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The Fullerton Family




The name Fullerton is remembered in Thrybergh in the naming of The Thrybergh Fullerton School, The Fullerton Hotel, and Fullerton Drive. In nearby Denaby as you will see below the name Fullerton is etched into the history of that Village also.

The name is believed to have originated back to Anglo Saxon or Norman linage, and can be found with Walter son of Alan around 1100 a. d.
The Fullerton linage dates well back into the history of England, the year 1630 In the reign of King Charles I, a Sir James Fullerton, was one of the gentlemen of his majesty's bedchamber. A Sir Thomas Fullerton was also to be found in this era. There are early records of the family in Shropshire. and the family is linked with the Fullerton name in Scotland,  It is from the Fullerton's of Scotland that our Fullerton's of Thrybergh originated.. The Fullerton name can be found in Ireland and also a large amount of Fullerton's are today found in America.



 Fullerton History in Scotland

The Rev. William Fullerton, who was a Minister of St. Quivox, Ayrshire, He married Frances, daughter of Stewart of Reece, Renfrewshire, a cadet of the Stewarts of Lennox, and had several sons and daughters, and was ancestor of the Fullerton's of Thrybergh Park, Yorkshire.
 In the will of Jane Kendall dated: 16 September 1769 the widow of James Kendall and daughter of John Weston of Ockham in Surrey, esquire, dated 1 May 1766, bequeathing to her nephew, the Revd. John Fullerton all lands and property in her possession and making sundry money bequests to her sister Frances Fitzgerald, her brother John Fullerton, esquire, her nephew, Henry Perkins Weston, esquire, her niece Anne Weston, her nephew the Revd. Weston Fullerton, her niece Judith Finch, to the grandson of her Uncle and Aunt Weston, Richard Skrine, esquire, and should he die to his wife Elizabeth, to her cousin Mary, her friend Mrs. Sarabella Wigmore of Cavisham near Ludlow, her cousin Margaret Myddleton, to Mrs. Margaret Thomas who raised her son, and to all her servants who have been with her for more than one year, to Mr. Thomas Fladgate, grocer of Conduit Street, St. Georges, together with his wife and two daughters, to the poor people of Stratford-upon-Avon not relieved by the parish and to the almspeople of the parish, with identical provisions for the poor and the almspeople of the parishes of Grafton and Fullbrook; finally a bequest of £100 for the erection at West Horsley Church of a monument in memory of her son, James John Kendall. She further appoints her nephew the Revd. John Fullerton, as sole executor of her will.

The history of how the Fullerton family acquired Thrybergh is as follows.
John Saville purchased Thrybergh from Sir William Reresby. The estate was then inherited by Elizabeth Saville the heiress of John Saville. Elizabeth married a John Finch, and they had a son named Saville Finch. Saville Finch married Judith Fullerton, the couple had no children. John Fullerton  then inherited Thrybergh from  his Uncle Weston Fullerton who turned over the estate which had been left to him by Judith Fullerton.

John Fullerton had a daughter named Frances who married A Rev. Charles Smith and it is from this marriage the linage of Fullerton Smith derived. Members of the Fullerton Smith family established themselves in New Zealand in 1879.

A Samuel Fullerton serving in the 22nd Regiment of Foot married a girl named Scroggs in April 1772 living at New Hall. England.

In Australia there are early records of the Fullerton name, and also newspaper items.  A J B Fullerton  featuring in The Creswick & Clunes Advertiser at Creswick, Victoria 2 September. 1864  regarding a Meeting of the Shire.
Also Jeremiah Fullerton featuring in an article in  The Creswick & Clunes Advertiser Fryers Creek, Victoria about a Large Gold Nugget in the year 1865 on the 6th February




When John Fullerton inherited Thrybergh there were approximately 200 people living there. John Fullerton involved himself in the local community and also in the Township of Rotherham. With the estate came land at nearby Denaby and Ickles Hall which was on Sheffield Road Rotherham, later to become the site of Steel Peach and Tozers . The Ickles property was leased to a local farmer by John Fullerton. The Fullertons also owned a mine which was listed as JSH Fullerton, Noblethorpe Hall, Silkstone, nr. Barnsley Cross No.1 Silkstone GP Kell which was abandoned by 1908.


Somerset. Smith, Vicar of East Garston, Berks, and son of the late Dean of Christ Church, Oxford, to Frances, youngest dau. of John Fullerton, At Thrybergh, Yorksh. the Rev. Charles esq. of Thrybergh Park.


Annals of Yorkshire from the Earliest Period to the Present Time - Page 372 by Henry Schroder - 1852

Fullerton, Colonel, of Thribergh Park, near Rotherham, was a magistrate for the West-riding. He became possessed of Thribergh, 1800 to (wmcn wtts purchased by John Savile, Esq., of Methley, of Sir 1850 William Reesby, about the year 1705,) by bequest of his relation Judith, (who died in 1809), the window of Savile Finch, Esq. M.P. for Malton, who was the only son of the honourable John Finch, (second son of Heneage Earl of Ailesford), by Elizabeth Savile, heiress of Thribergh. Colonel Fullerton erected a new mansion at Thribergh, in the style called gothic; and he placed in the church there a beautiful monument by the younger Bacon, representing his wife Louisa (who died in 1818 at Buxton, in her 37th year), and her eight children, in alto-relievo. He died at his seat, Thribergh Park, January 19th, 1847, in his 69th year.
Colonel Fullerton is succeeded at Thribergh by his son John Fullerton, Esq., who married, May 27th 1827, Louisa, fourth
daughter of Sir Grey Skipwith, Bart, of Hampton Lucy, Warwickshire, and has a numerous family.óGent. Mag.

Slacks Farm and Slacks Gorse surrender of a life estate by bargain and sale dated: 13 October 1809concerning Rev. Weston Fullerton of West Horsley, Sry, B.A.and John Fullerton of Bramley Hall, par. Braithwell, Yks.


1810 Weston Fullerton son of  John and Louisa  was born on the  21st May and was  Christened on the 1st  December 1811  at Thrybergh.

In 1811Thomas Fullerton was born son of John and Louisa on the 28th of June and christened on the 1st of  December 1811 at  Thrybergh

An Assignment of  a Mortgage by Lease and Release concerning. Thomas Garth, late of the Kings Mews, but now of Ilsington House near Dorchester, co. Dorset, Esq., a General in His Majesty's Service, and John Fullerton, late of Barton House, co. Warwick, but now of Thryberg Park near Doncaster, co. York, Esq.
A reconveyance by lease and release dated 11th and 12th of  March 1814
concerning John Fullerton of Thrybergh Park, Yks, esq. concerning  property in Bramley, par. Braithwell, Yks, yielding a total rent of £221 10s per annum, in the tenure or occupation of John Fullerton, John Badger, George Spencer and others.

Prior 1814 the new owner of Thrybergh John Fullerton sold a large amount of timber from the estate with a view to raise money to build a new House. That House is now the Rotherham Golf Course Club House.


About this time in 1811 John Fullerton and the Rev. Milner appointed a new Schoolmaster who was the Rotherham born James Ross, later to become known as the Bard of Thrybergh.


The year 1825 Anna  Fullerton married  George Ramshaw at Thrybergh  on the 6th  January

John Fullerton became a Magistrate in Rotherham and often was found on the bench dealing with local disputes and the like.

A Lease and release dated 5th and 6th of July 1825 by John Fullerton of Thrybergh Park, Yks, esq. and a Covenant dated 6th July 1825 by John Fullerton of Thrybergh Park, Yks, esq, to John Carr of Sheffield, Yks, saw mfr to produce title deeds on the sale of Slacks Farm.

At a Midsummer Quarter Sessions at Rotherham on 4 Jul 1837 Stuart Corbett, Doctor of Divinity, John Fullerton, Esquire, and B. Dixon, Deputy Clerk of the peace signed a Removal order for a Benjamin, Sarah his wife and their five children Sarah Ann 13, Matilda , Eliza , Joel and Hannah 6 months from Bradfield to Hunshelf

1838 Cecilia Louisa Ann Fullerton was  Christened at Thrybergh on the 8th of  February. Child of Weston and Charlotte Fullerton

1838 Selina  Fullerton was Christened on the 4th of  December at Thrybergh, Daughter of  Weston Fullerton and Charlotte/Sarah?

A Reconveyance by Lease and Release  John Fullerton of Thrybergh Park, co. York, Esq., Thomas Garth of Haines Hall, Co. Wiltshire, Esq., a Captain in the Royal Navy, and William Townsend of Doctors Common in the City of London, Esq. 2. Rt. Hon. John William, 7th Earl of Sandwich. dated 29th to the 30th April, 1839 No conveyance of the estates comprized in the Mortgage in recital 1. was made to Thomas Garth or William Townsend when they were appointed trustees: the legal estate of the inheritance in fee simple of these estates is now vested solely in John Fullerton as the only survivor of the original trustees.

In 1848 was an act of Parliament under (11 12 Vict.). Chronological Table of the Private and Personal Acts (1539 - 2000)
John Fullerton's estate: enabling sales, leases and mortgages of estates in Yorkshire.
Part 31 (1848-1865)Acts of the Parliaments of the United Kingdom


Sheffield Agriculture Show 1852

For the best three Store pigs of the same litter from four to nine months old £5. 00. Black and white birth February 9th 1852 a Thrybergh Boar d. by Fishers old boar, John Fullerton, Thrybergh Park Rotherham, bred by him.

In the same show 1st prize for extra stock pigs J. Fullerton Thrybergh Park Boar.

For the best Mare and foal for agricultural purpose £5. 00.  Brown a Great Britain J. Fullerton Thrybergh Park Rotherham bred by him.


1865  Rev A Fullerton was on the bench at Rotherham during the hearing of the murder of William Lilley a local gamekeeper.

Mr Cordeaux married 14 November 1871 at Thribergh, Sophia, second daughter of  the late J. Fullerton esq of Thribergh Park.


In a recent correspondance  Mary Elizabeth Fullerton [ Founder/Artistic Director Napa Valley Shakespeare Festival Napa, California ] writes
I am searching for information regarding the death of my great-grandfather, John Reginald Fullerton, son of Reverend Arthur Fullerton of Thrybergh.  He had  emigrated to Canada about 1880.  His older brother, James Townsend Fullerton, left for Canada before him.  He had another brother named Weston.  He and my great-grandmother were estranged, I believe, at the time of his death.  Legend has it that he died in a polo match near San Francisco.  I am wondering if  any information might have made it back to his birthplace of Thrybergh. 


Death records for that period in and around San Francisco were destroyed during the great earthquake. My guess at the approximate date of his death is vague-the 1890's or first decade of the "new" century.  My grandfather, also John Reginald Fullerton returned to England with his mother, Ada Clarice Fullerton Lawson for his education. I believe Ada died there during World War I.  I have her letters; the last is  dated 1918.

In 1892, Fox Hunt at Badsworth Milton kennel. [ reproduced from 'Hunting in Yorkshire' a Field Sports Publication (c. 1962)  There followed a notable seven seasons Mastership by Mr. John Fullerton who did some useful hound breeding, and hunted hounds himself, with Dick Counsell, from Lord Fitzwilliam's, as whipper-in. In 1902. Mr. Fullerton retired, going later to the York and Ainsty.


1900 There was a Dr. Fullerton living and practicing at nearby Swinton.
John Fullerton a Vice Admiral R N in 1901 was listed as age 60 born at Thrybergh and was living at Hamble Le Rice Ent Southampton, with his wife Ada Fullerton age 58 born in Simla India.
1901Catherine Fullerton age 62 the widow of Charles Garth Fullerton was living at New Milverton Warwickshire living on her own means
1901 Grey Fullerton age 33 son of Charles Garth Fullerton was living at Datchet Bucks and was a Member Of London Stock Exchange
1901 Charles Fullerton age 32 son of Charles Garth Fullerton was found at Ackworth West Riding Yorkshire as a Clergyman Church Of England at St. Cuthbert
John Fullerton in 1901 was age 35 was living at Kirk Smeaton West Riding of Yorkshire and Living on his own means. with his Family
Mary Fullerton age 29 born in London
Charles Fullerton age 5 born at Ackworth Yorkshire
John Fullerton age 6 born at Thrybergh

Denaby South Yorkshire  by the turn of the century, the Mining company had built over a thousand houses for its workforce, producing a village which lacked any real focus. It straggled along the main road, the layout of its streets reflecting the boundaries of the fields which had been purchased piecemeal ( from John Fullerton of  Thrybergh Hall, who owned the mining royalties,  and Andrew Montagu of High Melton Hall )  as the need for more pit- workers and hence new houses arose.


JOHN CHARLES MARK FULLERTON Patron of the Livings of Thrybergh and Adwick-le-Street, Yorks, and Boothby Graffoe, Lincs, being the last Fullerton I can find holding the patronage listed in Bourke's Peerage.

Fullerton Family Pg 2



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