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The Fenoughty brothers Tom, Mick and Nick were all gifted footballers and are on record as the only three brothers to ever play in a Wembley final for the same team on the same day. Not surprisingly their father Tom snr was also an outstanding player and well known as a member of the Dalton and Thrybergh communities.


Tom Fenoughty Snr


Thomas "Tom" Fenoughty was born on the 7th July in Rotherham, England. He was playing in the local Sunday School league in 1924 where he came to the attention of Rotherham Utd. who offered him a position with the club, thus beginning his illustrious career in the 1925 season.

Remaining with Rotherham until 1927 he transferred to York City becoming an outstanding player for the club until 1934, during this time Tom made 229 appearances scoring a grand total of 97 goals according to one source, however in an obituary featured in Yorks Evening press in 2001 the figures are given as  "Fenoughty made a total of 252 City appearances from 1926 to 1934 during which he scored 104 goals."

Playing alternatively Inside left, and Inside right.

 His career at York began in the Midland League and moved into the Football league, during this period the club moved from Fulfordgate to Bootham Crescent.

His first game for York in the Midland League was in March 1927 playing against  Lincoln Reserves an home game at Fulfordgate. It was in September of 1929 when Tom appeared in the Third Division  Football League North the opposition being Wrexham and the game result being a one all draw.

One of Toms outstanding seasons was  the 1929-1930 season when the club played Tranmere Rovers in the F.A. Cup semi's  a game in which he scored three goals, following that he then scored two goals against Southend placing York in the third round. The first game against Newcastle United in the third round  thanks to his efforts was a draw, in the rematch Tom reportedly had an outstanding game.

Sadly York City were going through financial difficulties by 1934 a period when Tom Fenoughty was to show his gratitude and love of his club York City. To boost the clubs low funding Tom agreed to a transfer to Sheffield Utd, a transfer under normal circumstances he would not have agreed to. York City then gave Tom a benefit game against Leeds Utd  as a token of admiration and gratitude, which made it quite clear of the respect the club had for him. Toms generosity did not end with the transfer his response to the Benefit game was to offer his part of the takings back to the club as a loan to further bolster the club through it's crisis.

It can be gathered from all this that the departure of Tom from York would have been a very sad moment indeed for the club.


Tom was not to remain very long at Sheffield and was not to make a club appearance in his brief time there, he transferred

to Rotherham United, and was back where he started from. Scoring 22 goals in 64 appearances in the League. Then in 1936 Tom transferred to Gainsborough Trinity where he made no appearances.


At the end of his career Tom Fenoughty purchased the shop on Dalton Lane Dalton.  A father of nine children three of his sons being Tom, Nick and Michael, all three played for Matlock Town in the 1970s


Sadly Tom Fenoughty popular local personality , passed away in his home at Rotherham in 2001, remembered for his football skills, generous nature, York City's oldest surviving player, and also Rotherham United's oldest surviving player.



Tom Fenoughty jnr


 Thomas Fenoughty was born on the 7th June 1941 in Rotherham  and like his father became a professional footballer.

In 1964Tom who had been playing with non league team Sheffield F. C.  was signed by Sheffield United He scored 4 goals  in 49 appearances for Sheffield transferring to another local team Chesterfield F. C. in the 1969 season where he scored 15 goals in 101 appearances playing most of the time in midfield.


His career at Sheffield never really left the starting block and he rarely made the first team, his talent being overlooked, then in 1969 he transferred to Chesterfield where under the guidance of Jim McGuigan his football career finally gained momentum. McGuigan brought him into the side as part of a promotion thrust by the club. The fans soon recognised that the introduction of Fenoughty was an inspirational boost to their team.

McGuigan firstly played Tom in the forward line but soon realized that Tom's potential lay in midfield, with that move the forward lines success rate began to blossom, they now had a thinking midfielder who fed them the ball perfectly. Toms efforts were instantly recognised by the fans who voted him player of the year in 1969.

Tom was also intelligent enough to realize he would need a career after football and he joined Matlock Town in the early 1970's, He had attended Manchester University and studied to become a pharmaceutical chemist and that's where his future lay.

At Matlock he played along side his brothers Michael and Nick for 5 years after which he became manager for three years

scoring one of the four goals in their 1975 F. A. Trophy victory at Wembley.


Tom is now the Northern Regional Manager for a pharmaceutical company.

Incidentally his son Mark is Chief Operating Officer at Sheffield United.



Michael Fenoughty

Michael played semi-pro for Sheffield United and Chesterfield, and Matlock Town


Nick Fenoughty


Nick played  with Chesterfield F.C. and Matlock Town






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