaking them for the eggs of wild birds, and was brought before Madame Finch. She seeing what a simpleton I was, released me with a reprimand!"


1767 Mrs Saville Finch, Cavendifh-fquare. member of the society for promoting Christian knowledge

1768 Saville Finch, Efq; entered in the Political register




1798 Mrs. Saville Finch, Cavendish Sq.  subscribed 1 . 1s to the THE SOCIETY FOR BETTERING THE CONDITION AND


" The terrace in Mrs Finch's finely wooded park at Thrybergh, commands the vale in great perfection;"


Slacks Farm and Slacks Gorse
FILE - Extracts of mortgage in fee by lease and release - ref 86/B/86/1  - date: 24 and 25 January 1769
Saville Finch of Thrybergh, Yks, only son and heir of Elizabeth Finch late of Thrybergh, widow.

FILE - Extracts of assignment of mortgage with further borrowing - ref.  86/B/87/1  - date: 25 January 1769
Saville Finch of Thrybergh, Yks, esq, and Judith his wife.

FILE - Extracts of deed of additional mortgage - ref.  86/B/88/1- date: 21 July 1772
Saville Finch of Thrybergh, Yks, esq.

FILE - Copy release - ref.  86/B/90/1 - date: 5 April 1774
By Mary Finch of Bramley Hall, Yks, spr, to Saville Finch of Thrybergh, esq. of a legacy of 20,000 due under the will of their mother, Elizabeth Finch, late of Thrybergh.

FILE - Attested copy - ref.  86/B/91/1  - date: 1788-1789
Will of Saville Finch of Thrybergh, Yks, esq.

FILE - Notes of burials - ref.  86/B/92/1  - date: 1788-1810
Saville Finch 1788.

FILE - Copy assignment of mortgage in fee by lease and release - ref.  86/B/94/1  - date: 25 and 26 November 1796
Judith Finch of Thrybergh, Yks, widow and divisee and execx in the will of Saville Finch esq.


Judith Finch the widow of  Saville Finch of Thrybergh made her will dated 4th May, 1802, with an annuity of 500L to her nephew, John Fullerton [ who was residing at Bramley Hall,]  during the life of her brother the Rev. Weston Fullerton of West Horsley, B.A., plus all her estates in Yorkshire to her brother, and after his death to her nephew , properties in Thrybergh, including Thrybergh Hall, and a water, corn or grist mill called Thrybergh Mill, Bramley, including Bramley Hall, Dalton and Adwicke in the Street.


Certified copy of surrender of a life estate by bargain and sale 13 October 1809
The will of Judith Finch of Thrybergh Park, Yks,

1) Rev. Weston Fullerton of West Horsley, Sry, B.A.
2) John Fullerton of Bramley Hall, par. Braithwell, Yks.
- the will of Judith Finch of Thrybergh Park, Yks, in which she annuity of 500 to 2) during the life of 1),and.
all her estates in Yks to 1), her brother, during his life, and after his death to 2), her nephew. [ that 1) wished to surrender his interest in the estates to 2).
Properties in Thrybergh (including Thrybergh Hall, and a water, corn or grist mill called Thrybergh Mill), Bramley (including Bramley Hall), Dalton and Adwicke in the Street, charged with a mortgage of 10,000 and interest to Samuel Shore, esq, and a yearly rent charge of 10 to Thrybergh School.2) paid 1) 10s and released the life annuity of 500.


John Fullerton  then inherited Thrybergh from  his Uncle Weston Fullerton who turned over the estate which had been left to him by Judith Finch nee Fullerton.



The following pages are a report of court room events in 1791 from the high court of Chancery during the time of Lord Chancellor Thurlow. It is a dispute over the inheritance of Mary Finch who is the plaintiff.  It starts with a short family tree beginning with Sir John Banks.

The files listed above are very relevant to the following report.


The report which appears in a rather lengthy book " Reports of  Cases argued and determined  in the High Court of Chancery " published in 1820 was compiled by William Browne Esq. Barrister at Law



Finch against Finch

Saville Finch pg 1



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