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Below is a list of jobs available to our ancestors pre the 20th Century, I will try and find out just how much some of the jobs below paid. Children were employed at a very early age, and even as late as 1915 Children were still being employed. Most Apprentices were bound by a legal document to their Master, a practice still used by local Authorities as late as the 1960s. The Authority being termed the Master and the Apprentice termed as the servant.


Some of the job titles are self explanatory, some of them give us many surnames used today, others gave rise to terms used in everyday language.



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Acater supplied food
Accomptant another name for an Accountant
Accipitrary name for a falconer 
Accoutrement Maker made and supplied military accessories
Ackerman agricultural ploughman, or stock herder
Actuary public account keeper of business records
Administrator hired to take care of ones affairs
Aeronaut described a balloonist
Agister person responsible for the Ponies in the Royal Forest
Agricultural Implement Maker
Agricultural Machine Owner
Agricultural Labourer. often an itinerant 
Alabasterer alabaster worker
Alhambria Twill Weaver   
Alblastere archer who used a crossbow 
Alchemist medieval name for a chemist
Alkali Manufacturer
Alderman senior councillor
Ale Conner or Ale Founder hired to test the measure and quality of mans favourite beverage
Ale Draper seller of Ale
Ale Taster [ A job any man would love ] In the 14th century was hired by the Lord of the Manor
Ale Tunner The old casks were known as Tuns and the Ale Tunner was the man who filled the Tuns/casks
Alewife a female innkeeper
Almoner gave out alms or charity to the poor on behalf of the parish
Almsman  received alms
Alnager official who examined the quality of woolen goods and stamped them
Ambler officer of the Royal Stable who broke in horses
Anchorsmith made anchors
Angle iron smith made angle iron
Ankle beater young herdsman
Annatto maker maker of dyes
Antigropelos Maker manufacturer of waterproof leggings
Anvil Smith
Apiarian beekeeper
Apparitor court official
Apprentice to Moulding
Apronman another name for a mechanic
Archill Maker made dye's
Arkwright maker of wooden chests or coffers
Army pay officer
Armiger Knights squire
Armourer made armour for Knights and ships
Architect & Surveyor 
Assessor or Affeeror collected taxes, dues, and decided the amount for a penalty occurred in the manorial courts
Assistant Farmer
Assistant in Beerhouse
Articefer craftsman
Assay Master
Assistant in House Duties
Assistant Paper Maker
Assistant Paper Glazier
Auctioneer Appraiser
Auger maker
Articled Clerk Law,
Axel Maker


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Back Washer worker in worsted manufacturing industry
Bagman a travelling salesman
Balister archer 
Ballard Master in charge of ballast
Bal Maiden female mine surface worker
Bandster bound the wheat sheaves
Banksman in charge of cages at a mine 
Bone Crusher
Bacon Dealer
Bricklayer Builder
Barman At Public House
Barker another name for tanner
Barton person in charge of a farm owned by a Monastery 
Basketman manufacturer of wicker items 
Bast Dresser dressed fibre and matting 
Battmaker - produced wadding
Baxter another term for baker
Bedesman  hired to pray for people
Bearer transported coal underground
Beerhouse Keeper
Bellows Maker 
Bender leather cutter
Besom Maker maker of brooms
Beverage maker
Billyman operated the Billy Roller, in the cotton industry
Black tray Maker maker of Japanned trays
Black Borderer made stationery with a black edge
Blanket Fact Overlooker
Blindsman Post Office Worker
Block Maker printing block engraver
Blower worked the bellows for blacksmiths 
Boardman maintained the table of the manor 
Bobber unloaded fishing boats
Bobbin Turner made bobbins
Body Maker maker of bodices
Boiler & Bleacher in Paper Mill
Bolter sifted the meal
Bondman bound apprentice
Bone Lace Maker
Bookholder known today as a prompter
Book Keeper in Cotton Mill
Boonmaster- surveyed roads
Boot catcher he pulled off the traveler's boots
Borler maker of cheap clothes
Bottle Boy pharmacists assistant
Bottomer moved ore in a mine
Bowler yarn bleacher
Bowman or Women Crockery dealer 
Bow Street Runner 
Braider - made cords of leather
Brakeman winch operator at a mine or worker on a Train
Brass Finisher
Bread Baker
Brewers Traveller
Brightsmith metal worker
Broom Dasher  sold brooms
Brow Girl - female surface worker  at a pit  
Brush and Broom Maker
Buckle tongue Maker 
Buddle Boy maintained the vats  in  lead and tin mines 
Burler  clothing inspector
Bushell Maker cooper
Butler Domestic  
Butter Merchant,
Button finisher
Buyer for Paper Mill
Back'us Boy kitchen servant
Badger a licensed pauper who wore a badge
Baginiokeeper the old brothel keeper
Baler baled hay
Ballast Heaver - loader of ballast
Baller measured balls of clay
Band filer worked in gun making
Banker digger of trenches
Bone Dealer
Blacking Maker
Boat Barge Builder
Boat and Barge Owner
Barge Mate
Basil Worker worker of Goat and sheepskins
Basket Maker
Bathing Machine owner owned the changing huts at the Beach 
Battledore Maker maker of carpet and clothes beaters
Beadle  officer of the parish 
Bead piercer / Beamer worker in textile industry
Beater treated cloth using water and earth
Beetler worked in textile trade
Bellowfarmer looked after the church organ 
Belly Builder - made the inside of a piano 
Besswarden parish lifestock warden
Beethler at Bleachers
Biddy female servant 
Bill Poster
Blacking Maker
Block Printer
Bloomer producer of iron
Boarding Officer ship inspecter
Boardwright  maker of tables and chairs
Boat Builder Apprentice
Bobbin carrier Mill worker
Bodger woodworker
Boiler Plater plate maker for boilers
Boll power loom maintenance man
Bondager female farmworker who was bonded
Bone Button Turner
Bone mould Turner
Book Guilder
Book Keeper
Boot Maker
Boot closer Shoe stitcher
Boothman corn merchant
Bottom Maker moulder in the pottery industry
Bowdler worker in iron ore
Bowler  maker of bowls and dishes
Bowlminder wool washer in the mills
Bowyer made bows
Brailer- maker of girdles
Brasiler dyer
Brass Founder/Brazier brass worker
Brewster female brewer
Broom squire made brooms
Brownsmith  copper and brass worker
Buckram Maker
Burgess  representative of a borough
 Burneman brewery worker
Busheler  tailor's assistant
Butcher's Apprentice,
Butter Carver
Butty labour supplier to a mine


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Caddy Butcher  sold horse meat
Cainer   walking stick maker 
Calenderer pressing  machine operator
Calico Weaver
Camlet Merchant - sold  camlet cloth 
Candle Maker
Canal boat worker
Cantin Caller another name for auctioneer
Cap maker,
Cardroomer worker in the mills
Carder worker in the mills    
Carner  a granary keeper  
Carrier Carter
Cart Wheeler made cart wheels     
Cattle and Sheep Dealer
Ceiler  ceilings fixer  
Cemmer  worker in the mills  
Chafferer sold chaff  
Certified Schoolteacher 
Chaise Maker   
Chemical Worker
Checkweighman hired by Miners to check payment from the management of a mine
Cheese Factor
Certified Mistress Elementary School   
Chiffonier a wig maker   
Children's Nursemaid   
Chippy shipwright or carpenter  
Cinch Maker  
Civil Engineer 
Clayman worked with clay
Clear Winder    
Clerk of Peace   
Clerk Architects
Clipper  miner who attached coal carts to the haulage rope    
Clogg Maker    
Cloth Lapper  Mill worker  
Clouter  maker of nails    
Coachman Groom
Coal Backer - carried coal from a coal barge in a sack and placed it in a coal wagon  
Coal broker
Coal Heaver offloaded coal  
Coal Merchant  
Coal Runner  underground mine worker  
Coal Miner  
Coal Miner Banksman   
Cod Placer Pottery Worker  
Collector of Taxes
Colliery Carter  
Colliery Labourer
Colliery Stoker  
Coiner Coin stamper at the Mint
Colour man paint mixer or dye worker
Comb Maker  
Commercial Clerk  
Compositor type setter  
Contractor for Public Works    
 Confectioner's Shopwoman    
Cop Packer Cotton 
Corn Miller  
Dogman or Doggy  Miner in charge of haulage underground 
Cotton Mill Worker  
Cotton Weaver  
Cotton Reeler  
Cotton Mill Engine Tuedor  
Cotton Clolte Stover  
Cotton Waste Dealer
Cowherd herded cows 
Creeler Carpet Mill  
Crocker a potter
Crofter  tenant of a small farm  
Crofter Cott Dy  
Currier cured hides
Cutter Minder in Paper Mill  
Caddie errand boy/  
Calciner  made powdered lime from bones
Calander in Croft
Calico Printer
Cambric Maker
Campaner  bell maker
Canal Service worker
Card Maker
Card Tenter
Card Nailor  worker in the mills
Case Maker/
Cartographer made maps
Cashier Brewery
Cattle Jobber dealer in cattle
Chaff Cutter
Certified Colliery Manager
Chair bottomer
Chair Bodger
Charcoal Burner
Chandler candle seller
Grocer Provisioner, usually associated with provisioning ships
Cheese monger
Chelsea Pensioner
Chickweed Seller
Childbed Linen Warehouse Keeper
Chimney Sweep
Chippy's Labourer
Cinder Wench woman who collected and sold cinders
Clay Carrier carried clay for a shotfirer
Clear Weaver
Clerk In Holy Orders
Clicker  worker in printing industry or shoe trade
Clod Hopper a plowman
Clogger and Boot Repairer
Cloth Linter Mill worker
Cloth Finisher Bleach Work
Clothes Dealer and Outfitter
Coach Omnibus Cab Owner
Coal Burner  maker of charcoal
Coal Drawer moved coal carts underground
Coal Higgler
Coal Hewer
Coal Miners Drawer
Coal Whipper  Offloaded coal from ships using a basket
Coffin Maker and Undertaker
Colliery Engine Stoker
Colliery Fireman
Colliery Store Keeper
Colliery Bank Labourer
Collar Maker  made collars for shirts or a maker of Horse Collars
Comber  wool comber
Commercial Traveller
Confectioner Assistant
Cop Winder
Cop Shoverer
Cordwainer  Man who worked with a Spanish Leather called  Cordovan sometimes used to describe a shoemaker
Colour Manufacturer
Copperas Manufacturer
Costermonger   Sold Fruit
Coster wife Women who sold fruit
Cotton Spinner
Cotton Winder  Frame Overlooker
Cotton Warper
Cotton Mule Operative
Cotton Toilet quilt Weaver
Cotton Mill Broomhand
Cow Man
Coxwain boat helmsman
Crimper  press gang member
Crofter in Bleachwork
Cropper   tenant That works for a share of the crop
Customs tax collector


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Danter  female overseer in a silk mill    
Decimer elected  householders  representative
Delver Ditch Digger  
Devil printer's errand boy
Dexter  dyer
Dipper  worker in the pottery trade
Diviner  water finder  
Domestic Servant 
Drainer made and laid drains
Drapers Salesperson   /  Drayman  cart driver   Dressmaker  
Dresser from someone who dresses another, to the Textile Industry the title had many uses    
Dripping Man sold dripping [ cooked animal fat ]    Druggist
Dairy Maid
Dayman casual worker
Decorative Painter
Deputy At Coal Mine
Deviller worker in the textile industry
Dykeman  hedger and ditcher
Dish Turner  maker of wooden bowls
Distributor  Workhouse parish official
Dock Master
Domestic Cook
Doubler Cotton Mill worker
Drawboy  assistant in the shawl  mills
Dressmakers Apprentice
Dressing Machine Maker
Drysalter sold dried meats pickles etc.
Drysalters Salesman
Dubbere  raises the nap of cloth
Dry Stone Waller


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Ealdorman  King's deputy of the court
 East India Service
 Ebonite Turner maker of combs or ornaments from ebonite and vulcanite
Engine and Machine Maker
Engine Fitter
Engine Maker
 Egg Factor
Egg Merchant
 Ellerman name for oilman
Elymaker maker of oil
Engine Tenter   stretched  cloth  in a woolllen mill
Engineer Static  
Engine Driver
Engineman in charge of ore crushing machinary in a mine
Engine Driver Static
Engine Filler
Engineering Pattern Maker  
Errand Boy
Esquire   knights attendant 
Eyer made the eyes in needles


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Faber  artisan
Factor  buying and selling  agent
Fagetter sold firewood
Faker added colour to photographs 
Falconer trains hawks
Fancy Pearl Worker
Fanner winnowed grain 
Fanwright - maker of fans and winnowing baskets 
Farrier Labourer
Farm Baliff
Farm Foreman  
Farm Servant Indoor
Farm Waggoner
Feather Beater
Feather Dresser 
Featherman sold  feathers and plumes
Feather Wife  woman who prepared feathers
Feeder  herdsman
Feller  woodcutter
Fellmonger  removed  hair or wool from hides
Felter  worker with hats 
Ferreter maker of ferret, a silk tape
Fettler cleaned machinery, boilers etc
Fiddler worker in Pottery
File Cutter   maker of files
Filler Mill Worker
Fine Drawer  repaired tears in cloth  
Finisher of Cotton Cloth
Firebeater  boilerman in a  mill  
Fire Beater Paper Mill
Fireman located gas in Mines title applied for boiler stokers on Trains and Ships  Firer In Leather Works
First Hand  silk weaver who owned a loom
Fish Fag  female fish monger
Fishing Rod Tacklemaker
Fitter Steam Engine Maker  
Flasher  worker in glass industry
Flesher  butcher 
Fletcher  arrowsmith  
Fly Tenter in Cotton Mill
Foot Maiden 
Foot Post letter carrier on foot
Foot Straightner watch and clock dial assembler
Forge Labourer
Forger  blacksmith
Foreman Colliery  
Foreman at Iron Foundry
Foreman at Gas Works
Foreman Dyer
Foreman Paper Maker
Fosset Maker Maker of Taps/faucets for casks  
Fowler  birdkeeper 
Frame Spinner  worked on a loom
Framer assembled framework  on houses
Framework Knitter
Freemason  stonecutter
Free Gospel unpaid Preacher 
Fripperer dealt in old clothes
Fuller cloth worker
Furbisher metal polisher
Furnace Man
Furrier Fur dealer
Fustian Weaver  maker of corduroy

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Gaffer  foreman
Ganger foreman
Gaoler  jailer
Gas Manager checked for poisonous gas in a coal mine
Gas Stoker
Gatherer  inserts  blow iron into  molten glass for the blower
Gatherers Boy assisted the gatherer
Gaunter  glover
Gelder  castrator
General Dealer
Getter coal face worker
General Inspector of Drainage
General Labourer
Gilder  applied gold leaf
Gimler card engineer in a Mill
Ginger Beer Maker
Girdler  mader of girdles and belts
Glass Cutter
Glass Hand
Glass Bottle Blower
Glover  makes and sells gloves
Goat keeper
Gosheter at house
Governess Teacher
Grainer stained wood
Graver - carver or sculptor
Grazier  cattleman
Grieve bailiff, foreman, sheriff
Green Grocer
Grey Man in Bleachers
Grounder  worker in leather tanning
Greensmith   copper worker
Grocers Assistant
Gorzeman  sold gorse


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Hacker  maker of hoes
Hackler worker in linen industry
Hackneyman  rented horse carriages
Hair dresser /
Hair Seating Merchant dealer in horse hair
Hairweaver  weaver of  horsehair
Hammerer a smithy
Hand Flowerer  embroidered flowers etc
Handle Sticker  Pottery Worker
Hansard made and sold  weapons 
Hatchler  combed flax
Hay and Forage Merchant
Heald Knitter produced  jersey fabric
Heck Maker  manufacturer of a yarn guide
Hedger  trimmed hedges  
Hedge layer
Heelmaker  maker of shoe heels
Hellier  tiler, slater
Hempheckler  flax worker
Hewer  face worker in a mine
High Constable
Highway Labourer
Higgler dealer
Hodsman  mason's labourer
Holster horse groom 
Hooker  a reaper in the16th century also term for a folding machine worker in the textile industry  
Hooper  maker of hoops for casks
 Horner  worker in horn
Hosiery Knitter
Hosteller innkeeper
Housemaid Domestic
House Carpenter
House Proprietor
 Housewright  house builder
Horse Dealer
Horse Clipper
Horse Man
Hurriers   girls aged 5-18 employed as coal-drawers in a mine
Husbandman  tenant farmer


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Infirmarian  Person in charge of  infirmary
Inland Revenue
Inspector of weights and measures
Insurance Agent
  Intuinand ?
Iron Dresser
Iron Founder
Iron Monger  sold hardware made of iron
Iron Master owner or manager of a foundry
Iron Fitter
Iron Turner
Iron Shaper
 Ivory Workers  makers of Ivory goods
Iron Works
Wood ...Maker


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Jack Frame Tenter cotton industry worker
Jack Smith  Manufactured  lifting machinery
Jagger  dealer in Fish
Jagger  boy in charge of  train  in coal mine
Jagger  man in charge of pack  horse carrying iron ore
Japanner  Varnisher
Jersey Coomber  worker in Woollen Manufacture Industry
Jigerman -  spinning wheel operator in a Pottery
Jigger in Coalmine
 Joiners Apprentice
Joiner Builder
Journeyman Skilled Worker who has finished an Apprenticeship and works for others
Junior Clerk


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Keeker colliery weighman
  Keeper Furnace Worker in charge of Furnace
Kempster  wool comber
Kiddier  dealer in young goats
 Kilner Man in charge of a kiln
Knacker  Dealer in old horses and other animals
Knappers Flint Makers
Knocker upper Paid to awaken workers early in a morning by using a long pole to tap on bedroom windows [ Northern England ]


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Labourer Boot Finisher
 Labourer for Builders
 Labourer for Engineers
Labourer to Boiler Makers
Labourer in Paper Mill
Laceman  dealer in lace
 Lace Master  Lace Manufacturer 
Lace Runner embroidered lace
Lady's maid 
 Land Proprietor
Land Surveyor
 Land Steward
Land Agent 
Lattener  brass worker
Lavender washer woman
Law Clerk
 Layer  worker in paper mill
Layerouter  laid patterns on material  
Lead Miner
Leather Dresser
Lessee of Tolls,
Lime Burner
Limner  illustrator  
Linener  Maker of linen goods
Licenced Weigher at Colliery
Lithographic Printer
Livery Stable Keeper
 Lock Keeper
Locksmith Whitesmith Assistant
 Locomotive Engineers Draughtsman
Lodging House Keeper
 Lorimer  maker of horse accessories
Licensed Victualler
Lace Drawer  child worker in lace work
Lungs  alchemist's servant who fanned the fire
Luthier - maker of stringed musical instruments


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 Machine Maker / 

 Machine and Engine Grinder /

 Machine Slotting / 

Machine Fitter  / 

Machine Fitter Apprentice /

Maderer sold garlic /

Magistrate /


Master Cotton Spinner /

Maid  female servant /

Maid Domestic /

Mailguard /

Maise Maker  maker of measures for weighing fish /

Maker up and Packer /  

Malemaker  maker travelling bags /  

Maltster Factor /

Manager of Savings Bank /

Mangler worked a mangle /

Manufacturing Chemist /

Market Porter /

Marine Half Pay Officer /

Marbler  stained in imitation marble/

Mashmaker maker of mashvats for mixing of malt /

Mason /

Master  Canal Boat Crew /

Master Nailsmith /  

Mate Boat Crew /

Mealman dealer of meal  /

Mechanic /

Melder corn miller /

Mercer seller of cloth  / 

Merchant / Midwife /

 Milesman railway worker who maintained section of railway track  /

Metal Broker/

Milk Seller  /

Miller /

Millers Carman delivered  flour to the customers/ 

Milleress  miller's wife /

Millpeck  sharpened mill stones /

Milliner  maker of womens' hats /

Millinery Shopwoman /

Millwright /

Mining Engineer /  

Mineral Water Ajustment /  

Ministry of Presbyterian Ch / 

Mocado Weaver  weaved woollen cloth  /

 Mole catcher / 

Mold Boy glassblowers assistant /

Monitor Elementary School / 

Mothers Help Domestic /

Moulder Set up the moulds ready for casting in the steel Industry /

Moulders Labourer/  

 Moulder in Iron Foundry /

Mower  cuts grass  with a scythe  /

Mudlark  sewer cleaner  /

Muffin Maker /

Muffin Man sold muffins from his cart / 

Mugseller  /

Mule Minder  Looked after spinning mules in the cotton mills /

Muslin Finisher Bleacher /

Mustard Man maker of mustard

/Music Hall Professional/

Music Master /


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Narrow Weaver  woove  ribbons and tapes /

Navigator  Canal building labourer 


Navy Half Pay Officer / 

Nurseryman /

Needlewoman / 

Nurse Sub Medical /

Necker Cardboard box  worker  /

Needle maker /

Netter net maker /

News Agent /

Night Watchman/

Nipper cartiers assistant lorry boy

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Officer Of Local Board /

Officer Of Law Court  /

Office Clerk /

Oilman seller of lamp oil /  

Oiler and Greaser /

Onsetter  attached baskets to the rope at the pit bottom  

Onsetter [ later term] miner that loaded coal tubs into the cage   /

Operative Warehouse /

Orrice Weaver  designed lace patterns  /

Ostler  stableboy  /

Overlooker   overseer /

Overman Mining official  /

Oyster Merchant

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Packer packer of goods  /

Packer in Milk War  /

Packman  travelling salesman who carryied goods a pack /

Pack Thread Spinner  thread and twine maker /

Page  boy  training to be a knight  /

Page servant / Painter /

Painter [ artist] /

Paintress -woman who painted  pottery  /

Paper Butter Printer/

Paper Stainer  maker of wallpaper /

Paper Sorter /

Paper Maker /

Paperer  inserted  needles into the paper prior to selling /

Paper Rular set up inking pens in Printing Industry  /  

 Paper Glazer 

 Paper Finisher /  

Paper Mill Mechanic /

Pargeter   ornamental plasterer /

Parish Clerk /  

Parish constable /

Paritor  church officer who attended court  /

Parlour Maid /  

Pastry chef  /

Patten Maker  made wooden soles for shoes /

Pattern Maker maker of moulds in foundrys /  

Pavier laid paving stones /

Pawnbroker /

Peeler  policeman /

Peddler /

Pelter  one who worked with animal skins /

Perfumer  /

Perambulator  surveyor / 

Pewterer  maker of pewter goods  / 

Photographer /

Phrenologist felt the bumps on peoples head to find out their charactor  /

Physician /

Picker cast the shuttle on a loom /

Piecer  worker in a spinning mill /

Pig Dealer /

Pikelet Maker  /

Pikeman  miller's labourer /

Pinner  pin maker /

Pirn Winder cotton mill worker /

Pit Boy Coal /

Pit Brow Lass  female surface worker at a  mine /

Plain Worker   plain sewing worker /

Plaiter maker of straw plaits  /

Planker Felt Hat Worker /

Platelayer  railway track layer  /

Plasterer /

Patten Clog Maker /

Plowman  /

Plow wright  maker of plows/

Plumer  maker of feather  plumes /   

Plumber / 

Plumber Apprentice /  

Pointer /

Pointsman - railway worker  /

Poleman  surveyor's assistant / 

 Police Constable  / 

Pork Butcher /  

Porter  /

Post Office worker /

Post man /

Poster broke rocks in a quarry  /

Potter  /

Poultry Breeder  / 

Power Loom Tuner 

Loom Maintenance man  /

Power Loom Worker /

Practitioner Physician /  

Pricker  made small holes inside ceramic sewer  pipe prior to firing /

Priest /

Printer /

Printer Machine Man/

Private Tutor /

Prop Bobby  miner who checked  pit props /

Proprietor of Lunatic Asylum /

Protestant Minister /

Provision Dealer /  

Publisher /

Publican /

Puddler  worked clay into puddle, also Jackie Rix Lambert writes a puddler was someone who worked in iron works he stirred the molten iron I saw on a web site about iron works they were special men as they had to have an eye for getting iron just right it was a very strenuous job and their live expectancy wasn't good they also quaffed huge quantities of beer due to heat and hard psychical work

Pugger  produced clay paste /

Pug Mill Operator  operated a machine for mixing clay and water /

Pump Maker /

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Quarry Owner / 

Quarry Man /

Quarry Master /

Quiller  yarn machine operator /

Quilter  maker of quilted material


Raff Merchant sold cheap cloth /

Rag Engineer paper Mill /

Rag and Bone Man /

Rag Dealer /

Rag Gatherers Children employed to clear  rags from around  machinery  / 

Rag Cutter / 

Railroad engineer /

Railway Labourer /

Railway Porter /  

Railway Wagon Builder /

Railway Inspector /

Railway Goods Clerk /  

Railway Clerk /

Railway Engine Cleaner /

Railway Plate Driver /

Railway Carriage Examiner /

Railway Sorter  /

Railway Signalman/

Railway Foreman Shunter/

Range Fitter Ironmonger  /

Rason Grinder/ 

Rat catcher /

Rectifier  distiller of alcoholic  /

Redesman Mine haulage maintenance man  /

Reedmaker  made pipes for  musical instruments  /

Reeler  bobbing machine operator  /

Reeler Hooker in Croft /

Registrar of Births and Deaths /

 Reed Maker /

Rector / 

Reaper /

Renovator  repairer  /  

Roof tiler / 

Roller coverer Mill Worker /  

Roller Turner /

Rolleyman Miner who maintained roads underground /

Roll Turner  carder of wool  /

Roper maker of rope /

Rover  archer /

 Rubbler  sorted out the  stones in a quarry / 

Rugman seller of rugs /

Runner  messenger 

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 Saddler /

Saddle Tree Maker  maker of frames for saddles /

Sagger Maker  maker of  fireclay containers /

Salesman /  

Saleswoman /

Salt Boiler /

Salter  dealer in salt / 

Sandwich board man  /

Saw Doctor repaired saws /

Sawyer saws timber /

Sawyers Labourer /

Say Weaver maker of the material Say /

Scappler  shaped the Masons stone /

School mistress /

Schoolmaster /

Screener screened  ore  /  

Screwcutter /

Scrimer fencing master /

Scribbler worker in a scribbling mill /

Scribbling Minder/

Scripture Reader  /

Scrutineer Judge at an election /

Scutcher  beat  flax to soften it /

Scullery Maid /

Scullion male servant /

Seal Presser worker  in the glass industry  /

Secret Springer  maker of watch springs/

Secretary To Royal Infirmary/

Self Acting Minder in charge of a automatic spinning mule  /

Seamstress /

Sewing Clerk  / 

Sewing Machine Agent /

Sexton /

Shafting Greaser/

Shepherd / 

Shearer /

Shearer Ironworks /

Sheargringer /

Sheath Maker  maker of scabbards for swords /

Sheriffs Officer /

Shingler   roof tiler who used wooden tiles called Shingles/

Shipowner /  

Shipwright /

Shoe Maker, / 

Shoesmith  shoed horses/

Shop Keeper /

Shop Joiner / 

Shop Girl Smallware /

Shot Firer used explosives in a  mine /

Shorthand writer /

Shunter  moved wagons around in the railway yards /

Shuttle Maker /

Sickleman  reaper /

Silk Engine Turner  weaving loom worker in a Mill / 

Silk Thrower - worker in silk  /

Silk Dresser  worker in Silk /

Silk Mercer  sold silk  items  /

Silk Twister spun  silk /

Silk Salesman /


Size Maker /

Sizer Cotton Mill  /

Skeiner Maker  made wheels for yarn spinning /

Skinner /

Skipmaker  maker of  skips for mining and quarrying  / 

silk weaver /

Slater / 

Smelter /

Slubber  machine operator in cotton  spinning / 

Soap Boiler / 

Stockbroker /

Solicitor's Clerk /

Snuffermaker- maker of  candle snuffers /

Spicer dealer in spices /

Spinner /

Splitter  splitter of  stone or timber /

Spindle Turner /

Spindle and Fly Maker /

Spindle and Fly Apprentice/ 

Spooner  maker of spoons /

 Spring Maker /

 Spurrer -maker of spurs /

Solicitor /

Stallman a market stall owner /

Station Master / 


Staymaker, /

Steam Hammer Driver /

Steel Manufacturer /

Steel Smelter / 

Steeple Jack /

Steward managed property /

Stitcher  /   

Stitcher of Cotton Cloths / 

Stitcher at Bleachworks /

Stoker /

Stocking Manufacturer / 

Stone Mason /

Stone Merchant /  

Storeman /

Stove Grate Fitter /

Strap Piecer in Mill /

Straw Plaiter /

Street cleaner /

Street vendor  /

Striker  blacksmiths labourer /

Stringer  maker of strings for bows /

Superintendent of Public Works /

Surfaceman   mineworker who worked above ground /

Surgeon /

Surveyor /

Swingler   flaxbeater /

Sword Cutler

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Tailor /

Tally Clerk /  

Tan Bark Stripper /  

Tanner /

Taper Weaver /  

Tapster - bartender /

Tar Boy /  

Tassler maker of  tassels /

 Taverner /

Teacher Elementary / 

Telegraph Messenger  /


Tenter  stretched  cloth /

Terra Cotta Maker  /


Thresher /

Ticket Writer /

Tiemaker /

Tiger  young livery groom  /

Tiler, /

Tilt Maker /

Tillman  Tilled the fields /

Timber Merchant /

Timekeeper Man /

Tinker /

Tin Miner /  

tinsmith /

Tipper  inserted metal tips on arrows  /

Tippler  keeper of  ale house/ 

Tipstaff  policeman /

Tobacconist /

Tobacco Curer /

Tobacco Spinner /

Tobacconist Boy /

Toe Rag   corn porter /

Toll Collector /

Tollgate Keeper /

Tool Helver  maker of  handles for tools /

Toolmaker / 

Touch Holer worker in  gun manufacturing industry /

Towel Weaver /

Town Chamberlin /

Tallow Chandler  / 

Town crier / 

Tozer - worker in the wool industry /

Trammer young miner / 

Trapper Miner who opened  and closed  doors for other miners /

Traveling Bible or religious book salesman /

Truant officer / 

Tax collector /

Traveling merchant /

Train driver /

Town watchman /  

Travelling clothes salesman /

Tucker cleaned  cloth items /  

Turner lathe worker /

Turnpike Keeper /

Turnkey  jail keeper


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Umbrella Parasol Staymaker /

Undertaker / 

Union Relieving Officer / 

Underviewer  Mining official /



Valet /  

Valuater /

Vassel Menial servant  /  

Vatman / Verger /

Verge Maker  maker of  spindles for clocks and watches /

Vermin Destroyer /

Vestment maker /

Veterinary Surgeon / 

Victualler /

Viewer Mining Manager


 Wagoner /

Wailer Miner who removed  impurities from coal /

Wainwright  wagonbuilder  /

Walker cloth worker /

Waller / Warder /

Warehouseman /

Warehouseman at Cotton Mill /  

Warrener /

Washman  tin coater /

Wasteman Miner whochecked  for gas /

Watchman /  

Water Baliff /

Water Carrier /

Waterworks Labourer  /

Waterworks Overlooker /

Waterman worked on rivers /   

Wattle Hurdle Maker /  

Watch Finisher /

Watchmaker /

Watch Pinion Maker /

Webster  weaver /

Wellmaster /  

Wellsinker /

Well Wright / 

Wesleyan Preacher /

Wet Nurse /

Wetter  dampened paper whist  printing /

Wharfinger  owner of a wharf /

Wheel Tapper  railway worker who inspected wheels for defects  /

Wheeler Miner in charge of   pit ponies  /

Wheelwright / 

Weaver /

Willow Minder In Paper Mill /

Whipmaker /

White Limer /

Whitesmith /

Whitening Roll Maker /

Wig maker /

Willow weaver /

Winder in Cotton Mill  /

Winder at Hosiery Mill /

Wire Drawer/

Woodman /

Wood Carver & Gilder/

Wool Combers Book Keeper/

Wool Driver /

Wool Factor /  

Woolstapler  /

Woollen Cloth Manufacturer /

Wool Winder /

Worsted Manufacturer /



Yardman /

Yarn Dyer /

Yeoman- farmer  land owner /

Yateman- gate keeper/

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