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            Pronounced locally Thrybur  Old English Triberg

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Wash Lane Dalton courtesy Mick Carver




A large number of men in the locality worked in steelworks, foundries, etc so here is the start of hopefully a long list of those men. Like the miners list it is hoped we may learn what they actually did in the steel industry, and also a little of their story. The men of Thrybergh, Dalton and Ravenfield prior to recent developments would make their way across Wash Lane to the many foundries, and steelworks located in Aldwarke. Others would travel to Rotherham and Sheffield works.

 Like mining working in a steel production plant was not an easy job, and many deaths are reported in the industry.




Corus Steel works photo copyright Jonathan Dabs

Corus Steel courtesy Jonathan Dabs


Victor Wall age 24 living at 28 Park Lane Thrybergh  In July 1924he finished  working at Steel Peech & Tozer

Albert Twigg of 2 Vale Ave Thrybergh started work at age 14 at Steel Peach and Tozer, he left in August 1928 to become a miner
Percy Doane ? of 41 Norwood Street Dalton left Steel Peach and Tozer in September of 1927
James Wilson of 48 Osburton Street Dalton left Steel Peach and Tozer in June of 1927

James Bidwell Sansome worked at Steel Peech and Tozer,s & BSC  from approx 1965 to 1980
James Doran worked at Steelos [ as it was known ] for many years prior to 1980

John Wagstaff 1960's

Geoff Boden 1960's

Terry Mcgan 1960's

Harry Purshouse age16 living at 65 Saville St Dalton before September 1924 had previously worked at Parkgate forge

Thomas Redvers Oakley age 24 living at 4 Arundel Ave Dalton before August 1924 had previously worked at Parkgate Forge

John Henry Hodgson of 53 Whinney Hill started work at age 14 at Parkgate forge only to leave in March of 1927
G. C. Hardwick ? of 4 Doncaster Road left Parkgate forge in 1925 aged 18

J. Etchells  ? of 50 Silver Street Thrybergh left Edgar Allens age 17 in March of 1925
John Doxey started work at age 15 as an apprentice moulder at Edgar Allens in 1962, moving into the laboratories for six months testing sand, leaving one year later.
Peter Doxey worked here in the early 1960's as a Electric Arc Furnaceman

Jonathan Dabs our site photographer worked at Corus in the late 20th century

Robert Bird worked for British Steel for 20 years before becoming a full time officer for the Iron and Steel Trades Confederation, ISTC, formally BISACTA. the steel worker trade union,



Stuart James Sansome is currently  at Aldwarke and has worked there from October 18th 1976 



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