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The Fullerton Servants


I have had a few emails from people researching ancestors that worked for the Fullertons of Thrybergh who would be grateful for any help offered. So I have created this page to record a listing of the Fullerton servants. There are quite a few romances  and stories concerning the people below, and also a few interesting mysteries to solve. Eventually has this page progresses we should have a fair idea of what life was like as a servant in those times.

Charles Duck 1813
My problem is that I have an ancestor called Charles Duck who was Coachman. One of my contacts also has a Charles Duck a Coachman who married Deborah Askin a Thrybergh girl at St Georges Hanover Square London in 1813. Their daughter Keziah was baptised in 1813 in Thrybergh with a reference to the Fullerton family in the margin.
No trace of either Charles or Deborah was found by my contact after that date, apart from Keziah's wedding in 1839.
I have a Charles Henry Martin Duck who married at St Clements Dane London in 1840, his father was Charles Martin Duck a Coachman. I have found a wedding in 1818 at St Andrews Holborn London of a Charles Duck and a Mary Martin, but the entry does not say Batchelor or Widower and does not give occupation. I have been unable to trace any children including my Charles Henry Martin Duck.
There are a number of Fullerton marriages and baptisms at these and other Westminster churches at this time, which makes me think that the Fullertons had a London residence and that Charles & Deborah met and married in London and then went back with their employers to Thrybergh. I also wonder if Deborah died and Charles remarried Mary Martin.
Only staff records if any were kept by the Fullertons would tell.
Any help would be much appreciated.
David Taylor  

Charles Duck 1813
I came upon your website whilst surfing trying to find what enumeration districts constitute 'Sheffield Park', which is what both fathers quoted as their home on Wm & Ketzia's marriage record 1839.  You will see from the aforegoing I have discovered the Speights but parent Charles DUCK is still a mystery. He was a coachman and none of the1841 census I have looked through show that occupation. (I might not have viewed all of them )
In your research of the district have you come across any manor house servant records? I have come to believe that Charles Duck & his wife Deborah Askin must have been servants of a local landowner - they married in London and when their daughter Keziah Duck was born/baptized in Thrybergh 1813 it noted that the father Charles was a servant in London and Deborah was living with her father Wm Askin the Blacksmith at Thrybergh.

Rena McCarthy 

 George T.B. Newton 1881
In 1881on the census of Thrybergh is listed one George T.B. Newton and his family
George T.B. Newton Head M Male 48 Edinsor, Derby, England Gardener Dom
Elizabeth Newton Wife M Female 46 Cuckney, Nottingham, England Gardener Wife
Blanch Ida Newton Daur U Female 15 Liverpool, Lancashire, England Scholar
Dwelling Garden House
Census Place Thrybergh, York, England
Public Records Office Reference RG11 Piece / Folio 4684 / 56 Page Number 23
As can be seen from the census George had been living in Liverpool in 1866 where his daughter was born, but there is a lot more to the story of George. Now according to the information below the age on the 1881 census could be wrong. This is quite conceivable as ages were often incorrect on census records. The Garden House listed as the dwelling of George in Thrybergh would possibly have been owned by the Fullerton Family [ need to verify ] So was George brought into the Fullerton Estate on the strength of his reputation as a Gardener.

George John Brown Newton born Edensor & baptised 7.1.1821. His Father was Sampson who worked on the Chatsworth Estate. George's Mother was Frances Brown from Dover

A lady who has records of employees of the Dukes of Devonshire in the C19th says there was a George Newton employed at Chiswick House in 1841 aged 20. This of course fits in with the date of baptism. 1851 Census he was a gardener moved back to Pilsley & was living with his Uncle and Aunt, aged 29, so still more or less the right age! The book - "A gardener at Chatsworth" is the diaries from 1848 to 1850 of Robert Aughtie, who worked in the Dof Devs Chiswick and Chatsworth estates, and was Joseph Paxton's under gardener. When Aughtie came to Chatsworth, the diaries mention lots of visits to "George" and as I said, the index says G came up from Chiswick. Which is all very nice, but according to the 1881 census, George's age is not right, as according to that he would have been born in 1833. I presume they mean George J B Newton, even though they wrote T, as I think the two letters could be confused easily.

Barbara Newton who would like to confirm the identity of George in 1881.

If you have any information please contact Barbara at


List of Servants


Charles Duck 1813 ?
Deborah Askin 1813 A Thrybergh girl who married Charles Duck at St Georges Hanover Square London in 1813.
James Norman servant age 50
Paul Hirst servant age 20
Christopher Pullain servant age 40
Eliza Parker servant age 33
Mary Richardson servant age 25
Sarah Cook servant age 19
Mary Johnson servant age 35
Lydia Wainwright age 30 servant
Martha Downing servant age 20
Sarah Cresswell servant age 10
James Brown servant age 30
James Cherry servant age 35
Ann Wright servant age 35
Mary Thompson servant age 15
Hannah Garton servant age 15
Thomas Cousins servant age 35
Richael Scott servant age 30
John Roberts age 40 Ag Lab
Edmund Dodge farm Baliff age 70
Ann Dodge age55
John Dodge shepherd age 24

George T.B. Newton 1881
Emma Drabble was found on the 1881 census working for Charles G. Fullerton Rector of St Andrew Boothby Graffoe Lincs on Vicarage Lane. Emma was listed in the household as Emma Paget working as a Housemaid age16 , born at Bourton On Dunsmore, Warwickshire, England Dom. Serv.
Emma worked for the Fullertons also at Thrybergh Hall as a servant for which she she got one 1/2 day off a year, which was New Years day. Her salary was 7/6d per year but of course she lived there and had food and clothing.
Around 1894 Emma Paget married Charles Drabble of Thrybergh. The descendants still live in the area today.
George Turton Head M Male 64 Thrybergh, York, England Farm Labourer In Charge Of Hall Not Let In The Hall Indoor
Rebbaca Turton Wife M Female 62 Edlington, York, England Farm Labourer Wife As General Serv Dom
Hester A. Ward Serv U Female 27 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England General Serv
Fanny Newman Serv U Female 30 Bovington, Hertford, England General Serv
Emily Groves Serv M Female 38 Weston, Shropshire, England Nurse Dom Serv
Fanny Rogers Serv U Female 24 Mottisfont, Hampshire, England Lady's Maid Dom Serv
Sarah Smeeton Serv W Female 44 Fulford, York, England Parlour Maid Dom Serv
Emily Miles Serv U Female 20 Purbrook, Hampshire, England Cook Dom Serv
Rebecca Turton serv wid 72 Bridlington Housekeeper
John Gillett serv S 49 Sand Hills Footman
Emma Raynor serv S 26 Boston Housemaid
Elizabeth Shirt serv S 19 Rugby Kitchenmaid
Ann Mollett serv S 16 Stafford Scoullerymaid
John Faraday serv S 21 Southampton Groom
Tom Clarke serv S 18 Botherton Groom
William Tonbric serv S 35 Granthem Stud Groom
Fred Woodersey serv S 19 Markham Groom

Rose and Beth Willert  of Thrybergh found employment in service with Catherine Herbert Fullerton of Thrybergh Hall moving with her to Hill, a hamlet near Leamington Hastings in Warwickshire, when she married Lieutenant Henry Alan Leeke.



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