Thrybergh Ravenfield Dalton

South Yorkshire England

            Pronounced locally Thrybur  Old English Triberg

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Thrybergh Folk 18th Century


1708 29th November Mary Cross married Imanual Haywood
1709 14th January William Foster Married Susanna Kirby 
1711 6th October Elizabeth Aneley  was Christened daughter of Thomas Aneley
1711 6th October Elizabeth Aneley daughter of Thomas Aneley was Christened
1713 18th June Dorothy Marsden married John Crosby 
1714 16th February William Clitherey married Sarah Denton
1715 5th May Anne Cross married John Nelthorpe
1715 9th June Dorothy Hirst married William Cordsdill
1716 16th January James Brownhill Married Sarah Swinden
1716  21st June Hester Whitaker Married William Brownhill

1718 20th November Matthew Wilson married Francis Baine
1718 20th November Robert Hattersley married Elizabeth Hopton
1719 21st December  John Savile son of Charles Savile was Christened
1726 30th May  Joseph Holms Married Alice Ainley
1726 16th  June  Ann Gee married Joseph Platts
1726 23rd August John Savile son of Samual Savile was Christened
1725 23rd September Sarah Savile daughter of Samual Savile was Christened
1726  17th November William Holms Married Mary Kent
1728 3rd January Elizabeth Savile daughter of Samual Savile was Christened
1728  9th March John Platt was born  in Thrybergh An architect and mason. John worked on Clifton House, Feoffees School, Aston, Thundercliffe, Ferham House, and Wentworth Castle he died in 1810
1730 3rd August Martha Swinden Married Rowland Mitton
1731 7th September  Deborah Senior married Nathan Goodison
1733 26th February  Troth Inman Married Jonathan Hattersley
1733  30th September  Hannah Oaks daughter of Elizabeth Oaks was Christened
1734 13th November  Mary Hall married Francis Hornshow
1736 14th January  Mary Milner Married William White
1737 6th January  Jonathan Hattersley Married Anne Fox
1737 27th  October Elizabeth Hall married Benjamin Boomer
1738 21 November Dorothy Liversidge married Edward Varah
1739 1st  December George Glasby married Sarah Marsden
1739 27th December Sarah Marsden married George Hirst on the  at Thrybergh
l740 Rev. Mr. Hedges, was the rector of Thrybergh ,his wife was Miss Lodge grand-daughter of Christopher Pegge, landlord of the Angel, step-daughter of the Rev. John Baines, There is a Rev, Hedges recorded for Ravenfield in 1822
1743 11th August  Richard Auty Married Mary White
1744 18th May Thomas Swendin Married Elizabeth Cowlishaw
1744  3rd July  Sarah Clitheraw married George Fox
1744   13th November Martha Wainright married John Liversidge
1746   26th June Esther Senior married Jarvis Gee
1748 1748 Mary Hick married John Oakes
1748 3rd July Esther Senior married  Thomas Mirfin
1749 16th May John Legatt son of John is Christened
1750 to 1850 William Leggatt and Mary Legatt and her Grandfather was John Legatt. The Legat family lived at Thrybergh Lodge and Thrybergh Lodge farm
1750 20th  September Dorothy Hirst married Thomas Preston  
1751 14th July Matthias Auty Married Elizabeth Boothe
1753 25th October Mary Hirst married John Silverwood
1753  9th December Mary Winwright married Thomas Clithero
1754 12th May  John Garside married Ann Gray
1754  7th February  George White Married Ann Hattersly
1757  13 May Joseph Garside son of John Garside baptized
1758 15th May Elizabeth White Married William Neillor
1759 16th April Hannah White Married John Tunnicliffe
1759 16th July  Mary Cut married John Garnett
1763  28th August  James Adams was Christened son of  James Adams
1764  2nd September  James Adams was Christened son of Luke Adams
1764 21st  December Mary Adams was Christened daughter of Thomas Adams
1764 4th January Ann Glasby married Benjamin Elliot 
1765 9th April  Ann Liversidge married Richard Denton
1765 19th January George Adams was Christened son of James Adams
1765 21st October John Adams was Christened son of Thomas Adams
1766 23 June Eleanor Liversidge married Thomas Brook
1766  3rd October Charles Adams  was Christened son of Thomas Adams
1767   2nd February John Gee married Hannah Cutt
1767 17th December John Adams was Christened son of James Adams
1768 12th December Jinny Awty Married Thomas Hadin
1769 27th March  Eleanor Liversidge married George Glasby
1769 12th July Mary Birch married John Nevill
1769 3rd September  Nancy Adams  was Christened daughter of James Adams
1769 30th November Susannah Foster Married Matthew Heaton
1771 3rd October Ann Awty Married John Holmes
1771 21st May Joseph Adams was Christened son of James Adams
1772 23rd April  William Brook married Ann Birch
1772 22nd  March  Thomas Sorbs of Thrybergh married  Sarah Holdsworth of Wath at Wath
1773 7th March  George Awty Married Ann Inman
177322nd February  William Fox Married Alice Pullen 
1773 10th March   Charles Adams was Christened son of   James Adams
1744 13th November  John Liversidge married Martha Wainwright
1774 16th September John Foster Married Mary Oxford
1775 30th January William Adams  was Christened son of   James Adams
1776 7th March  John Liversidge married Sarah Hall
1777  29th December John Boothe Married Ann Ramsdin
1777  22nd January Jane White Married Matthew Ludlam
1777 9th February  Charles Adams was Christened son of   Thomas and Ann Adams
1777 18th May Thomas Adams  was Christened son of   John and Elizabeth Adams
1778 Thomas Hirst married Mary Laxley
1778 23rd September John Adams was Christened son of  James and Mary Adams
1779 10th November Sarah Adams was Christened daughter of John and Elizabeth Adams
1780 15th May  Hannah Hirst married Benjamin Gregson
1780  6th March  Francis Hall married Joel Yeardley
1781 18th September John Adams was Christened son of John and Elizabeth Adams
1783 Eliz Pinchin was born at Thrybergh in 1851 she was living at Armthorpe
1785 31st July  William Ross  Married  Sarah  at Thrybergh
1785 11th December William Adams  was Christened daughter of Thomas and Dorothy Adams
1788  7th October Elizabeth Garnett married John Bisby
1788 15th June John Wragg  Married Mary Ferbank
1788 28th September  Charles Adams was Christened son of Thomas Adams
1791 Thomas Walker married Sarah Wainright on the 27th December at Thrybergh.
1791 Mary Glasby married  George Duke on the 13th June at Thrybergh.
1791 Sarah Wainwright married Thomas Walker on the 27th December at Thrybergh.
1791 19th June  Luke Adams  was Christened son of Thomas Adams
1792 John Wilson married Ann Ramsden on the 25th September at Thrybergh.
1792 23rd December Ann Adams  was Christened daughter of  John Adams
1793 Hannah Ramsdin married John Senior on the 29th January at Thrybergh.
1793 Charles Ainley son of Charles Ainley was Christened on the 14th March at Thrybergh.
1794 Robert Foster Married Elizabeth Nichols on the 22nd January at Thrybergh.
1795 Hannah Heaton born at: Thrybergh, Yorkshire, England June 8
1796 29th January John Adams  was Christened son of  John Adams
1797 Thomas Ainley son of Charles Ainley was Christened on the 22nd January at Thrybergh.
1797 9th April John Adams was Christened son of   Joseph Adams
1797  22nd January Thomas Ainly was Christened son of Charles Ainly
1798 Thomas Walker married Elizabeth Wilson on the 27th November at Thrybergh
1798 Mary Liversidge married John Cross on the 26 June at Thrybergh.
1798 William Legatt son of John and Sarah is Christened on the 14th October at Thrybergh.
1798 23rd December  Joseph Adams was Christened son of Joseph and Mary Adams
1798 26th August Charles Adams was Christened son of   John Adams
1799 Matthew Butler was born on 14 May  in Thrybergh



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