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Eileen Mayhew (Froggatt) email:
Message: Any information on Froggatt's in Rotherham? James William b: abbt 1885

John Buttle 
My great grandfather worked at Silverwood pit his name was Joseph Mckenzie born in 1891 he was involved in the sinking of the main shaft at Silverwood my grand father also Joseph Mckenzie worked there in the second half of the century but his career was halted in an accident. do you have any knowledge of these people, any information would be very helpful.

Angela Lane 
Interest: Trying to find any photos of my grandfather who worked in Silverwood mine but don't know the years; his name was Frank Hallas and unfortunately he passed away when I was only four years old (1975ish) but I would love some research into the mine e.g. photos Thank you Angela Lane

J. Dalton 
Great x 3 grandfather was the John Hall mentioned as stone quarry owner at Dalton Magna in 1823. I would be interested to hear more about the Hall and Yelland family connection with Dalton Magna and Wickersley.

Martin Legatt email:  Country: England
I have traced my direct family back to Thrybergh. In 1810 Peter Thomas Legatt married Catherine Legatt at Thrybergh, I understand that her parents were William and Mary Legatt and her Grandfather was John Legatt. I know that Peter Thomas Legatts father was Peter who married Sarah Robinson, they married in Heslington but Peter is supposed to have come from Thrybergh. Does anyone have information on the Legatt Family
Interest: Legat and Legatt, resided in late 18th to middle 19th century at Thrybergh lodge or Lodge farm, any info about this family will be much appreciated. Martin

Heather Palmer Australia email:
message: Surname: Ross - in particular James Ross
Born approx 1766 - Died: 18 Aug 1836 married 1808 in Swinton to Anna Shaw. In fact as far as I know he was married 3 times. Anna was his second wife. I am currently researching my family and I understand there was a James Ross who was the village school master for 25 years and was known as Bard of Thrybergh I have a photocopy of I think is a newpaper clipping featuring a gathering of six decendants at the centenary of his death, he was also a poet, I have no dates of when this article was in the paper and the copy I have is not very clear. If anyone has any details in relation to this person or his descendants I would appreciate it if they could contact me.

Lynn Winks nee Mylett Country: England email:
There are quite a few Myletts in Thrybergh related to my fathers side Harold Mylett I believe my great grandfather John Mylett is buried in Thrybergh I have been to St Gerards and I can't find the grave unless there is no gravestone I found my grandfathers brothers Harold Mylett at the Cemetery up a hill but there must be another one where all my relatives are buried ANYONE know where in Thrybergh

Ian McMahon email:  Country: Australia
 I left Thrybergh in 78, went to Thrybergh comp in 74, moved out to Australia in 78 been here every since. do you know where the likes of Janet Wilson Harold Malinder, Paul Swancott, Tina Liversiege, Sandra Grice, Karen Mole, Neil Chandley to name a few, if so please leave a message.

Gary Garner email:  country: Brunei
message: Trying to find where William Eyre lived in Dalton Magna at turn of last century.  Supposedly a farmer but no idea which of the Magna \ farms he owned.  Any help useful.

Michael Knight email:  Country: England
I am the grandson of Wright Knight a worker of Silverwood pit until 1976 when he was made unfit to work in the pit if any one knows him or can give me some info please E-Mail it to me.

Mary Elizabeth Fullerton 
I am searching for information regarding the death of my great-grandfather, John Reginald Fullerton, son of Reverend Arthur Fullerton of Thrybergh. He had emmigrated to Canada about 1880.  Legend has it that he died in a polo match near San Francisco. I am wondering if any information might have made it back to his birthplace of Thrybergh. Death records for that period in and around San Francisco were destroyed during the great earthquake. My guess at the approximate date of his death is vague-the 1890's or first decade of the "new"century. My grandfather, also John Reginald Fullerton returned to England with his mother, Ada Clarice Fullerton Lawson for his education. I believe Ada died there during World War I. I have her letters; the last is dated 1918.

 Phyllis Pearson  

My G G' aunt Norah Elizabeth Robinson, b 1876, Swinton Yorks, could be the Norah Burden b 1876, Swinton, Yorks...I could not find her husband though. So, today I am searching for the Burden family. Does anyone have someone married to my Norah? she was actually called Bessie by the family.

 Howard Dalton email:   country: England
 Further to my enquiry about my family of John and Elizabeth Hall nee Yelland who lived in Dalton Magna 1800's I would be interested to learn of any connection with John Hall Stone quarry owner in 1823. Also part of the family moved to Wickersley around 1850 and lived in Northfield House, Northfield Lane, Wickersley, 1851-1860's.
I am trying to find an archive photograph and position of this property now demolished. Thanks.

John Ward I am researching the surname WARD in Rotherham. I am looking for any relation/family of Herbert WARD who was born 21st May 1877 at 18 Old Holland, Masbrough, Rotherham, being the son of William Henry WARD & Sarah Elizabeth HARRISON. Herbert was Lance Corporal 13888, 8th Battalion York and Lancaster Regiment, killed in action 1st July 1916 aged 41, France and Landers, listed as brother to Edward (my grandfather) at 33 Abell Street, Whinney Hill, Thrybergh, Rotherham. If you have Herbert on your family tree, please get in touch. Cheers, John Ward  
Webmaster for The Rotherham Pubs website at 
Webmaster for The Rotherham Ward And Related website at

B Newton.

  I am trying to find out more about George T B Newton, as the 1881 census calls him, but I am sure it should be George J B Newton - George John Brown Newton. Your only reference to him is on the 1881 Census, but am wondering if anyone knows anything more. I discovered him working as a gardener at Chiswick, then coming to Pilsley, Derbyshire to be a gardener and part time farmer. After which he seems to have moved to Thrybergh. I am interested in The Garden House. Was it connected to one of the larger houses in the area?

 Derek Glover email:

 1 am researching the surnames glover saffron walden, essex, between 1700 and 1800. So any help or information would be most welcome.

Veronica Marshall email:

  I am researching Hogan nee D'Arcy - South Yorkshire area particularly Dalton & Sheffield from 1890/1900

Don Portman Snr.

 researching Henry James Glynn I would like to know if he worked in the Silverwood mine?

Gill Stag  I am seeking old photos of  Pillings butchers shop in Oldgate lane at Dalton and also. Dalton junior school which is now Millside , I seem to be going round in circles I really would appreciate any suggestions. thanks for your time.

Christine Simpson  

Surnames McMURRAY and STANLEY.  I am searching for information on Adeline/Ada MCMURRAY and George STANLEY who were living in Midland Road, Kimberworth, on the 1901 Census with children John William and Sam MCMURRAY, AGE 15 and 12, by Adeline's first husband Samuel, and Jane and George STANLEY, age 7 and 2 respectively. I do know that Sam MCMURRAY emigrated to America in 1909. Regards Christine

Christine Nash   I currently live in the State of Iowa, USA. I am searching for my ancestors and found your site. My dad Mr. Bragger worked at the coal mine in Thrybergh and grew up in Thrybergh prior to WWII. Your site is a fantastic means by which to get an idea of the life and times of Thrybergh. I will visit often. Christine Nash

Diane Bragger .

  I am trying to research my dad's family who lived in Thrybergh at the beginning of 1900 but I am unable to find anyone called Bragger which is my dad's  surname. Do you have any suggestions ? I now, live in Italy and it is a little complicated to carry out this search. Thank you for any help you OR ANYONE may be able to offer. Best regards Diane Bragger

Lynn Hepplestall

  At this moment in time I have come across the name John Fullerton in my own family history  and am trying to establish exactly were it fits in. Perhaps you can help me. Do you happen to know the christian name of the Mrs Fullerton who resided in Noblethorpe Hall Silkstone in 1918. Was she the one who returned from America with her son and if so what year did she take up residence in the hall. Did any of the Fullerton males marry a Sarah Clarke around the early 1880's.

Michael Kerr

  I would be most grateful for any pointers my enquires are about my great grandfather Thomas Molyneux who I believe was registered as living at 13 Norwood St Dalton approx 1920s or any other Molyneuxs that any one would know of   thanks very much

Colin Fell 

 Researching the Foster family of Thrybergh who owned Fosters Store. I would be grateful of any information regarding the family. Also the Fell family of Bramley Thank you !

  Hello. I was born in Kelvin Street Dalton Brooke mid 70s I  have fond memories of this street but no photographs off it I would be grateful if any body can email me one thank you.
John Haynes I am trying to trace my father's employment as coal miner. His name was Sidney Haynes. He lived at 20 Melbourne Avenue, in Bolton on Dearne from the fifties during the sixties, seventies & eighties. I believe he worked at Hickleton Main. Is there any web site you may know of that I can visit to trace his employment history? RSVP 

Julie Palmer

  Researching Davison, Kearns and Shaw records covering Thrybergh, Rotherham and Sunnyside

Lyn Knowles

  Researching the Worths of Rotherham in particular William Worth, born  Rotherham approx. 1829.  Listed as a Rope & Twine Maker on the 1881 census. If anyone can help it would be appreciated.

George D. Johnson. Maltby 
 I have been searching for a book containing all the names of those killed in the Maltby gas explosion in July 1923, I understand one exists containing a few pages with information I require, can anyone help ?

Mary Barnett 
Message: Brooder/Bruder/Brewder I seek information on my Great Grandfather Michael Brooder born in Ireland 1844 married Ellen Alpine Born Stafford 1846 move up to Hoyland in Yorkshire after 1876 and then moved to Rotherham. They had 4 children Bridget, John, Michael, Thomas. I would welcome any information.

Hazel Rose 

 I can remember my dad telling me a poem about ecky thump which went something like this
As I was walking down our street,
Ii met me old mate ecky thump.
Does any one know of this poem if so I would like to know the rest of the words. thanks for your time Hazel

Betsy Roebuck  Web site

 Texas, USA  Researching my Roebuck Ancestors in England!

Harry Davies

    I am looking for an friend of mine  from 1955 1958 we were in Sheerness with 11sphinx bty 34 l a a regt ra .His name is Arnold Hucknall, he used to live at 4 Rother Rd Rotherham. I would really like to see him again. If any other Yorks. lads read this that knew me please get in touch. Thanks Harry Davies

Janette Stender

 Can anyone tell me if the Mrs. Thornton that Roy Nixon mentions on the Ravenfield Pages of this site is Gertrude Thornton, who was married to Ernest and the mother of Zilla, Jesse, Margaret, and Kathleen? My late Uncle married Margaret, and my late Aunt married Jesse. Thank you.

David Taylor

   My problem is that I have an ancestor called Charles Duck who was Coachman. One of my contacts also has a Charles Duck a Coachman who married Deborah Askin a Thrybergh girl at St Georges Hanover Square London in 1813. Their daughter Keziah was baptised in 1813 in Thrybergh with a reference to the Fullerton family in the margin. No trace of either Charles or Deborah was found by my contact after that date, apart from Keziah's wedding in 1839.
I have a Charles Henry Martin Duck who married at St Clements Dane London in 1840, fr Charles Martin Duck a Coachman. I have found a wedding in 1818 at St Andrews Holborn London of a Charles Duck and a Mary Martin, but the entry does not say Batchelor or Widower and soes not give occupation. I have been unable to trace any children including my Charles Henry Martin Duck.
There are a number of Fullerton marriages and baptisms at these and other Westminster churches at this time, which makes me think that the Fullertons had a London residence and that Charles & Deborah met and married in London and then went back with their employers to Thrybergh. I also wonder if Deborah die and Charles remarried Mary Martin.
Only staff records if any were kept by the Fullertons would tell. Any help would be much appreciated. David

Alison Salter

  Hi, im looking to find a Clarence Ainsworth born in Dalton probably around 1910. He married my grandma - Ivy Fulford in around 1930. Apparently they married but then parted soon after - there were no children as far as i know. About 15 years later (!) - in 1946 Ivy then obtained a divorce from him so she could marry someone else - a Patrick Williams.
Any information would be much appreciated. Thanks Alison


  Hi there....just a quick message...just investigating a place in Dalton, Rotherham, South Yorkshire........I am investigating a street called KELVIN STREET. and a house fire that happened in the 1970's?
I would appreciate any help, many thanks....


Trying to trace the Legat family from Thrybergh Lodge circa late 1700's.

Alison Salter

  Hi, im looking to find a Clarence Ainsworth born in Dalton probably around 1910. He married my grandma - Ivy Fulford in around 1930. Apparently they married but then parted soon after - there were no children as far as i know. About 15 years later (!) - in 1946 Ivy then obtained a divorce from him so she could marry someone else - a Patrick Williams. Any information would be much appreciated Thanks Alison

Alison Salter

 Hi - i'm researching Fulford's in and around Rotherham from around 1870-well whenever really!Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks very much

Vicki Nielsen

 Looking for information on Thomas Hurleston his son John Hurleston was my great grandfather and he had 3 daughters.  My grandmother was Margaret Hurleston born 4/1902. Emily not known birth and Anne not known birth. Any information would be great. Thank you,

Helena Linstead 

Please did anybody work with my dad Charlie Linstead at Silverwood Pit , I would love to hear from them. I know he worked in the First Aid room but not sure of when, is there anybody out there who knows. Thank you

Irene Conroy.   

I am just starting to research my family history. My maiden name is Frost. What I am trying to find out is, where is or was Monk Street in Rotherham.? My grandmother died there, number 7 in December 1939. Her name was Kathleen Cant maiden name Coulston. Her husbands name (Thomas Cant) my Grandfather. My mother was born at number 16 Monk Street in 1925. Her name Doris. They were coal mining families. My father was from Wath on Dearne. Do you know which pit he and his family would have worked in around Wath? .Can anyone help. Thank you so much

John Fullerton 
John, I am a Fullerton who as always wondered about my root's as my father was a orphan and was killed before my 1st birthday. I enjoyed your site and anyone out there who might be related, please mail me.
John K. Fullerton Los Angeles, Ca,

Denise Kirby 
I am researching my family tree. My maiden name was Jackson. My fathers name was Sydney Herbert Jackson. My Grandfather William Jackson lived in Arundal Avenue, Dalton. My mothers maiden name was Silvia Wilson, daughter of Sarah and James (Jim) Wilson They were Parish Councillors and had a shop at Topfeild Lane Dalton. also John and Glaydys Cawdron nee Wilson were my Aunt and Uncle . In Dalton there is a Wilson Drive, named after my grandparents.

Nicki Cooper 
My name was Nicki Harvey and I'd love to get in touch with relatives or friends of my family!My grandparents were BILL and CONNIE MCGOWAN who lived in Fullerton Crescent Thrybergh. He worked at Silverwood pit and They had seven children, Peter, Kevin, Michael, Maureen, Jennifer, Sylvia and my late mum MARGARET.
MARGARET MCGOWAN married FRANK HARVEY on May 6 1961 at Dalton parish church. My dad drove the train at Silverwood pit.I'd love to hear from anyone who knew any of my family? Or are there any long lost cousins out there?

Stephen Purshouse   
ex-organist of St. Peter's, would welcome hearing from anyone who remembers those times and would like to chat! Great site

 Brian Hardman 
I am asking for the help of anyone who may have some old photos of the area of West Vale Grove, Park Vale Drive and the common area which most likely has been built upon by now. As a boy of between 6 and 8 I lived between the years of 1942 and 1944 at 13 West Vale Grove with my Grand parents Albert and Alma Hensby and a Cousin Horace and I am trying to gather information about the area for nostalgia purposes.
Also if any body can send me the address of the local newspaper I really would be pleased.
Kindest regards to all you Thryberghians. Brian

 Paul Butler 
I am researching the Butler family in South Yorkshire.  I was born in Maltby, son of Jim and Jenny Butler.  If you lived in the area some years back, you will probably have seen our bright red lorries carrying limestone from Stainton to build the local motorways.  I now live in Melbourne, just down t'rowd from John Doxey in Sydney (actually a 12 hour drive!).
I have followed the trail back to Charles Butler, born in Thyrbergh in 1787 to Charles and Jane, nee Roebuck.  This Charles was born in Hooton Roberts in 1750 to Edward Butler.  The Thrybergh Charles married Mary ??? and they had Ann and George, my great-great-grandfather.  When Mary died in 1817, Charles married Mary Stables (see the magnificent site at  managed by Michael Chance).  The challenge now is to find who the first Mary was and where Edward came from, to follow the family back further.  
With help from John Doxey and Sheila Kahn, I have information on Roebucks back to William, born in Ravenfield in 1661, and his father Oliver.  I would like to find links from these Roebucks through to the Roebuck family in Betsy's great site ( ).  
Great work with the Thrybergh - Ravenfield - Dalton sites, John - keep up the good work!

Angela Burley 
I am researching my late mothers family tree. Her name was Doris Rollinson nee Nicholls born 1920 Birmingham, but who lived in Dalton from about 1925 to 1935. Her father was William Nicholls and mother was Elizabeth. She had a elder sister, Lilian born 1918. She also had a friend called Irene Richardson and they both attended the same school in Thrybergh.
Thanks Angela

Dave Green 
I lived on St. Leonards Ave and I would like to hear from any old school pals
Dave Green

Bridget Philomena Jackson (nee Fitzmaurice) 
I am an ex-pat from Sheffield, now living in Canada, where I have resided for the past 30 years. In the late 1950's I knew a then young man named David Shaw who lived on a farm in Thrybergh. I forget the name of the farm. I would be most interested to hear from him or any of his relatives. My maiden name was Fitzmaurice and at the time I knew David I lived in the Attercliffe area of Sheffield.

 Susan King & Shirley Clough  Susan     Shirley shirleyclough@hotmail'com
Researching the families of Isaac and Moses Morgan of Thrybergh and would to hear from anyone related to, or has memories of the family.

 Janice Hans  of Pennsylvania, U.S. A 
I am researching the families of William Thomas and John Rogers of Thrybergh and would like to discover more about my family so if  anyone can help with information it would be very appreciated.

Brenda Chatterton
My interest is in the Jackson family who lived at Firsby Hall Farm from about 1825 to 1870.  Peter and Elizabeth Jackson came from Ackworth West Yorkshire and took tenancy of this farm.  They had a family of 6 or 7 children, the eldest of whom was John Jackson.  John married Maria Mutton who was a Lady's Maid at Ravenfield Hall to Constantia Walker who was in residence at that time.  (1841 census)
John and Maria Jackson then lived at Firsby Hall Farm with John and Elizabeth.  They had nine children, eight of whom were baptised at Ravenfield Church, the eldest at St Peters Conisbrough.  I think they all received a good education so might have gone to the Ravenfield School.  Does anyone know if pupils' names are listed anywhere.  The names are William (b. 1843), John Peter (b.1846), Emily Elizabeth (b.1847), Lucy Ann (b.1849), Annie Maria (b.1851), Martin Richard (my great grandfather b.1853), Arthur Thomas (b.1855), Frederick Hugh (b.1857) and George (b.1860).  The three girls went into service in very prestigious households whilst John, Maria and their sons moved to Darnall Sheffield c.1862 where the males worked as coach builders for the railway.. There are a number of my family of Jacksons buried in Ravenfield churchyard.
From Brenda Chatterton

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