Thrybergh Ravenfield Dalton

South Yorkshire England

            Pronounced locally Thrybur  Old English Triberg

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Latin Definitions


 Many of the older records were written in Latin, to help translate Latin there are many free translators on the web, here are a few words I picked up to help with the information on this site.

abavia  great great grandmother

abavus great great grandfather

adnepos  son of the great grandson or great grandaughter

adneptis  daughter of the great grandson or great grandaughter 

amita  paternal aunt

ascendens ascendancy, ascendants ascendentes  ancestors

ava, avia  grandmother

avia materna  grandmother on the maternal side
avia paterna  grandmother on the paternal side

avunculus  uncle on the paternal side

avus grandfather
avus maternus  grandfather on the maternal side

avus paternus grandfather on the paternal side

 avi,avorum  grandparents

castellanus  Lord comes  Count , Earl

coniunx  married person, spouse

conjugatus  married, or husband

conjugata wife conjux husband or spouse

connubium  marriage curator trustee or guardian

descendens descendants
dictus called name

dies  day

dies dies mortis  day of death

dux Duke

ecclesia Church

elutus  baptized
eorumdem  from the same parents

et  and, both

et alii et al. and others

ex   from familia family

foemina  woman
 filia, filiam daughter

 filia fratris  brothers daughter

filiaster  son-in-law or illegitimate
filiastra daughter-in-law or illegitimate

filiola  young daughter

 filius  filium  son filiolus   young son
filius fratris  brothers son

foemina  woman

frater  brother

fraternus nephew f

ratria  sister-in-law 

fratris filia  niece gener son-in-law

genimus  twin gens  family

germanus first cousin glos  sister-in-law

humatus buried
illegitimus illegitimate incertris patris from uncertain father

infans  infant

 juvenis young man
juvensis caelebs unmarried man, bachelor

jevir brother-in-law

ligatus  joined, married

legitimus legitimate
levir brother-in-law

magna great

marita fem. wife

maritus masc  husband

mater mother
materera aunt on the maternal side

 materera magna great aunt on the maternal side

materera major great great aunt on the maternal side

 materfamilias female head of the household

matrima godmother matrimonio

iuncti married

matrimonium marriage

matrix mother, grandmother

matrona matron, lady, spouse

miles Knight  
militissa daughter, spouse or widow of a Knight

mors death

mortus dead

natus born
nepos grandson, grandchild or  nephew

nepos ex fratre brothers son, nephew 

neptis  granddaughter or niece
neptis ex fratre brothers daughter, niece

noblis noble, nobility

nomen name

nomine, nom. by name
nothus illegitimate child when the father is known

noverca second wife of the father

nupta fem. spouse
nuptus masc. spouse

nurus daughter-in-law, wife of the son

 obit  died

obit sine prole o.s.p died without offspring
obiit is deceased

obitus death 

orbus orphan

parens  parent parentes parents

parochia parish

 partus childbirth

parva little

 pastor loci p.l. local Pastor

 pater father

patrina godmother

patrinus  godfather

patrini godparents 

patruus paternal uncle

post humus born after the death of the father.

posteri grandchildren

posteritas posterity
 previgna daughter of the first marriage

 prevignus son of the first marriage

 primigenes first born

 princeps Prince

progenitus  first born

proavus great-grandfather 

proavia great-grandmother

progener husband of the grandaughter

progenitus first born

 pronepos great grandson

proneptis great grandaughter

puella child  girl 

 puellus child  boy
puer child

pueri children

puerpera  a newly delivered mother

puerperium childbirth

relicta widow
requiscat in pace in peace

senex  old man

sine sacramentis without the sacraments

socvusus mother-in-law

socor father-in-law

socrus mother-in-law

socvusus mother-in-law

soror sister 

sororis filia sisters daughter
sororis filius sisters son spinster unmarried woman

spurius  illegitimate

spurus illegitimate child 

susceptor godparent

suseptrix godmother

testes witnesses

uxor ux, vx  wife

vevir brother-in-law

vidua widow 

viduus widower
vir  husband

virgo an unmarried girl
'TRE' is the abbreviation for "Tempore Regis Edwardi" During  the time of King Edward' 1042-1066 .

Terra Regis = Land of the King





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