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            Pronounced locally Thrybur  Old English Triberg

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"Thrybergh Clothier"

A Presentation by Pauline Thorn


Godfrey Marsden entered the history of Thrybergh during the period of the demise of the Reresby family who had held the estate for several hundred years, Godfrey's marriage is listed on the Sheffield Marriage Fiche however states page is blank for his wife's name. Godfrey is described as a clothier of Thriber. At the time of writing 26/03/08 it is believed that he was one Godfrey Marsden  baptised at Penistone on the 13th March 1655 the son of Ricardus /  Richard Marsden of that place.


As a clothier in the later half of the 17th century Godfrey was in a growing flourishing industry, during this century clothing was to evolve from a cottage industry into mechanized factory production. The clothier would produce the cloth on looms within his cottage and sell the finished cloth to local tailors, who would then produce the clothing or sell the many materials. In particular Yorkshire became famous for it's worsted wool worldwide, and the city of Leeds became the biggest producer in England of ready to wear clothing.

The clothiers who produced the cloth were often farmers who spun the cloth on the quieter periods of  the farming seasons, however with the advent of mechanization many of them found themselves struggling to sell their wares by the late 17th century, rather like the 20th century when the introduction of supermarkets forced the small shopkeepers out of business. The time of the cotton mills and mass production was here. How Godfrey faired at this time is unknown but with the knowledge that his son Benjamin became a pipemaker in Rotherham perhaps hints that Godfrey's business did not flourish and that he may have been one of the many clothiers who suffered due to the ever growing mills.

Given that a Clothier is described as "One that makes or sells clothing or cloth. a merchant who sells men's clothing one who dresses or fulls cloth." Did he perhaps survive on making not only cloth but also making simple clothing for the local communities, hopefully somewhere local records may hold the answer.

One thing is sure and that is, he lived at Thrybergh during one of it's most troubled periods, a time when the Lord of the Manor was eventually cast into the debtors prison and the village was passed on to the Saville family of  nearby Mexborough.


Whilst at Thrybergh Godfrey and his wife had the following children.


James Marsden who was born at Thrybergh circa 1709, and his baptism is recorded on the  23rd Aug 1709, Thrybergh, Rotherham, Yorkshire

William Marsden the second son was born at Thrybergh circa 1711, and his baptism recorded  on the 17th July 1711at  Thrybergh, Rotherham, Yorkshire

Edward Marsden the third son was born at Thrybergh circa 1713, his baptism being recorded on the 1st July 1713, at Thrybergh, Rotherham, Yorkshire


 Matthew Marsden the fourth son was born at Thrybergh circa1714, his Baptism  being recorded on the 1st October 1714 at Thrybergh, Rotherham, Yorkshire.

Benjamin Marsden, the fourth son was born at Thrybergh circa 1715, his Baptism  being recorded on the 22nd  February 1714/15, at Thrybergh, Rotherham, Yorkshire.
Joseph Marsden who I presume  was a twin of Benjamin and also baptised 22nd February 1715

 Anne Marsden a daughter was born at Thrybergh circa,  1718,  her  Baptism  being recorded on the  3rd June 1718 at Thrybergh, Rotherham, Yorkshire

Jonathan Marsden the fifth son was born at Thrybergh circa, 1720,  his Baptism  being recorded on the 24th April 1720 at Thrybergh, Rotherham, Yorkshire

Benjamin Marsden born circa 1715 son of Godfrey above married firstly Elizabeth presumably Elizabeth died and Benjamin then married a second time to Hannah on the 26th July 1737 in Rotherham, Yorkshire She was born in Rotherham, Yorkshire, and died before 1761.  Benjamin became a pipemaker of Rotherham.

 Benjamin and Hannah had the following children.


James Marsden who was born circa 1737at Rotherham, Yorkshire he was baptised on the 4th January 1736/37 at Rotherham, Yorkshire he became Apprenticed in 1749 to Samuel Fowler a  cutler of Attercliffe he was living in 1762 at Attercliffe, Sheffield, Yorkshire

George Marsden the second son was born circa 1739, at Rotherham, Yorkshire his Baptism is recorded on the 6th February 1738/39, at Rotherham, Yorkshire. His occupation in 1763, was a Cutler living at Attercliffe, Sheffield, Yorkshire
Hannah Marsden was born circa  Abt. 1742 at Rotherham, Yorkshire. Her Baptism being recorded on the 28thNovember 1742, at Rotherham, Yorkshire


Also listed in Thrybergh are the following Marsden's whose relationship to the above if any is not certain.


Dorothy Marsden married  John Crosby on the18th June 1713  at Thrybergh, Yorkshire, England


Richard Marsden and his wife Sarah Marsden  had a son born circa 1722 who was Samual Marsden whose christening is recorded on the  21st November 1722 at Thrybergh, Yorkshire, England

Ten years later  circa 1732 a Sarah Marsden was born daughter of  Richard Marsden her Christening being recorded on the 25th January 1732  at Thrybergh, Yorkshire, England


Here is a bit of a mystery from the I. G. I.

Sarah Marsden married  George Glasby on the 1st December 1739 at  Thrybergh, Yorkshire, England

Sarah Marsden married  George Hurst on the 29th December 1739 at Thrybergh, Yorkshire, England

Has someone made a blooper once again  ?


Then we have possibly the last records of the Marsden name in Thrybergh with:

Louisa Marsden born circa 1814  daughter of  Mary Marsden Louisa's Christening being recorded on the 20th March 1814 at  Thrybergh, Yorkshire, England
On the 6th April 1822 Harriet Marsden was christened at Thrybergh daughter of  Matthew and Anne Marsden

1. Rotherham Marriages Disc.
2. See Cutlers Apprentice Lists.
3. Cutlers Apprentice Lists.

4  I. G. I.


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My grateful thanks to Pauline for sharing her research on this site.






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