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            Pronounced locally Thrybur  Old English Triberg

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Clifford Wall. 
I`m hoping that someone may know of Jacqueline Verstraate, whose father was an engineer at Tinsley Steel/wire works, around 1949/50. She and I were very good friends but sadly, over the years have lost contact. Any information would be appreciated. I am now living in Johannesburg. South Africa.

David Freeman
I am researching the Rigby family in Yorkshire. Would anyone have an email address or a snail mail address for Ernest Rigby. the chemist at Thrybergh who recently retired as I would like to get in touch with him.

 Harry Davies   I am looking for an friend of mine  from 1955 1958  we were in Sheerness with 11sphinx bty 34 l a a regt ra .His name is Arnald Hucknall, he used to live at 4 Rother Rd Rotherham. I would really like to see him again. If any other Yorks lads read this that knew me please get in touch Thanks Harry Davies


Mike Glennon email:  I would like to hear from anyone who worked at Kilnhurst Colliery.

Allan Rogan.

 Any news out there on John Bonner who was a close friend at St Gerards in the 1950's early 1960's?

Muriel Jackson 
Hello John my daughter sent me your address it brings back some memories. I would love to talk to MARY KEATING, MAUREEN SQUIRES , my family have all passed on there is only me left PETER & ME are still together if there is anybody who knows me please e/mail me I don't think this is bad for a Thrybergh schoolite love to all XXXX

Cliff Bierton   Now living with the softies of the South of England and showing them what a real graffter looks like. Born and Bred on School Street in Thrybergh, by the side of the railway line that ran up to Silverwood Colliery, moved to St Leonard's Ave in 1969 into flats at the bottom end by the school field, so it was just a hop to school for me, left comp in 1974 and went straight to Silverwood as an Apprentice Fitter (surface then underground) left in 1986 now residing in Bognor Regis in West Sussex, but even now I still miss my roots and I think I will till the end of my days.
Anybody out there remember me give me an E-mail I`d love to hear from you.

Ken Brooks,
 Hi John. You may think that this is a strange email, but I will try to explain. I was born in Lancashire in 1929, and raised in Blackburn. I was called up for 2 years National service in REME from 1950 to 52. I spent the last year of that at Bovington with a lad who lived at 6 Braithwell Road, Ravenfield. His name was Dave, but I cannot remember his surname. He would also be 75 , if he's still alive. I was looking through some old photographs, and came across Daves address. It is possible that his home in 1952 does not now exist, as I sent a letter to that address and it was returned as undeliverable.
I believe that Dave was a Draughtsman at a company that manufactured railway track and marshalling yard systems [ also probably long gone ]. We have been in the US since 1964, after emigrating to Canada in 1956. We now live on the coast of North Carolina.
I realise that this is a long shot, going back over 50 years, but if you have any information on " Dave " I would appreciate it. Who knows, you may be in our age group.
Thanking you, Ken Brooks.

Tanya Travis ( Johnson ) ]
I am searching for a couple of old friends I grew up with, MARK WADDINGHAM and his sister CHERYL WADDINGHAM they have three other siblings and their parents names are Harry and Lorraine we all use to live in SUNNYSIDE, Any information would be appreciated.

Maureen Swancott I am hoping to find information regarding Albert Swancott  (my uncle) who died 9/10/44 - . I believe he was married and the only information I have is that his mother in law lived at 41 Dovercourt Rd (presume Rotherham) .

Eileen Doane 
My name is Eileen Doane (nee Johnson), I'm 60 years old and went to Thrybergh school in 1955 - 1960. If there is anyone out there who can remember me then I would like to hear from you. I lived in Dalton with twelve brothers and sisters at 51 Norwood St. You can contact me via my daughters e-mail address as I'm not on the interenet and she will pass them on to me. I would love to see any old group photos, if you have any. I look forward to hearing from any of you,
Eileen Doane

I am trying to locate any members of the Hensby family who used to live at 13 West Vale Grove Thrybergh from 1930  to the present day, I am the son of Horace Hensbys sister Rosie

Wendi Darling (nee Moffitt)   came across the site purely by chance I lived in Thrybergh during the early 70’s- living on Able st I remember buying sweets from the old man at the top of the street, then into portacabins near Silverwood finally ending up in the new houses opposite Reresby Arms. I went to what was then the High school under the head ship of Mr Gent. I would love to know what happened to anyone there at the same time 1973 – 75 I left to live in Edinburgh several years later I now live in Chesterfield. Does the school hold reunions?

Ken Boden 
I would like to hear from my old friends at Thrybergh, you can see my page on this site here  Ken Boden

Dave Green 
I lived on St. Leonards Ave and I would like to hear from any old school pals
Dave Green

Mick Carver 
 I would like to hear from any children of Sister Adshead who worked at Silverwood, the thing is I have a photo of me and my two sisters and a girl who I am sure was Sister Adshead’s daughter.

Dave Green 
I lived on St. Leonards Ave and I would like to hear from any old school pals
Dave Green

Bridget Philomena Jackson (nee Fitzmaurice) 
I am an ex-pat from Sheffield, now living in Canada, where I have resided for the past 30 years. In the late 1950's I knew a then young man named David Shaw who lived on a farm in Thrybergh. I forget the name of the farm. I would be most interested to hear from him or any of his relatives. My maiden name was Fitzmaurice and at the time I knew David I lived in the Attercliffe area of Sheffield.

Frank and Margaret Jones previously of Dalton Brook 
Would like to hear from anyone who remembers us from the 1930-60 era.


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