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            Pronounced locally Thrybur  Old English Triberg

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John Skipwith Herbert Fullerton



John Skipwith Herbert Fullerton had this chapel erected in 1911 in memory of his Family. The inscriptions read.
Left Inscription.
Was dated 1984 [ to be investigated. ]
Centre inscription reads
Right inscription reads



In 1918 Second Lieutenant Charles Alan Clarke Fullerton son of J. H. S. Fulerton serving in the Royal Air Force was killed in the 1914-18 War, and buried in the old cemetery at Thrybergh
1918 Mrs. Fullerton, Noblethorpe Hall, Silkstone, nr. Barnsley Cross No.2 Silkstone GP Kell The no 3 was still Abandoned.
There are 1903 records of the Fullerton Hospital, Denaby Main Denaby, Yorkshire
1903-41 : minutes, misc papers  Doncaster Archives Department Reference : HR.5 NRA 22601 Fullerton Hospital Further records
1927-1976 Margaret Fullerton, congregational minister, press cuttings and photographs
Description Press cuttings and photographs  Subject UNITED REFORMED CHURCH  Subject CONGREGATIONALISTS
Yorkshire Archaeological Society
Yorkshire Archaeological Society. ... Address: West Yorkshire Archive Service, Yorkshire
Archaeological Society, Claremont,23 Clarendon Road, Leeds LS2 9NZ. ...

Fullerton and Montague Hospitals Retention Campaign Denaby, South Yorkshire (1)also of : Mexborough, South Yorkshire
1978-84 : papers Doncaster Archives Department Reference : DDMF  NRA 32716 Macfarlane
Fullerton Hospital, Denaby Main Denaby, Yorkshire  (1)GB/NNAF/O90873

In the year 2003
The Limes Specialist Care Categories Learning disability Fullerton House School Tickhill Square Denaby Doncaster
South Yorkshire Area DN12 4AR Tel: (01302) 866906 Fax: (01709) 861663
Fullerton House School, Denaby, South Yorkshire
Situated in the village of Denaby near Doncaster, Fullerton House was originally a hospital. Today Fullerton House is a 52 week co-educational school for 36 children and young people from 8 to 19 years of age.
Fullerton House provides accommodation, education and therapeutic services for people with severe challenging behaviours resulting from autism or severe learning difficulties. The school provides a safe, comfortable home and stimulating school environment for our students - with the added advantage of being in the heart of the busy local community.

The actual departure of the Fullertons from Thrybergh is yet to be researched, it may be possible like many large estates in England that the upkeep of the Thrybergh estate became to expensive, and was sold. Large parts of the Property were leased and The Rotherham Golf club was established there in 1903.


Miss Leak

Miss Leak photo edited by John Doxey from an original supplied courtesy of Mollie Uttley.

Miss Leaks Caravan photo courtesy of Mollie Uttley The photo on the right is of  Miss Leak who was a descendant of the Fullertons, Miss Leak lived in a caravan at Thrybergh Park during  the Rev. Dixon era [ 1950's ], then she had a house built near the tennis courts. Eventually Miss Leak left Thrybergh and married in her later years and lived in Cambridge.

Lyn Crosby [ nee Page remembers ]
Miss Leek was as I understand the last of the Fullerton family At the age of eleven I was crowned May Queen at Thrybergh junior School by Miss Leek, as a gift she gave me a gold pendant that had been passed down through her family, I still treasure it today.







The Fullerton Name Worldwide

There are many buildings and Streets throughout the British Isles that bear the name Fullerton, and also throughout the World in general. It is thought that a Fullerton was on the Mayflower with the Pilgrams.
Fullerton Rd, Rotherham, South Yorkshire England
Fullerton Cove nr Newcastle New South Wales Australia
Fullerton City  
Located 22 miles southeast of metropolitan Los Angeles, in the center of North Orange County, Fullerton is a full-service city. Named after  George H. Fullerton, in 1887 president of the Pacific Land and Improvement Co., also a Santa Fe subsidiary
The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore The Fullerton Hotel (00 65 733 8388), 1 Fullerton Square, Singapore.
The Fullerton building was formerly the city’s GPO. Its imposing exterior of Doric columns has made it a key landmark since it was completed in 1928. Architects had to respect its original structure when converting it to a 400-room hotel — it opened on January 1 this year. Its lozenge-shaped eight-storey central atrium, with bars and restaurants, has become a meeting place for the city’s movers and shakers.

On the odd occasion children born in the 19th and early 20th centuries were given a second Christian name which may have been the maiden name of the Mother or surname of a family friend or Doctor and sometimes an institution. Around the turn of the 20th century a family named Mist moved from the South of England to Denaby South Yorkshire. They had a son born on the 6th of July 1906, at Denaby he was named Charles Fullerton Mist. He was named either after the name of a Dr. Fullerton who was practicing in the area, or he was named after The Fullerton Hospital at Denaby. The family emigrated to Canada in 1912 and Charles went on to become a director for the Boston Insurance Company in Canada, which was later bought by Continental.  Charles was very proud of the name Fullerton.
I would like to thank Judy Fleming the daughter of Charles for contributing the unusual naming of her Father to this site
11147. Wellington Mounted Rifles, N.Z.E.F..
Killed in action 6th August 1915.
Age 24.
Son of A. W. and S. G. Fullerton-Smith, of Marton, New Zealand. SP. Mem. B. 61


For you cricket fans I found this little item of a Fullerton who played for South Africa


South Africa in England, 1947 Yorkshire v South Africa Bramall Lane, Sheffield
19,21,22 July 1947 (3-day match) Result: Match drawn
1st innings
GM Fullerton 

c Smailes b Coxon   50 runs
2nd innings

GM Fullerton                           

 b Wardle 42 runs


In New Zealand Today

Fullerton-Smith Regional Shield women's golf
Regional Teams of 5 players - Aggregate of the four lowest gross scores of each round.
Central Region 1205
Team: Hee- Jeong Chun, Claire Dury, Lisa Herbert, Margot Oliver and Brenda Ormsby.



The Fullerton Family are being researched by Richard Fullerton Smith 
Mary Elizabeth Fullerton 

Should you have an interest or information concerning this family please contact
Richard and Mary



18th cent-20th cent : accounts and papers Sheffield Archives Reference : MD 5880-5886 NRA 23246 Sheffield Misc
17th cent-20th cent : deeds and papers Sheffield Archives NRA 11422 Fullerton

1668-1705 : Denaby court rolls and misc estate papers Sheffield Archives Reference : MD3490-1 NRA 23246 Sheffield Misc
Fullarton family of Kilmichael, Isle of Arran 

1391-1910 : deeds and estate papers National Archives of Scotland Reference : GD1/19 see Bulletin of IHR xxv 1952

Sources this page
Special Thanks to Richard Fullerton Smith for his kindness in sharing his family history.
Richard Fullerton Smith  
1881 Census of England
 Rotherham Records
Fullarton History in Scotland 
Rotherham Advertiser
Mollie Uttley

Lyn Crosby


The Fullerton Servants



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