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Of Fosters Store


Fred Foster and Grandson Graham photo courtesy of Colin FellRemison FOSTER Head M Male 29 Messingham, Lincoln, England Brickmaker
Leah FOSTER Wife M Female 29 Westerley, Gloucester, England
Agnes FOSTER Daur Female 9 London, London, Middlesex, England Scholar
Fred FOSTER Son Male 4 Blacker, York, England Scholar
William FOSTER Son Male 8 m West Melton, York, England
Thomas COULTON Father In law W Male 46 Chilcote, Derby, England Brickmaker
Thomas COULTON Brother In Law Male 14 West Melton, York, England Coal Miner
Isaac COULTON Brother In Law Male 12 Appleby, Leicester, England
Joseph COULTON Brother In Law Male 10 Chilcote, Derby, England Scholar
Annie COULTON Sister In Law Female 6 Healey, York, England Scholar
Packman Rd Brampton Bierlow, York, England
Public Records Office Reference RG11 Piece Folio 4682 53 Page Number 27

Fred Foster was born on August 18th 1876 in Blacker Hill, Worsborough. His mother was Leah Foster, and his father was the extraordinarily named Remison Foster*, described as a brick maker on the birth certificate, and from Messingham in Lincolnshire, according to the 1901 census, by when he is described as a contractor in coal mining, and living in Hoyland Nether.


Fred's siblings were William age 20 in 1901, and a coal miner framer, Frank  age 18, also coal miner framer, John  age 14, coal pony driver , Bertha age 12, Maggie age10 and Leah age 4.

Robert Foster a great grandson of Rennison writes:-
My father was Alexander (Alec)Foster and my Grandfather was John Foster ( brother of Fred ) My great Grandfather was RENNISON FOSTER ,his parents were William Foster and Margaret RENNISON ( hence the name ) and William's father was John Foster - born around 1790.
* Although Freds father was named Rimison on the census his name was actually Rennison, and he was named after his Mothers maiden name. This happened quite often back then.


Rennison Fosters parents were
William FOSTER Head M Male 57 Twigmore, Lincoln, England Boot Maker
Margaret FOSTER Wife M Female 64 Scotterthorpe, Lincoln, England
William GREENSIDES Lodger U Male 80 York, England Ag Lab
High St Shoe Makers Shop
Census Place Messingham, Lincoln, England
Public Records Office Reference RG11 Piece Folio 3288 104 Page Number 16

Now what follows is very interesting, like me I guess some of you may wonder what made a miner want to become a shopkeeper, well from the information below we may have the answer. This could very well be Fred Fosters widowed great Aunt !
Mary Ann FOSTER Head W Female 62 Derby, England Shop Keeper
Mary Elizth.FOSTER Daur U Female 32 Messingham, Lincoln, England
Caroline FOSTER Daur U Female 31 Messingham, Lincoln, England Grocer Draper
Thirza FOSTER Daur U Female 29 Messingham, Lincoln, England Assistant Draper
Elizabeth WILKINSON Visitor M Female 30 Hedon, York, England Dressmaker
Mary Ann FOSTER Visitor U Female 25 Hedon, York, England Assistant
Dwelling High St Grocer & Draper Shop
Census Place Messingham, Lincoln, England
Public Records Office Reference RG11 Piece Folio 3288 97 Page Number 1




Fred Foster began work at Hoyland Silkstone colliery at the age of 11, breaking a leg after 1 year caused by a run of tubs underground, and was a patient at the Sheffield infirmary".

Fred married Sarah Elizabeth Dallison around 1894 who was born in 1878 the daughter of,
George DALLISON age 34 in 1881 born at Stavely, Derbyshire who was a Coal Miner and,

Lucy DALLISON age 34 born in Elsecar. Sarah's siblings were,
Mary DALLISON age 12 born at Elsecar,

John W. DALLISON age 10 born at Elsecar,

George DALLISON age 7 born at Elsecar,

Harriet DALLISON age 5 born at Elsecar, and

Joseph DALLISON age 8 born at Elsecar.
In the household in 1881 was a David JONES Boarder age 35 born in Llandovey, Wales an Iron Worker
Church Street
Wath On Dearne, York, England
Public Records Office Reference RG11 Piece Folio 4607 130 Page Number 13 .

May, George, and, Albert Foster courtesy Colin FellIn 1901 George Dallison and his family had moved up the hill to Hoyland Nether and he had become a Farmer

In 1901Fred Foster and his family were living in Gill Street, Hoyland Nether, and Fred was described as a coal miner hewer. His children pictured right were May born 1895,

George born c1899, and

Albert born after 1901.

Fred then moved to the Thrybergh area and worked as a miner at Silverwood Colliery.

The Business of Foster's located at the top of Whinney Hill was established in 1919 by Fred Foster.  Fred was miner at Silverwood from its early days until 1919 when he purchased what was to become Fosters Store business from a William Cooper.


Leonard Fell son of May Fell nee Foster was born in a room over the Foster's' store on Whinney Hill, and told the story that Fred Foster pulled a pint and drank one alternately in the off license there!
The store was a one place shopping stop for the new local residents. Selling groceries, hardware, and included its own Haberdashery.




Glenville the Foster Home in Thrybergh courtesy Colin Fell George Foster courtesy of Graham Fell The family home is pictured right and son Graham is pictured left


From an article possibly from the Rotherham Advertiser or The Sheffield Star


 "To work in a coal mine until the age of 43, and without any previous business experience step out of the mine and launch a successful business is a very rare achievement". Fred was " a keen angler" who "liked nothing better than a few days fishing a few miles out of Bridlington and around Flamboro. Two assistants were employed at the commencement of his business career. With assiduity and keen business enterprise, Mr Foster's stores began to expand into a large modern emporium with many departments and over 100 employees. These departments embrace grocery, provisions, butchery, drapery, boots, clothing, furnishings, wireless, and beer-off, all fitted up in an  attractively built range of shops near the brow of Whinney Hill. It is interesting to note...that one of the new shops is partly situated in the Thrybergh parish and partly in the Dalton parish, so that customers are unconsciously passing from Dalton into Thrybergh as they walk about the shop."





















Colin Fell  who is researching the Family History and would like to hear of any stories or memories related to the Fosters or Fells of Bramley
Robert Foster   also researching the Family History

With contributions from
Veronica Marshall
Jonathan Dabs
John Doxey
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