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The Reresby Family 14th Century


EDWARD 11 ruled 1307--1327 Eldest surviving son of Edward 1
EDWARD 111 ruled 1327--1377 Eldest son of Edward 11
RICHARD 11 ruled 1377--1399 Son of Black Prince, Eldest son of Edward 111
HENRY 1V ruled 1399--1413 Son of John Gaunt, the fourth son of Edward 111


The Kings and Queens of the time are also recorded as a guide to the political turmoil's of the times in which the Reresby's lived.



Deeds and Such

Ashover appears had been divided into four manors, which were Newhall, Oldhall, Mustersí, and Pierepontís manors. The Newhall manor, was given, in 1302, by Margaret Reresby, the widow, of Adam Reresby, to her youngest son, and the hall remained with the Reresby family with the advowson of the church. Which later became known as Eastwood Hall, this was so until the time of James I. in 1623 the year in which Sir Thos. Reresby turned the estate over to trustees, who sold the estate within the same year to a Rev. Immanuel Bourn, who at that time was the rector of Ashover,

Many of the Reresbys were to become Rectors of Ashover as can be seen from the list taken from
From The Saints and Sinners of Ashover by C. E. Lugard, 1924.

Robert de Reresby    1343    1344        Patron  Adam de Reresby
William de Reresby    1344    1349         Patron Adam de Reresby   
Richard de Reresby    1349    1369         Patron Adam de Reresby  
 Thomas Wikirsley    1369    1378         Patron Sir Thomas de Reresby   
William de Reresby    1378    1416         Patron Sir Thomas de Reresby   
William Reresby    1416    1466         Patron Thomas Reresby   
William Stokes    1466    1471         Patron Thomas Winkworth   
Philip Eyre    1471    1504         Patron John, Earl of Shrewsbury  
John Reresby    1504    1518         Patron Ralph Reresby   
Brian Roos    1518    1529         Patron Ralph Reresby   
Leonard Reresby    1529    1557         Patron Thomas Reresby  
Thomas Hulley    1557    1615         Patron Lionel Reresby  
John Hancock    1615    1620         Patron Sir Thomas Reresby   
Stephen Haxby    1620    1621         Patron The King


It seems that in many deeds and other legal matters the use of witnesses was a case of  having quite a few people sign the deed as a witness, whereas today the use of two witnesses is considered adequate. In the early part of the 14th century we find Sir Thomas Reresby as a witness on the following Deed poll, grant.
Robert de Kylnhirst, chaplain, son of Ivo de Kylnhirst
John de Mountfort and wife Isabelle
(1) to (2) and their heirs lawfully begotten all property in Kylnhirst, Haugh, and Rawmarsh, and the reversion of the lease for her life by (1) to Alice daughter of Robert Dowk of Heringthorpe, with housbote and haybote, etc. (2) to pay £6 to Sir John Aynesley for all services; warranty clause.
Witnesses: Sir Thomas Clarell, Sir Thomas Reresby, William de Wentworth, Thomas Bacon, John Dowk, Thomas son of Hugo, Richard de Ranefeild, William de Mountfort, Thomas de Thwayt.
At Kylnhirst, Sunday after nativity B.V.M., 1304.

 There is a deed dated 12 Sept. 1304  Witnessed by Sir Thomas Clarell, Sir Thomas Reresby, William de Wentworth, Thomas Bacon, John Dowk, Thomas son of Hugo, Richard de Ranefeild, William de Mountfort, Thomas de Thwayt.

A further deed dated the next day   13 Sept. 1304 Witnessed by  Sir Thomas Clarell, Sir Thomas Reresby, William de Wentworth, Thomas Beacon, John Dowke, Thomas s. of Hugo, Richard de Ranefeild, William de Mountforde, Thomas de Thwaite.

 Adam Reresby became Lord of Thrybergh prior to 1313.

A charter dated 6 Nov. 1321 of Adam de Reresby knight, Friday before feast of St. Martin the Bishop 1s Ed. son of Ed.  charter of Robert de Reresby concerning a moor which lay between les Staynweys and le Blakehege and mentioning boundary between fees of Essover [Ashover] and Wyngeworth, path of field of Thwathweyt [Swathwick in Wingerworth],



Adam De Normanville c. 1317 the manor passed to his nephew Adam De Reresby who presented to the church in Febuary 1317 ---- and the advowson which remained appendant to the manor ----descended in the Reresby Family.


Notes on the Churches of Derbyshire
by John Charles Cox - 1875 Page 17
... for on the feast of St. Hilary, 1302, the Newhall Manor, together with the advowson of the church, was given by Margaret de Reresby, widow, to Adam de. Reresby her son.


Knights of Edward I ... - Page 269
by Charles Moor - 1929

Normanville Sir Adam de knight Claims to be heir to Cavenoy Manor Lincs late of Jn le Despensor 3 May 1275 [ Inq. ] Sir Adam de Normanville knight of Jn de Vescy's household has pardon of trespass in Sherwood Forest.

5th June 1280 Adam fl Ralph de Normanville mainperns Simon De Reresby imprisoned at Nottingham 30 March 1291

[ C. R. ]


 The English Government at Work, 1327-1336 - Page 150
by James Field Willard, William Alfred Morris - 1940 ..

"Adam de Reresby of York was described in September 1328 as an appealed felon, as lacking the territorial qualification in 1332 and 1334, "

Sir Thomas Reresby was the son of Thomas J. Reresby of Thribergh in Yorkshire, Esq. by Cicely daughter of Richard, and sister and coheiress of John Gotham of Brinsforth in that county, 2 and was born about the year 1326.
His deposition proves that the greater part of his life was passed in military expeditions ; and it affords some interesting information respecting many of them. Sir Thomas Reresby married Lucy daughter of John Sheffield, Esq. and by her had four sons ; Thomas, Francis, Edmond, and James ; and a daughter, Judith, who married Richard Symmes of Barnsley.

2 Sir Thomas Reresby, the eldest son, died in 1439, and was the ancestor of the family who entered their pedigree at the Visitation of Yorkshire in 1584.

2 Sir Thomas Reresby, aged sixty and upwards, said that he had seen Sir Richard Scrope always armed in the arms Azure, a bend Or, and others of his blood, some on banners and others armed in them with differences; that he was retained with Sir Henry Scrope for the expedition by sea, when the Prince of Wales first went into Guyenne, and the said Sir Henry was with his banner with the Earl of Northampton ; that the late King Edward kept the sea at that time with the deceased Duke of Lancaster, and with his sons the Earl of Richmond, the Lord Lionel, the Lord Edmond of Langley, and others, amongst whom Sir Henry Scrope was many times armed Azure, a bend Or, with a label Argent ; that Sir Richard was also so armed before Paris, in the expedition of the late King ; and when he and his cousins were armed, they always used these arms and no other, and their ancestors before them, as he had heard his ancestors say ; and his ancestors heard it from their ancestors, that the said arms have been continually . ' and peaceably used by them, as well in tournaments during peace as in wars, they having descended to Sir Richard Scrope from the time of the Conquest, and he had never heard to the contrary. The Deponent could not say who was the first ancestor of Sir Richard that bore the said arms, it being beyond the memory of any living person. He added that he never heard of the said arms being challenged by Sir Robert Grosvenor or his ancestors, or by any person in his or their name, though he had been armed thirty-nine years at many celebrated places in the time of the late King in France, Gascony, Brittany, and Scotland, and never heard of the ancestors of Grosvenor, or of any interruption made by them to the bearing of the said arms. The arms of Sir Thomas Reresby were, Gules, on a bend Argent, three crosses flory or patee Sable.1


Ralph Reresby esq married a Dionisia Bradbourne around 1335 they had a son named Sir Thomas Reresby a Knight who married Cicely Gotham. Thomas and Cicely had a son named Sir Thomas Reresby a Knight who married. Lucy Sheffield.

Joan Reresby married Sir John Fitzwilliam of Sprotborough around 1340, Sir John was killed in the year 1385 . Sir JOHN Fitz-William, Knt. the eldest son, married Joan, daughter of Sir Adam Reresby, and was seised of Skelton, and  West-Draytori. He died about the 24th of Edward III. having had issue Sir John, his heir; and Elizabeth, married to Reginald
Lord Mohun.

There is a file dated 1346-7 which is part of an exemplification of legal proceedings in the Court of Common Pleas between William de Reresby and his wife, and John Hopper of Nonne Eton and Matilda his wife, concerning property in Nonne Eton which Elias le Couper had from Henry le Peyntour and Alice his wife .

In 1357-8 Sir Thomas Rersby leased the house at Ickles as follows
This indenture testifies that Sir Thomas de Reresby has leased to William Fitz William le Barker of Rotherham, the manor of Ickles with its appurtenances to hold for the term of twenty years, paying yearly to the said Sir Thomas and to his heirs seven marks at two terms of the year. And the said William grants for himself and for his heirs that they will uphold the hall [ La Sale ] and four chambers, one kitchen, one stable, one loft [ geecher ] one cattle shed [ bovver ] one grange, during the aforesaid term, and that the said houses shall be sustained with timber for repairs, wood for roofing, and with other necessities during the said term. And the said Sir Thomas grants the said William that he may fish in the rivers of Don and Roder two days in each week during the said term.

There is a file dated  23 November 1354  Witnessed by John de Bella aqua, John de Wodehall, Gregory Wavasour [ Vavasour ], Thos. de Reresby, Rob. Mauger, etc.
Classified amongst personal documents dated 8 July 1355 a further file Witnessed by  Gilbert Shotesbrok, knight, Henry Reresby, knight, William Noviun, John Spersolte, John Southbury, Robert Vynk, and John de Budone.

From the Lisle Estate Lambourne and Upper Lambourne Berkshire and Upper Lambourne and Mundford Norfolk can be found the following
Dated 2nd October. 1356 a document witnessed by Henry Reresby, knight, Edmund de Chilreye, John Faryndone, Thomas Alresford, John Excestre, and Richard Hereberd.

Amongst the ancient deeds there is a  confirmation of a grant dated 25th March 1365 Witnessed by Lord Thomas de Metham, knight, Lord Edmund Ponnt, knight, Thomas de Reresby, knight, Thomas de Wodhall, Robert de Piwurie, William Spynk of Sprotburgh, and others.
 Then  a document dated on the 19th June 1368 the witnesses are Thos. de Reresby and John Saywell, kts., Jas. Clarel, and Gregory Wavasour, etc.

In a file referance F(M) Charter/1798  - dated : S before Ascension Day 21st  May 47 Edw III 1373 the witnesses are Dom. John Fitzwilliam, William Fitzwilliam, John de Reresby, Knts.; Henry de Shirewod; Thomas Lasey; etc.

Given at Roderham 31 Edward 111 The second Sir Thomas de Reresby conveyed to trustees in 1383 all the lands which had been John de Gothamís, his Uncle and amongst these Ickles is mentioned. In 1397 the third Sir Thomas Reresby and Maude his wife leased to John de Maples
The capitall messuage of Ickles with certaine lands thereto bylongings with coneys, fishing, housbout, haybot, etc; the terme twenty yeares, the rent six pounds and a marke.


   YORKS: WADWORTH; also ALWORTHLEY, LOVERSALL, AND WELLINGLEY. (see also Pontefract and Stancill).

      FILE  [no title] - ref.  DD/FJ/1/286/14  - date: 29 Nov. 1368
         [from Scope and Content] Witn.: Thos. de Methom and Thos. de Reresby, kts., etc.


   FILE  [no title] - ref.  DD/FJ/10/13/11  - date: 5 June 1370
      [from Scope and Content] Witn.: Thos. de Reresby, Thos. de la Wodhall, Jas. Clarell, John Herle, parson of Tankerslay, Wm. Fitswilliam, etc.

   FILE  [no title] - ref.  DD/FJ/10/13/12  - date: 5 June 1370
      [from Scope and Content] Witn.: Thos. de Reresby, John, parson of Baddesworth, Thos. de la Wodhall, Jas. Clarell, etc.

1379 Thomas Reresby, was living at Thrybergh married to Alicia their family was. Son Thomas, and daughter Alicia

FILE - Grant - ref.  WWM/D/74  - date: 10 Apr 1390
            [from Scope and Content] Witnesses: John Savyll, sen., John Savyll jun., Thomas de Reresby, knight, John Everyngham de Birkyn, Thomas Mauncell.




15th Century

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