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Title deeds - ref. D37 M/T

   North Wingfield parish including Stretton and Clay Cross

      FILE  [no title] - ref.  D37 M/T744  - date: 1701
         [from Scope and Content] Final concord made between George Holland and Nathaniel Reresby plaintiffs and Jane Wright widow, Adam Reresby, William Reresby, and Helen his wife, Arthur Calton and Elizabeth his wife, and Henry Wells and Mary his wife deforciants of three messuages, 12 acres land, 4 acres meadow, 8 acres pasture, and of two third-parts of one messuage, one cottage, 6 acres land, 3 acres land, 4 acres pasture, and of common of pasture in Chesterfield, Barlow, and Dronfield. Fine 120. Dated Holy Trinity in 3 weeks, 13 William III.
William Reresby had an addiction to gambling, he was often to be found in Taverns, and cock pits. and mixed with the most vile people one could at that time, including Blacklegs. There was apparently no depths to which William would not sink,  he even  staked the Lordship of Denaby  in a cockfight and lost the title. Eventually Williams gambling debts forced his brother Leonard  to sell Thrybergh, the estate described by Sir Henry Goodricke as one of the loveliest in Yorkshire.
William Reresby was to spend the remainder of his life in poverty and squalor, from a stately home and title, to no home no title, no honour, and no hope. He was now a beggar who managed to acquire a job as a Tapster [ barkeeper ] in the Kings' Bench Prison, a very lowly position for any man. William obviously did not learn from his mistakes and in his downward spiral of life he just sank lower, resulting in being tried and imprisoned for cheating in the year 1711. When he died 1729 there was no one to mourn for this man devoid of any honour.

Leonard Reresby had sold Thrybergh to John Saville in the year 1705, which left Leonard holding a title with no lands, with the death of Leonard  the Reresby dynasty disappeared along with the title.
John Lowden's son and successor, Edward, married Ann, daughter of Francis Tindall of Brotherton and Edith, daughter and heiress of Leonard Reresby of Barnburgh and Thrybergh. From this we gather that Leonard Reresby had no male heir, and unfortunately for his heiress Mary Reresby there was very little left to be heiress of. A sad tragic ending to a noble house of England.

House of Lords: Journal Office: Main Papers - ref. HL/PO/JO/10

         Records of the House of Lords: Journal Office: Main Papers (Parchment Main Papers)

            FILE - Main Papers (Parchment Main Papers) - ref.  HL/PO/JO/10/4/13  - date: 10 May 1722-11 Mar 1724
               [from Scope and Content] 10 Jan 1724 - Reresby v Newland. Answer of Thomas Newland, 27 January.

House of Lords: Journal Office: Main Papers (Large Parchments)

            FILE - House of Lords: Main Papers (Large Parchments) - ref.  HL/PO/JO/10/3/215  - date: 19 Dec 1722-10 March 1724
               item: Reresby v Newland - ref.  HL/PO/JO/10/3/215/20  - date: 10 Jan 1724
                  [from Scope and Content] Petition and Appeal of Thomas Reresby and Mary, his wife.


         FILE - Legal proceedings: Case re will of Sir Leonard Reresby and Mrs Ann French. - ref.  A/FH/A/22/002/010/01-  - date: 1746 - 1750

Gervase Reresby Memorial, St Helens Church, Bishopsgate, City Of London, Greater London, EC3
18th Century

1721 A Tamworth Reresby wrote a Miscellany, of Ingenious Thoughts and Reflections, published in quarto  Though the work is little known. Tamworth was the Son of Sir John Reresby.

1887 Wood carving in the present chancel, bearing the arms of Eyre, Padley, and Reresby.Chapter I. The Church and Parish of Hope The side walls of the chancel are panelled with carved oak from the old pews which were broken up when the body of the church was restored in 1887, at the expense of the late Mr. Edward Firth of Birchfield. Upon this panelling figure the arms quarterly of Eyre and Padley, the same impaling Reresby, and an elaborate shield of Reresby quarterings.


The Legend of St Leonard Reresby

St Leonard Reresby



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The Genuki pages are run by Colin Hinson and are a major source of information regarding Yorkshire  

History of old families and Halls in Derbyshire  

Yorkshire Archaeological Society
Address: West Yorkshire Archive Service, Yorkshire
Archaeological Society, Claremont,23 Clarendon Road, Leeds LS2 9NZ. ...

Correspondence and papers of Sir John Reresby Bart, MP of Thrybergh
Date 1634-1689 UNESCO SAVILE; MEXBOROUGH; RERESBY J; RERESBY;FAMILY AND ESTATE RECORDS; POLITICS; DIARIES; Description re political and family affairs, including diary, partly in French 1680
Earls of Mexborough (Savile family), family and estate archive
Title Sir John Reresby of Thrybergh, verses and essays Date 1638-1645 Subject LITERARY PAPERS
Subject POETRY
Repository Leeds (GB 205)

Title Family papers
Date 17th cent - 1892
Description including correspondence 17 cent -1794, wills 1692-1851, settlements 1692-1807, literary MSS, largely re Sir John Reresby, 17 cent
Cat Status Catalogued
 Earls of Mexborough (Savile family), family and estate archive

Title Correspondence and papers of Sir John Reresby Bart, MP of Thrybergh
Date 1634-1689
Description re political and family affairs, including diary, partly in French 1680
Cat Status Catalogued
Earls of Mexborough (Savile family), family and estate archive

The memories of Sir John Reresby out of print edition



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