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Reading a Census


When reading census records it is important to realize a few points.
Year of birth's are not 100% accurate often recorded within five years of a persons actual year of birth. Children under one year old are often recorded as one year old, sometimes the number of months are given. Sometimes our ancestors would perhaps be uncertain of which year they were born.

Due to the fact a large amount of people were illiterate the spelling of names can vary tremendously according to how the Enumerator interpreted the sound of the name. My own surname of Doxey having around twenty variations of spelling. Christenings did not always occur within a short space of time from the birth, so if you are researching a christening give yourself a few years span. I found one family who christened four children together with a seven year span of ages, so the oldest was not christened until age seven. Look for stepchildren and their surname is quite often the mothers maiden or previous marriage name. A grandchild visiting in the house tells you there is a married son or daughter and the place they are living is more than likely the place of birth of the grandchild.
The same person on different census records may have a variation in age, and place of Birth.
When looking for someone with a first name of Jack with no success, try John as most Jacks were actually christened John.
So what can you learn from a census record? Below is a transcribed census record as you would normally write it.
The sequence is as follows
address--the number 1 representing the head of the household as the first person--

name--status and relationship to head of household--

marital status--

age at time of census--

place of birth--

occupation details
Underneath each household should be displayed the page and reference number from the actual census.

61,Dalton Brook
Charles E Rhodes Head M 41 Barnsley Yorkshire Mining Engineer
Catherine E Rhodes Wife M 36 Rotherham Yorkshire
Mark Rhodes Son 11 Whiston Yorkshire
Geoffrey Rhodes  Son 10 Whiston Yorkshire
Hugh Rhodes Son 9 Whiston Yorkshire
Mary Rhodes Dau 7 Greasboro Yorkshire
Stephen Rhodes Son 5 Dalton Yorkshire
Eleanor J Hinde Servant S 21 Stokesley Yorkshire Governess Servant
Annie Pallison Servant S 35  Stafford Staffordshire Servant Cook
Ada Roddis Servant S 19 Whiston Yorkshire Servant Housemaid
Agnes Longdin Servant S 16  Wickersley Yorkshire Servant Housemaid

At a quick glance using the ages of the children and year of census plus rearranging the information slightly we can obtain the following facts and surmises.
Charles E Rhodes born 1850 at Barnsley Yorkshire became a mining Engineer. Approx 1879 at the age of 29 Charles married Catherine[ maiden name unknown ] of Rotherham. Charles possibly worked at one of the Rotherham Mines at the time, and living in Rotherham, as I cannot imagine him traveling back and forth to Barnsley every day. The newly married couple lived in Whiston Yorkshire until 1884 when they relocated to Greasboro. Again Charles may have relocated from one mine to another. If we look up the existing mines in the area we can have a educated guess as to which mines Charles worked at.

In 1885 Charles may have acquired  work at  the Aldwarke mine and the family moved to Dalton. Looking at the number of servants and the fact he employed a Governess, Charles would have been on quite an income. Looking at the servants again, Annie Roddis of Whiston could have moved with the family from their days at Whiston. Remember in those days children at age twelve were often employed as servants.

Using the above method on every entry from the census we can build an History of the people of  a Village or Town . Who moved into the Parish, what years they entered the Parish, which families were present in the Parish in earlier years. We can also produce listings of the number of Children born each year in the Parish, tradesmen etc, which children went to School and who didn't. In some instances we can gain the maiden name of  Wives. 

Golden Rule never assume information is correct until you personally verify it.



The following is a list of dates when each census was taken, useful for working out year of birth of children when the age given on census is months [ less than one year old ]
1801, March 10th, Monday census destroyed  
1811, May 27th, Monday census destroyed  
1821, May 28th, Monday census destroyed   
1831, May 30th, Monday census destroyed
1841, June 6th, Sunday  
1851, March 30th, Sunday  
1861, April 7th, Sunday  
1871, April 2nd, Sunday  
1881, April 3rd, Sunday
1891, April 5th, Sunday  
1901, March 31st, Sunday  
1911, April 2nd, Sunday  
1921, June 19th, Sunday  
1931, April 26th, Sunday census destroyed  
1941 No census taken due to World War 2
1951, April 8th, Sunday  
1961, April 23rd, Sunday  
1971, April 25th, Sunday  
1981, April 5th, Sunday  
1991, April 21st, Sunday
2001, April 29th, Sunday



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A  B  C  D  E  F  G   I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W   Y

The following is a list of abbreviations found in census and other records. Often the same abbreviation is used for several words, all of which adds a little bit more to the confusion. My interpretation of the word Abbreviation is LWWI   Lazy Way Of Writing Information.


A.C.T. Australian Capital Territory.
ABD Aberdeenshire C.C.C.
AGRA Association of Genealogists and Record Agents.
AGY Anglesey now part of Gwynedd CCC
Ag. L. Agricultural Labourer
Ag. Lab. Agricultural Labourer
Ap Apprentice
Army Members of HM land forces of every rank
a.k.a also known as, an alias.
ALD Alderney, Channel Islands CCC
ANS Angus An old name for Forfarshire CCC
ANT Antrim CCC
ARL Argyllshire Includes islands Islay, Jura and Mull CCC
ARM Armagh CCC
Arm  Armagh
Abp Archbishop.
adm administration, administrator, admitted
Admon Letters of Administration when died intestate
ae age, aged.
agric agriculture, 
Austral Australian.
AYR Ayrshire CCC
ald. alderman.
Alc Alice
als alias.
Am America, American, Amos.
Arch archbishop
av average


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B.C British Columbia.
B.W.I. British West Indies.
BAN Banffshire
BDF Bedfordshire CCC
b born,
Beds Bedfordshire.
B bachelor,
Berks Berkshire
b/o brother of.
BEW Berwickshire CCC
bap baptized.
BKM Buckinghamshire CCC
bapt baptized.
BRE Breconshire known also as Brecknockshire CCC.
bbl barrel or barrels
BRK Berkshire CCC
bd bond, bound.
Bucks Buckinghamshire
bef  before
BUT Bute Includes islands Arran and Bute CCC
beq bequest, bequeathed.
betw between.
b-i-l brother-in-law
bk bank, or book
Bl. S Black Smith
bldg building
BMD Births, Marriages and Deaths.
bo boarder.
bp baptized, or birth place.
Br British, Brother.
br brother
bro brother.
bros brothers.
BT Bishop's Transcript, parish registers.
Bt Baronet.
Bart Baronet.
But Butcher.
bu bushels
bur buried.


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C.R.O County Record Office.
CAE Caernarvonshire CCC
CAI Caithness CCC
CAM Cambridgeshire known also as Cambridgeshire and Isle of Ely CCC.
Cantab Cambridge.
Cantuar Canterbury.
CAR Carlow CCC
Cards Cardiganshire.
CCC Chapman County Code.
C.C.C. Common or County Council
Celt Celtic.
CEN Central CCC
Cent. Century, Central.
CGN Cardiganshire CCC.
CHS Cheshire CCC.
CLA Clare.
CLK Clackmannanshire CCC.
Cl Clerk
CMA Cumbria CCC.
CMN Carmarthenshire CCC.
CON Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly CCC.
c. century, or circa about 
cwt. hundredweight.
c.p candle power.
c18 Eighteenth century
Corn Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.
ca. circa about.
CUL Cumberland CCC.
Carp Carpenter.
cem cemetery
Ch chapter, child, children, Church.
Ch.Ch Christ Church.
chap chapter.
Chas Charles.
chh. church.
chr Christened.
Chr. Christian.
Co- co county.
coh. co-heir.
Col. Colony.
Coll Collection.
Compan Companion.
Cap Chapter Number of Act of Parliament.
CLRO The Corporation Of London Records Office, Guildhall, London EC2P 2EJ Tel 0171 332 1251
Corp Corporation.
Ct Court.


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DBY Derbyshire CCC
DEN Denbighshire CCC.
Derbys Derbyshire.
DEV Devon, Devonshire CCC.
DFS Dumfries-shire CCC.
DGY Dumfries and Galloway CCC
DNB Dunbartonshire CCC.
DON Donegal CCC
DOR Dorset CCC.
DUB Dublin CCC.
DUR Durham known as County Durham. CCC
d. died, days, or daughter
D.B Deed Book
D.C.L Doctor of Canon Law,or Doctor of Civil Law.
D.P. Displaced Person.
D.R.O Diocesan Record Office
d.s.p. decessit sine prole died without legitimate issue
d.s.p.m died without male issue
d.unm. died unmarried.
d.v.p. decessit vitae patre died in father's lifetime.
d.y died young.
d/o daughter of.
dau. daughter
Dea. Deacon.
dec. deceased.
dec'd deceased.
decd. deceased.
descs descendants
dial. dialect, al.
Dis. Disease.
dist. district.
div divorce or division.
DR Death Record
dwt. deadweight ton or pennyweight.
Dy Dorothy.


Ebor York.
ELN East Lothian CCC.
Edin Edinburgh
ERY East Riding of Yorkshire CCC
Edm. Edmund.
Edw Edward.
Em. Emma or Emily.


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FER  Fermanagh CCC
F.S. Female Servant .
f/o father of.
fam. family.
fem. feminine
f-i-l father-in-law


GAL Galway CCC.
GLA Glamorgan CCC
Glam Glamorgan.
GLC  Greater London Council.
Glos Gloucestershire.
GLS Gloucestershire CCC. 
GMP Grampian CCC 
GSY Guernsey, Channel Islands CCC
GTM Greater Manchester CCC
GWN Gwynedd
Gael. Gaelic.
Gar Gardener.
gen generation, or genealogy.
Gent Gentleman
GR Grave, or gravestone
gr. grant as in land or granted
gr grand-father. great grandfather.
GS gravestone


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HAM Hampshire CCC
Hants Hampshire
HEF Herefordshire CCC
Herts Hertfordshire.
HLD Highland and the island of Skye CCC
HWR Hereford and Worcester CCC
HRT Hertfordshire CCC
HUM Humberside CCC
HUN Huntingdonshire. CCC
Hunts Huntingdonshire.
H.P Members of HM armed forces on half-pay
h.p half-pay,
H.S.E Hic sepultus est, Here lies buried
ho house
Hort Horticulture
househ. household.
housek housekeeping.
h. heir, husband
h/o husband of.
Her. Heraldry.
husb husband.
Hy Henry.


I.O.W Isle of Wight.
INV Inverness-shire Includes part of Lewis island North Uist, South Uist, and Skye CCC
IOM Isle of Man CCC
IOW Isle of Wight CCC .
Ind. Independent people living on their own means
i.p.m. Inquisition post mortem.
Ind Independent people living on their own means
inf. infant, information infancy;
Ir Irish


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JSY Jersey, Channel Islands CCC
J. Judge, Justice, Journeyman
j.u. jure uxoris right of wife
Jas. James.
Jno John
Jon Jonah, Jonathan
Jonth Jonathan.
Jos. Joseph.
Josh Joshua or Joseph
Jr junior
JP justice of the peace
Jrnl. Journal.
jun. junior
Jun. Junior


KCD Kincardineshire CCC
KID Kildare CCC
KIK Kilkenny CCC
KKD Kirkcudbrightshire CCC
KRS Kinross-shire CCC
k. killed.
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L’pool Liverpool.
LAN Lancashire CCC
Lancs Lancashire.
LDY Londonderry or Derry CCC
LEI Leicestershire CCC
Leics Leicestershire.
LET Leitrim CCC.
LEX Laois or Laoighis; also Leix. CCC.
LIM Limerick CCC
LIN  Lincolnshire CCC
Lincs Lincolnshire.
LKS Lanarkshire CCC
LOG Longford CCC.
LTN Lothian CCC


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Manch. Manchester
MDX Middlesex CCC.
MER Merionethshire CCC
MGM Mid Glamorgan CCC
MGY Montgomeryshire CCC
MLN Midlothian CCC
Middx Middlesex.
MOG Monaghan CCC
Mon Monmouthshire.
MON Monmouthshire CCC
Mont Montgomeryshire.
MOR Morayshire CCC.
MSY Merseyside CCC
MX Middlesex.
M. Master,Member of, Manufacturer
m. married, mare, Maker
M.D mentally deficient
M.R Master of the Rolls, marriage record
M.S Male Servant
Man. Manual.
Man Manufacturer.
Managem Management.
Mart. Martha.
Manuf. Manufacture, ing., er
mfg manufacturing.
Matt Matthew
m-i-l mother in law
My Mary.
Mkt. Market
mo. mother;
MS manuscript.
ms manuscript.
MSS. manuscripts.
mss manuscripts.

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N.B., n.b North Britain.
N. Northern
N. Yorks North Yorkshire.
N.R. North Riding of Yorkshire
N.S.W New South Wales. Australia
N.W.T North-west Territories Australia
NAI Nairn CCC.
NBL Northumberland CCC
NFK Norfolk CCC
Northants  Northamptonshire.
Northumb Northumberland.
NRY North Riding of Yorkshire CCC
NTH Northamptonshire CCC
NTT Nottinghamshire CCC
NYK North Yorkshire CCC
n.d. no date of publication
N.K Not Known.
N.N. not named or name unknown
n.x.n No Christian name
nat. natural.
nd No date's


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OFF Offaly CCC
OKI Orkney as in Orkney Isles, or Orkney Islands CCC
OXF Oxfordshire CCC
Oxf Oxford.
Oxon Oxfordshire
o.t.p of this parish.
ob obiit, died.
obit died
occ. occupation,
OPR Old Parochial Records


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P.E.I Prince Edward Island.
PEE Peebles-shire CCC
PEM Pembrokeshire CCC
POW Powys CCC.
PER Perth CCC.
P.S Police Sergeant
P Pensioner in HM forces
P.C police constable
Pen. Pensioner.
pers person
pish parish.
Pl. Place
Pol. Of Police Officer
pop. population.
pr. present
pres present
proc proceedings.
prop. proprietor or land owner
pt port.

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Qld Queensland Australia


RD Rural District.
R.D.C Rural District Council.
RAD Radnorshire CCC
RFW Renfrewshire CCC
ROC Ross and Cromarty with some of the island of Lewis CCC
ROS Roscommon CCC
ROX Roxburghshire CCC
RUT Rutland CCC
Rail. Lab Railway Labourer
Rd Road.
rec. record
Reg. Register.
rel related to
res resides, resided.
retd retired
rly. railway
r m room.
Ry Railway.

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S. Yorks South Yorkshire.
S.A. South Australia
SAL Shropshire CCC
Salop Shropshire
SEL Selkirkshire CCC
SFK Suffolk CCC
SGM South Glamorgan CCC.
SHI Shetland includes Shetland Isles, CCC.
SOM Somerset CCC
SRK Sark, Channel Islands CCC
SRY Surrey CCC
SSX Sussex CCC
STD Strathclyde includes islands Arran, Bute, Islay, Jura and Mull CCC.
STI Stirlingshire CCC
STS  Staffordshire CCC
SUT Sutherland CCC
SXE East Sussex CCC
SXW West Sussex CCC
SYK South Yorkshire CCC
s son. step son
s.d. sine die without date or step daughter.
s.s stepson
s/o son of, or sister of.
Sc Scot. or Scottish
sch school.
Serv Servant
Sh. Shopman
sh. M Shoe Maker, or Shop Man
Shoe m
Shoe maker.
Shop K Shop Keeper
sib. sibling.
s-i-l  son in law or sister in law.
sil  son in law or sister in law
sis. sister.
sq  square
src source
Sta. Station.
summ summoned.
surv survived.

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TAY Tayside CCC
TIP Tipperary.
TWR Tyne and Wear CCC
TYR Tyrone CCC
Thos Thomas.
tp township.


U.D Urban District.
U.D.C Urban District Council.
U.K. United Kingdom
unk unknown.
unkn unknown
unm. unmarried
ux. uxor or uxoris, wife
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V.I Virgin Islands.
V.R vital record.
W. Yorks West Yorkshire.
WAR Warwickshire CCC
Warks  Warwickshire CCC
WAT Waterford CCC
WEM Westmeath CCC.
WES Westmoreland CCC
Westm. Westminster
WEX Wexford CCC
WGM West Glamorgan CCC
WIC Wicklow CCC
WIG Wigtownshire CCC
WIL Wiltshire CCC
Wilts Wiltshire
WIS Western Isles includes islands Lewis, North Uist,South Uist CCC
WLN West Lothian CCC
WMD West Midlands CCC
WOR Worcestershire CCC
Worcs Worcestershire.
WRY West Riding of Yorkshire CCC
WYK West Yorkshire CCC
W womens, or Welsh
w wife, or with
w/o wife of
wf  wife
wid widow.
Wm William.
Wt. Warrant.


Xpr Christopher.


YKS Yorkshire CCC
Yorks Yorkshire
y. young, or years
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This site is the result of over 7 years research, and compilation, should you wish to use any of the content for publication of literature please contact me. The poetry and life of James Ross, the story of St. Leonard's Cross, and other items on this site were compiled, and first published on this site in their present context as a study of Thrybergh. If you use this site as a source, out of courtesy, please give credit where it is due as I have done on this site where appropriate.
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