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The Reresby Family 15th Century


EDWARD 1V ruled 1461--1470-then 1471--1483 Grandson of Richard who was son of Edmund fifth son of Edward 111
EDWARD V ruled 1483--1483 Eldest son of Edward 1V Murdered
RICHARD 111 ruled 1483--1485--Younger brother of Edward 1V Killed at Battle of Bosworth Field.
HENRY V11 ruled 1485--1509 Son of Owen Tudor and Catherine Widow of Henry V
HENRY V ruled 1413--1422-------Eldest son of Henry 1V
HENRY V1 ruled 1422--1471- then ruled 1470--1471------Only son of Henry V, died in Tower of London


The Kings and Queens of the time are also recorded as a guide to the political turmoil's of the times in which the Reresby's lived.


Marriages and Dealings

1415 25 October Nicholas Reresby. and a .Nicholas de Reresby were present at The Battle of Agincourt

Thomas Reresby who died in 1394 and Lucy had a son named Sir Thomas Reresby a Knight who married Maude Bosville of Chevet . Maude died in 1430. Thomas apparently married again to Matilda, however Thomas died on the 28th March 1439 and was buried close to Maud at Thrybergh Church.

Thomas had written a will on the 7th of December 1431, the will was proved one month after his death on the 28th of April 1439 the basics of his will were as follows.

He orders himself to be buried at St Leonard's church at Thrybergh, and he desires that a chaplin may be found to do service for his soul as well as that of Matilda his wife, with others.

His sons Arnald and Ralph Reresby are his residuary lagatees and his executors. His cousin Peter De La Pole was the supervisor of the will


Ralph Reresby born 1376-1417, England, died 1466, England.
Ralph Reresby found in 1459 on the Calendar of inquisitions post mortem


FILE - Post nuptial settlement - ref.  WWM/D/101  - date: 26 Jul 1425
            [from Scope and Content] Witnesses: Ralph Reresby, William Myrefeld, William Wyntworth, esq.


A son of  Sir Thomas Reresby known as Arnald Reresby of Rotherham had his will proved at York on the 4th January 1986 the will itself being dated on the 28th November 1485. Arnald  died on the 2nd December 1485 and was buried in St. Leonard's Church Thrybergh. Today [ 2007] his monument is still there within the church, he is also remembered in one of the windows at All Saints Church in Rotherham.

The will of Arnald was as follows;

He desires to be buried in the church at Thrybergh. 24 marks to a suitable priest who shall do service and pray specially for his soul, and those of William Reresby his brother and Isabella his sister, for the space of four years.

To the making or glazing of a window in the chapel of the Blessed Mary upon Rotherham Bridge 6s 8d. To Elizabeth, Margaret and Alianor Reresby 6 marks each.

To Thomas Reresby 20s.

To Isabel Westby 10s

To Elizabeth Fitzwilliam 13s 4d

To Arnald Wardrop 13s 4d

To Richard Reresby 13s 4d

To Arnald Tak 6s 8d

To the Abbot and Convent of Roche 13s 4d

To John Greenwood Vicar of Rotherham 10s

To John Treyton 20s

He appoints his cousin Ralph Reresby his executer.

 Ralph Reresby married Agnes Stapelton they had a son Ralph Reresby who married Margaret Fitzwilliam they had a daughter Isabel Reresby born about 1466 who married Robert Westby
Lional Reresby had a daughter Anne Reresby who was baptised in Thrybergh and married Thomas Eyre
Thomas Reresby had a Daughter Jane Reresby baptised in Thrybergh who married twice


FITZWILLIAM (Clarell connection) (Yorks.)

Richard, wife Eliz. and children, etc.

FILE  [no title] - ref.  DD/FJ/4/38/1  - date: 6 June 1455
from Scope and Content] Witn.: Ralph Babthorp, John Haldenby, Ralph Reresby, etc.


   YORKS: WADWORTH; also ALWORTHLEY, LOVERSALL, AND WELLINGLEY. (see also Pontefract and Stancill).

FILE  [no title] - ref.  DD/FJ/1/286/15  - date: 28 Feb. 1464/5
from Scope and Content Witn.: Wm. Fitzwilliam of Sproteburgh Ralph Reresby, John Fitswilliam of Waddesworth, etc.

FILE  [no title] - ref.  DD/FJ/1/165/7  - date: 21 April 20 Edw. IV. (1480)
 from Scope and Content John Fitzwilliam, sen., esq., Ralph Reresby, esq., Thos. Vavasour esq., and Hen. Westby.

FILE  [no title] - ref.  DD/FJ/4/38/8  - date: 16 April 1480
rom Scope and Content Witn.: Guy Fairfax, kt., John Fitzwilliam, esq., Ralph Reresby, etc.



Reresby the very hard dealing man

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