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Permission to reproduce the information of the service men listed has been kindly given by

Peter Francis
Media & PR Manager
Commonwealth War Graves Commission
The information on the honour roll  has strict copyright and you are advised to read the following extract from the Commonwealth Graves Commission site before proceeding.
You may view the site and download any part(s) of it for personal viewing for private purposes but you are not permitted without our permission to store it (or any part of it) other than for the purposes set out in this paragraph, print out copies except for your own personal viewing for private purposes or reproduce, copy or transmit it (or any part of it) in any other way for any purpose or in any other medium. You are not entitled to alter the content in any way. You are not entitled to make use any resources on this web site, including hypertext links to any part of this site, without making it clear to users that the resource is copyright the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. If in doubt, please contact a representative of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.
The statement above applies to the information on the honour roll on this site, any infringement will be reported to the above commission.
Relatives wishing to contact the Commonwealth War Graves Commission please see information below.
John Doxey.





We often hear of heroes as daring, dashing individuals who conquer all before them without fear and with great valour. For me any man in any service who stood their ground, or advanced toward a foe by land, sea, or air with or without fear was an hero, and to proceed into great danger with fear demands a great courage. A courage also found in medical teams, messengers, and other non combatants. Even on the home front men and women risked and lost their lives for others. We walk freely because of these heroes and  that is why it is important to honour and remember them, it is why your local council has made a great effort to reclaim those names lost with the destruction of the local honour roll. Following the local councils lead I have created these pages in the hope that the list will contain every last name from the original, plus other's who died who were not employee's of the Dalton Mining Company


As can be seen on the Honour Roll, often the bodies of killed servicemen remained on foreign soil. One of these men was Private George Furniss, 17859, 8th BN., York and Lancaster Regiment who died age 32 on 01 July 1916 Son of George and S. Furniss; husband of M. Bragger (formerly Furniss), of 19, South Vale Drive, Thrybergh, Rotherham. He is remembered at the Thiepval Memorial in Somme, France.
Some of the bodies of those lost were never recovered, or some were recovered but unrecognizable.


 The cenotaph at Thrybergh was desecrated in recent years by having the honour roll vandalized leaving us with no visible list of those that died, however the local council have tried to recreate that list and although it is not complete [ Original record of listing unavailable ] there are a large number of names on there. These names have been submitted by relatives and friends. The original names were on brass plaques and were the names of the men who worked for the Dalton Main Colliery Co. Ltd. who owned both Silverwood and Roundwood. So read the honour roll if someone you knew of is not there please send it along, and also contact the council with a view of adding them to the Roll within Thrybergh Parish Hall.
Thrybergh Parish Hall
Park Lane
Rotherham, South Yorkshire S65 4BP
 T: 01709850538
To add your serviceman to this site click on the link below
Add your serviceman or woman to the Honour Roll  Note: only those that died.

Within two weeks of placing this list on the site we  had a missing name sent in, and if we only gained that one name it was well worth the effort in placing these pages on the site. We now have gained two names and details of a third.

Please note , the men whose information are not complete are either listed as unknown, which means no parent or age details are known, or they are listed amongst a large number of men with initial only and sharing the same surname. However their service numbers are on the list. So if you have the service number of your family member he can more than likely be located. The other problem being that the locations of some parents listed are not within the three Villages, so without knowing the service number I cannot identify some of those on the roll. If you wish to send a service number in I will gladly do a look up for you at no cost. [ This offer applies only to families of the servicemen of Thrybergh, Dalton, and Ravenfield  or worked for Dalton Main Collieries prior to the Great War ] Individual certificates you will have to apply to the commission personally.



The story of the War Memorial


View the original list of Silverwood and Roundwood miners on the Memorial 1914 / 1918


View the honour roll including non miners 1914 / 1918


View the honour roll 1939 / 1945


View the Thrybergh Cricket Club honour roll 1914 / 1918 MEMORIAL



Should you wish to obtain a certificate regarding your relative, or locate the cemetery listed, the information can be obtained by visiting the site or writing to the address below.

Head Office
Commonwealth  War Graves Commission
2 Marlow Road
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 1628 634221
Fax: +44 (0) 1628 771208

Or visit the website at Commonwealth War Grave Commission
Please note that not all records are complete in that names and addresses of parents etc are not present on some entries, leaving only the service number and age as a means of recognition. The site in itself is a fantastic tribute to the War Graves Commissions staff for the mammoth task of producing such a large searchable database




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This site is the result of over 7 years research, and compilation, should you wish to use any of the content for publication of literature please contact me. The poetry and life of James Ross, the story of St. Leonard's Cross, and other items on this site were compiled, and first published on this site in their present context as a study of Thrybergh. If you use this site as a source, out of courtesy, please give credit where it is due as I have done on this site where appropriate.
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