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The Reresby Family 16th Century


HENRY V111---b1491--d 1547--r 1509--1547---Only surviving son of Henry V11
EDWARD V1---b1537--d 1553--r 1547--1553---Son of Henry V111 and Jane Seymour
MARY 1 MARY TUDOR---b1516--d 1558--r 1553--1558---Daughter of Henry V111 and Catherine of Aragon
ELIZABETH---b1544--1603--r 1558--1603---Daughter of Henry V111 and Anne Boleyn



Reresby the very hard dealing man


1516 Anne Reresby married Thomas Eyre their children were Ann Eyre, Ellen Eyre, and Mary Eyre 1523, Edale, Derbyshire Jane Reresby married Robert Eyre they had two children Robert Eyre and George Eyre, Jane was to marry a second time to Thomas Gascolbne

When Thomas Reresby married in 1508, his father settled upon him the capital messuage of ‘Ecklylis’ or Icklillis ‘ which together with the corn mill was held by Robert Redfer at a rent of eleven pounds a year. In 1545 it was again let upon the same terms, this lack of increase rent was due to money being scarce which affected the fall in the price of land in the reign of  Henry V111, Sir John quotes the lease given by Lionel Reresby of his messuage called the Ickles, then in the dower or feoffment of Margaret Reresby his Mother, at a rent of eleven pounds per annum without a fine. With it were included all the lands and tenements thereto belonging, the corn milne and the dams, the cutler wheel only excepted. ‘

In ye sd Lease Ye sd Lionel reserves ye libertie of fishing, hunting and hauking in ye premises that ye tenant shall not fish, but only wth pyches without leave that he should attend his Landlord with Hors & Harness in the Kings warrs Dated ye 23 April ye 37th year of Henry 8

From: 'Yorkshire Fines: 1516-20',
   Between Plaintiffs Thomas Nevell, kt., Maurice Berkeley, kt., Edward Nevell, kt., and William Kyngeston, kt. and the deforcients   William Fitz William, kt., Ralph Reresby, esq., and John Anne, esq.
Manor of Athewik and 20 messuages with lands in Athewik.
FILE - Assignment - ref.  WWM/D/107  - date: 27 Feb 1517
            [from Scope and Content] Robert Walker, on the direction of William Fitzwilliam of Sprotburgh, esq., to Sir William Conyers, Lord Conyers; Sir Thomas Wentworth of West Bretton, Thomas Wortley, esq., William Mirfield, esq., Thomas Sotehill, esq., Ralph Reresby, esq., Thomas Wentworth of Wodhouse, esq., and Edward Fitzwilliam.


Ten years later another legacy was made to the provost by Thomas Reresby, whose will was made 2 August 1522. He left the residue of his goods to be 'at the disposicion of Robert Nevile, Provost of the College of Jhesu in Rotherham.' (fn. 24) Three years afterwards this same provost was the recipient of a personal legacy under the will of Sir Thomas Swift, 4 February 1524-5:

'my best gowne cremysyn furryd with mattrons, my best surples, a booke of blake velvett with . . . of silver and gilt, a girdle harneshed with silver and gilt having a flower on the bucle and a other in the pendent.'


(fn. 25) Neville was still provost in 1536, the three fellows then being William Drapour, master of the grammar school, William Simmes, master of the music school, and John Addy, master of the writing school

From: 'Collegiate churches: Other churches (except Beverley and York)', A History of the County of York: Volume 3 (1974), pp. 359-75. URL:  



From: 'Yorkshire Fines: 1531-35',
  Between Plaintiffs  Thomas Watterton, Thomas Reasby, Lionell Reasby, and Alexander Swyft and the deforcients Robert Swyft, junr., and Elena his wife the daughter and heir of Nicholas Wykersley, esq.
    Manor of Wykersley and 25 messuages and a watermill with lands there and in Hoton Livet, Sheffield, Ecclesall, Halom, Bramley, Atterclyff, Darnall, Tykhill, Kymberworth, and Brekesherth.

From: 'Yorkshire Fines: 1546-50', Feet of Fines of the Tudor period
  Between Plaintiffs  Leonard Reresby, clerk, and Thomas Belamy, clerk and Deforcient Roger Vavasour, esq.
 Manor of Denbye and 7 messuages and 5 cottages with lands in Denbye, Mekysburghe, Tykhyll, and Newhall.

  1551–2 (fn. 1) —HILARY TERM, 5 EDWARD VI.

From: 'Yorkshire Fines: 1551-55', Feet of Fines of the Tudor period [Yorks]: part 1: 1486-1571 (1887), pp. 153-89.     Between Plaintiff Lyonell Rerysbye, esq.    and Deforcients Thomas Farnham, gent., and Roger Vavasour, esq.     Manor of Denebye and lands in Denybye and Mexburgh.     1552—EASTER TERM, 6 EDWARD VI.

From: 'Yorkshire Fines: 1551-55', Feet of Fines of the Tudor period [Yorks]: part 1: 1486-1571 (1887), pp. 153-89.
 Between Plaintiffs  Lionel Rerysbye, esq., and Ann his wife and Deforcients Thomas Farnham, gent., and Roger Vavasour, esq.
    Manor of Denybye and 6 messuages with lands in Denybye and Mexburghe.

1557 Lionel Reresby married Ann Swift In 1559 Lionel Reresby of Thrybergh acquired a property named Templebourgh which were “2 mills and 20 acres of pasture with appurtenances in Ikkyls held by Queen Elizabeth I
1568 Elizabeth Reresby was born

  Letter of [L. Mountfort] to his brother Thomas reciting that he had received money from the latter's tenant for the mill at Hutton Robert and that Mr. Reresby was attempting to disinherit the latter and overthrow the mill dam by obtaining the tithes from Mr. Wentworth and "your awnt Wentworth", requesting him to seal the deed and return it together with his parents' marriage settlement.   FILE  [no title] - ref.  DD/FJ/13/4/22  - date: 25 Nov. 1588
         [from Scope and Content]

      FILE  [no title] - ref.  DD/FJ/13/4/23  - date: 25 Nov. 1588
         [from Scope and Content] Letter of [L. Mountfort] to Mr. Metcalf requesting him to find his brother Thomas, so that he can seal a deed that will prevent his mill-dam being pulled down by Mr. Reresby "who ys a very hard dealing man & seketh to displeasure me"; with remembrance for J. Darley instructing him to deliver the letter, and regarding steps to be taken if his brother refuses to seal the deed.


Ickles Hall was built in 1587 by Thomas Reresby of Thrybergh and enlarged in 1610 by Sir George Reresby. In 1856 William Stone resided here. The west wing collapsed in 1906 and the remainder of the hall was demolished in 1939 by United Steels Ltd


      FILE - Surrender by Margaret Bower of Bottesforth, widow of Ralph Bower, esq., to Marmaduke Tyrwhitt of Scotter, esq., of all her right in the manor of Bottesforth and in divers lands, tenements, etc. which she holds for term of her life by grant, etc. of the late Thomas Reresby, esq - ref.  RYCH/3023  - date: 4 Oct. 1591

1593 Sir Thomas Reresby was to be found in the court of Queen Elizabeth who had knighted him Thomas had a friend who was Lord Lovel, and when Lord Lovel was dispatched to Scotland as an ambassador Sir Thomas went with him. Sir Thomas was apparently a man who spent his fortune unwisely, and was equally unwise in his choice of a wife. Thomas dressed himself in the most eloquent of clothes and was noted as a man of high spirits. It is with Thomas that the decline of the Reresbys began

   Lay Subsidies for Strafforth and Tickhill

      FILE - Collectors' counterpart of the subsidy roll for Strafforth and Tickhill wapentake signed and sealed by John Lord Darcy and Thomas Reresby - ref.  DD/CROM/11/4  - date: 5 Oct 1594



The Fall of the Reresbys

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