Thrybergh Ravenfield Dalton

South Yorkshire England

            Pronounced locally Thrybur  Old English Triberg

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Thrybergh Folk Pre 1400


11th Century


Norman [ Northman] who was the main landholder in Thrybergh, Dalton, and Brinsworth when Edward the Confessor was on the throne. Norman was a grandson of Alwine and his grandfather was Farthegn who ruled Yorkshire

1066 a William of Spofforth owned Thrybergh

1086William de Percy a Norman born about 1030 was granted land which included Brinsworth, Thrybergh, and Dalton. For helping William in the Conquest of Yorkshire after the battle of Hastings

1086 Rozelin held land from William in Brinsworth, Thrybergh and Dalton. Rozelin also held land in the south of England

Baron Adam Swain who was the son of the founder of the priory of Monkbretton.  This Adam Swain had daughters and the eldest daughter and co-heir married a certain Alexandra Crevequer, so the  lordship of Thrybergh still under De Percy eventually passed to her descendants who were the the Nevils and the Hetons, one of the latter in the reign of Edward 111.


12th Century


1159, Adam, son of Sveinn, son of Alric died, leaving as his heirs his two daughters, Amabel and Maude, who had married  William de Neville and Adam de Montbegan.



13th Century


1220 Ralph Normanville  born at Thrybergh 
1222 John de Normanville born  at  Thrybergh
1282 Thethnega born in Thrybergh
1288 Adam De Reresby Lord of Eshouere was born at Thrybergh





 14th Century


1302.approx Joan De Reresby was born at Thrybergh
1303 approx Ralph Reresby born at Thrybergh
Johannes  Rygeway and his wife Cecilia There was a William De Rygeway recorded in 1310 in Derbyshire or Cheshire the name means someone from Ridgeway or dweller by the Ridgeway.
Robert Combe and his wife BeatrixThe surname means someone from one of the many places called Combe
Rudolph Combe  possibly son, brother, or father of Robert
William Couper and his wife Johanna The surname means maker or repairer of wooden containers
Robert Cawey and his wife Johanna
John Godhale and his wife Magota The surname means to Hail God
Alan Godhale
Robert Swyft and his wife Magota No prizes for guessing the meaning of this surname
John Mote and his wife DiannaThe surname is a pet name for Matilda
Beatrix Mote possible daughter of John above
Robert  Hannelay and his wife Ann
Alan Schephird and his wife Matilda  possibly son, brother, or father of
Rudolph Shepherd and his wife Matilda possibly son, brother, or father of
Thomas Shephird and his wife Agnes
Richard Haremyhere a Wryght and his wife Beatrix
John Wippe  and his wife Johanna Old English name associated with Whip
John Caton and his wife AliciaThe surname is a pet name of Catelin or Katin a diminutive of Cat
William ffoye / Foy and his wife Agnes The surname means Faith
John Firthe and his wife Cecilia This surname has many variations the original Old English word being firhpe meaning of the Woodland
Richard  Roland and his wife Alicia The surname was introduced by the Normans and may derive from famous land
Richard Tyncker / Tinker and his wife Matilda This surname is only noted in the Northern counties of England and means a worker in Metal
John Preste and his wife Agnes The surname means Priest or someone with a Priestly appearance
John Holand and his wife Isabella Means someone from Holland
William  Smyth a Smith and his wife Beatrix
Thomas Breton a carpenter and his wifeAlicia plus their servant Johanna The surname means someone from Brittany
Robert Breton possibly son, brother or father of Thomas
Johannes Copelay and his wife Matilda The surname means from Copley Halifax
Thomas Milner and his wife Alicia possibly a ancestor of Rev. H S Milner, LL.D of Thrybergh in 1817 The surname is a variation of Miller
Johannes Herryngman  and his wife Christiana Surname means dealer in Herrings
Rudolph Parsonman  This surname means one who worked at the Parsons house
Robert Boswell is an Anglo Norman name means from Boesvillia
Johanna YateThe surname means dweller by the gate
Henry Layer The surname is the name for the person who places the stones cut by the mason
Thomas ffoxole Foxhole meaning from Foxhole East Riding of Yorkshire
1374 Thomas Durant. lived at Thrybergh
William  Copelay and his sisterAgnes The surname means from Copelay near Halifax
John Seygraue / Seagray
Johannes Huntte / Hunt
Robert Yorke / York
William Youle The surname is one born around Christmas
Robert Youle
Magota Colyer The surname means Collier one who makes or sells charcoal
Leticia Scot means you guessed it someone from Scotland
Matilda ffoxdoghter  This name is an example in this time of how in the case of daughters  which occurred quite a lot in Yorkshire the word doghter was added to the end of the fathers name and the word wyfe also. So often in a family you would have for example John Fox, Alice Foxwyfe, David Foxson, Emma Foxdoghter. Again if we look at David Foxson his children may have have been given the surname Foxson creating a change of surname for future generations. So our Matilda Foxdoghter was in fact Matilda Fox
1379 Thomas Reresby, and his wife Alicia and their children Thomas, and Alicia lived at Thrybergh





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