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            Pronounced locally Thrybur  Old English Triberg

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Junction of Oldgate Lane, Park Lane and Hollings Lane by Jonathan Dabs

Hollings Lane is one of the oldest streets in Thrybergh and it starts as seen above on the right, it then continues past the Hilly fields passing through Silverwood and on to Ravenfield crossroads.

Just behind where the post office stands was a stone quarry back in the 19th century.

There are few buildings on Hollings Lane so on this page we will just name the building and the occupants and forget the numbers. Prior to 1907 the only building present was the Blacking Mill, all other dwellings etc being built after this period.




Junction of Vale Road and Hollings Lane photo by Jonathan Dabs








39] Blacking Mill 1841

Valentine Wilkinson 45 Maltster

Selina Wilkinson 16

Ann Wilkinson 10

Mary Morley 30

40] Blacking Mill 2 1841

Nathen Beaumont 44 ag lab

Mary Beaumont 40

Thomas Beaumont 10

William Beaumont 2



Mary Wadsworth Head W Female 65 Barnsbrough, York, England Partner Quarry Owner
Elisa Wadsworth Daur U Female 36 Ravenfield, York, England Domestic
Edwin Thomas French Boarder U Male 25 Rawmarsh, York, England Quarry Mason
Dwelling Common
Census Place Thrybergh, York, England
Public Records Office Reference RG11 Piece / Folio4684 / 53 Page Number 18


Benjamin Turner Head M Male 62 Thrybergh, York, England Miller
Elizabeth Turner Wife M Female 53 Bramley, York, England Miller Wife
John Henry Turner Son U Male 24 Dalton, York, England Miller Son No Occ
Sarah Ellen Turner Daur U Female 19 Dalton, York, England Miller Daughter
Lenord Wille Turner Son Male 13 Thrybergh, York, England Scholar
Dwelling Blacking Mill
Census Place Thrybergh, York, England
Public Records Office Reference RG11 Piece / Folio 4684 / 53 Page Number 18



Thrybergh Mill
Leonard Turner Head M 23 Thrybergh Miller and Farmer
Mary A Turner Wife M 23 Chesterfield
Elizabeth Turner Mother Widow 62 Bramley Yorks
Edith A Sargan Niece S 16 Thrybergh
Frank Bohan Serv S 17 Thrybergh Servant



Leonard Turner age 33 born in Thrybergh Corn Miller Farmer, and his son
 Edwin Turner age 7 born in Thrybergh.


Thrybergh Working mans Club

Thrybergh W. M. C. see here


Milburn House

William Henry [ Colliery Manager ] and Rhoda Ball his wife approx 1908


Percy Barraclough age 15 living at Blacking Mill Thrybergh May 1925

Harold Barraclough age 17 living at Blacking Mill Thrybergh  July 1925

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Barraclough  Blacking Mill Thrybergh  pre 1970

Keith Barraclough Blacking Mill Thrybergh  Pre 1970


Post Office

George England and sister pre 1970


Street Number Unknown









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