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By Graeme French
Additional Census and I.G.I. content researched by John Doxey


My family resided at Thrybergh, Dalton Magna and Dalton Parva for at least 300 years. Henry French and wife Matilda also lived at Ravenfield.
So far the earliest ancestor I have discovered is John French, a tenant farmer at Dalton Magna born c 1705. The family church was St Leonards, also Holy Trinity from its consecration and St Albans Wickersley.

 Henry French and his wife Lydia had a son:-  
 John French born on the 27th November 1810, he was Christened on the13th  January 1811 at  Thrybergh
Their daughter Charlotte was Christened on the 31st January 1813 also at Thrybergh

Thomas French and his wife Mary had the following children
Elizabeth French who was Christened on the 10th June 1810 at  Thrybergh.
Hannah French Christened on the 22nd October1827 at  Thrybergh.
Ellen French Christened approx 11th MAY 1834 at Thrybergh
Charlotte French Christened on the 20th February1836 at Thrybergh.

John French and his wife Sarah had the following children
Henry French who was Christened on the12th MAY 1799 at Thrybergh.
Sarah French who was Christened on the18th April 1802 at  Thrybergh.
Hannah French who was Christened on the18th April 1802 at  Thrybergh.
Thomas French who was Christened on the 31st January 1808 at Thrybergh.

Hannah French married Benjamin Tarton on the 29th June1786 at  Thrybergh.
Hannah French married William Swallow on the 31st October 1827 at Thrybergh.
Thomas French married Mary Bartholomew on the 5th June 1827 at Thrybergh.
Mary French married Joseph Yelland on the13th April 1830 at Thrybergh .

1881 census
Henry French Head W Male 82 Dalton, York, England Farmer Of 22 Acres
Mary French Daur U Female 39 Dalton Magna, York, England Farmers Housekeeper Dom
Joseph Halcroft Visitor U Male 52 Cuckney, Nottingham, England Gamekeeper
Census Place Dalton In Rotherham, York, England
Public Records Office Reference RG11 Piece / Folio 4674 / 20 Page Number 16

You mentioned Hannah Sargan in the history. She was a widow born in Clifton and carrying on a farm in Thrybergh of 116 acres employing 2 men and a boy in 1881. The census address was Farm House. There were at least 2 boys (William and Joseph) and 3 girls (Margaret, Hannah & Metissa). Margaret married Edwin Thomas French and they had 2 boys (Edwin died as infant and Oswyn Edwin French) and 3 girls (Margaret Elizabeth, Helena and Hannah May).

1901 census
Edwin French  45 Yorks Rawmarsh Yorkshire Thrybergh Stone Mason
Margaret French  42 Yorks Clifton Yorkshire Thrybergh
Margeret French  14 Yorks Thrybergh Yorkshire Thrybergh
Helena French  12 Yorks Thrybergh Yorkshire Thrybergh    
Hannah French  5 Yorks Thrybergh Yorkshire Thrybergh  
Osywm French  1 Yorks Thrybergh Yorkshire Thrybergh 

I would love to trace Oswyn (known as Oswin usually) as my father was named after him. He went to WW1 and survived. According to an article in the Rotherham FHS journal June 2002 reporting on a piece in The Advertiser 21 Aug 1920, he was included on a memorial Roll of Honour on vellum of members of Thrybergh Cricket Club who served in the war. Do you know where the Cricket Club ground was?
You also mentioned Mary Wadsworth and her quarries. Edwin was born in Rawmarsh in 1855 and started work as a stonemason in her quarries. He boarded with her and her daughter in a house which was the next entry on the 1881 census to Hannah Sargan and family.
1881 census
Mary Wadsworth Head W Female 65 Barnsbrough, York, England Partner Quarry Owner
Elisa Wadsworth Daur U Female 36 Ravenfield, York, England Domestic
Edwin Thomas French Boarder U Male 25 Rawmarsh, York, England Quarry Mason
Dwelling Common
Census Place Thrybergh, York, England
Public Records Office Reference RG11 Piece / Folio4684 / 53 Page Number 18

That is another reason why I would like to know where the Sargan farm was. I was very interested to learn Mary Wadsworth was a partner in a quarry near the railway bridge in Park Lane as I imagine that is where Edwin would have worked.
I have a copy of a document indicating that in 1898 Mary Wadsworth was a partner in two quarries of 1 acre and 1.323 acres. The Late Tony Munford at Rotherham archives suggested they were
1) east of Black Carr off Hilltop Lane from Dalton Magna to Wickersley.
2) a short distance to the north east off Flanderwell Lane from Hilltop Lane to Bramley.
Both areas now scrubland. However I was always worried about the distance from Thrybergh and your Park Lane quarry seems much more likely for Edwin's work.

Around 1900 Edwin acquired at least one quarry and I have speculated it was from Mary Wadsworth. He was listed in the 1903 to 1905 Trade directories as Quarry Owner, Stone Merchant and Grindstone Manufacturer. Rotherham archives don't have the 1906 and 1907 directories.

In the 1908 directory he is listed as a farmer so would have made the change say in 1907. Trade directories up to 1925 show him as a farmer and in the 1925 directory with the address Glebe Farm Thrybergh. That is why I would like to pinpoint the Glebe Farm conclusively which I also thought would be near St Leonard's church.

One suggestion I have had is that the farmhouse was in Park Lane near the north west corner with the current street called Poplar Ave in the triangular piece of land enclosed by Doncaster Rd. There is also a reference to Glebe Farm in a leaflet called "Historic Thrybergh" produced by "The Thrybergh and Dalton Heritage Group" suggesting the farmhouse was in that triangle and that it still exists (2003) together with stone cottages further north in that triangle. Unfortunately I have had no response to mail or via the website at and I haven't been to Rotherham to check since receiving it.

Apparently a lot of the church glebes were sold off and I would like to know if Edwin bought it or was a tenant of the church. Also I don't know when he went to Glebe Farm as he could have got the Sargan farm in 1907 or gone to Glebe Farm straight away. At least one of the Sargan boys died young. Of course the Sargans may have had Glebe Farm themselves and Edwin and Margaret succeeded them. That would be the easy solution and in fact my best guess. The Sargans arrived in Thrybergh between 1865 and 1868.

I have a copy of a newspaper report of someone stealing from Edwin's farm in 1908. The culprit lived close by on Whinney Hill. If the Glebe Farm was in Park Lane it lends support to the idea Edwin went straight to Glebe Farm in 1907, unless the Sargan farm was very close by as well.

A family story is that Edwin was an undertaker as well but I don't know when. I have not found any evidence so far.
Also family history is that he lived at Netherfield Cottage at some point in his life and I believe it is correct. I think it must have been before he became a farmer so at some time in the period 1881 to 1907 probably. Rotherham archives knew of a cottage called that in Doncaster Rd, Eastwood on the Rotherham fringe, but that seems too far away. I believe it would have been in Thrybergh. Perhaps someone has heard of it.

When Edwin retired in 1932 he lived at Glebe House in Park Lane. I suspect that Glebe House and the Glebe farmhouse may be one and the same, but I don't know. He died there in 1936 and he is buried at St Leonard's, one of the few remaining gravestones.

Oswyn Edwin French was an executor of Edwin's will so I know he was alive on 28 February 1936 living at 28 The Grove, Wheatley Hills, Doncaster.
You also mentioned the Boothroyd family. George Henry Boothroyd was also an executor and a nephew of Edwin Thomas French, being the son of Hannah Sargan. He was also a farmer at Oak Farm, Thrybergh which is why I was interested in Oak Farm.

Graeme & Beverley French

Šopyright Graeme French and John Doxey


As you can see from the French family history there are many questions, Graeme and Beverley would love to know the answers to those questions, so if you can help please contact them at 

Many thanks to Graeme and Beverly for sharing their family with us.





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