Thrybergh Ravenfield Dalton

South Yorkshire England

            Pronounced locally Thrybur  Old English Triberg

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Photo 2006 courtesy Mick Carver

[ The Pubs got no Beer ]


Photo courtesy Jonathan Dabs


Built in 1928 the Fullerton Hotel catered for the influx of new residents in the new dwellings built on Vale Rd. and the estate that contained East Vale Dr. etc. Named after the Fullerton Family the Pub was quickly established as a popular drinking establishment. Rooms could be hired for functions, and like most Pubs it had its Off License.

The Pub here in 2004 was closed, and boarded up and put up for sale. Many rumours spread around the Village has to the fate of the Fullerton. Peter Lawery informs me that some of the rumours were.

First, a local couple is to run it.

Second, a couple is moving up from Burton-on-Trent.

Third , The Weatherspoons Company is to take it on.

 I think the latter would be the best thing for the locals as they sell ale for almost half the price of most pubs, they don't have t/v's or juke Box's, serve good food & coffee, tea cheaper than cafes & most of them open at 10.00, we live in hope. Will keep you posted.

Thankfully the Fullerton Hotel is now reopened its doors once again.




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