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Presented by Jane Clark
[ Descendant of the Family ]


Sheffield Star 7th August 1924



Everybody connected with sport in Rotherham and Sheffield knows Mr. F. W. Beeden of Thrybergh, who has just been re-elected to the council of the Sheffield and Hallamshire county football association, and who is a vice-president of the newly formed Rotherham football association. He is a man who makes his presence felt when it comes to thrashing out an argument to the end. Well built he carries weight where ever he goes naturally, but he knows how to debate, and will not budge from his point of view unless absolutely convinced he is wrong. Then however he will make handsome amends.
At one time he had "views" on the Sheffield and Hallamshire Associations home rule scheme and the councillors of Bank Street Chambers had to bestir themselves. Though a comparatively new Council member he will undoubtedly be a worker and most useful.
He was first elected last season to fill the vacancy created by the death of Mr. Arthur Soul of Rotherham. Over a year ago he was nominated for the council, but in a sporting manner withdrew because of Mr. Souls illness, no doubt his action resulted in his ultimate success. His re-election last week was most popular.



A native of Brant -Broughton, Lincolnshire Mr. Beeden comes of a great sporting stock and came to Yorkshire when a lad of twelve years of age. Till then he had hardly seen a football, but he had not been in Yorkshire five minutes before he was playing the game. Eventually he became a successful player and in 1998 he went on to qualify as a referee. He operated in the middle until 1913 when he had to resign owing to ill health.
Most of his engagements were in connection with the various Sheffield and Hallamshire Association competitions, though he was a midland league linesman. It was a blow to him when he had to retire. In 1900 he became interested in club management and became the vice-chairman of  the Kilnhurst Town Club. members of the Sheffield Association League and incidentally was responsible for the transfer of Willis Ripon [ Late with Rotherham Town ] to Bristol City, where the late Harry Thickett had taken charge. A few days after the business Mr. Beeden negotiated the transfers of J. Burkinshaw and H. Caterer to the Wednesday.
He took a prominent part in re-organising Thrybergh St Leonard's F.C. and became interested in Sunday School League football administration. In 1906 he was placed on the Management Committee of the Rotherham School League, and has been connected with that League ever since. He has been chairman since the war - a very worthy chairman be it said. A long service medal was awarded him in 1922. Mr. Beeden was also one of the promoters of the present successful Rotherham Minor League.



He is rather proud of the fact that he was responsible for the inauguration  of the Rotherham footballers Sunday acknowledged every year since 1921.
Cricket has benefited by his activities, for in Rotherham cricket circles he has done great work for charity and he helped the Sheffield and District Cricket Association to raise the 1,000 for the purpose of a War Memorial to fallen cricketers He has been the Sheffield Association District Secretary and is now a vice-president, holding a like honour on the Rotherham League. He still finds time to act as secretary for the Henson Charity Cup competition.
In his early days he took a keen interest in Rotherham Town and became an official of Thrybergh Park C.C. With the latter club he carried off the batting and bowling prizes two years in succession and then went  to Dalton C.C. to head their averages.
Connected with athletics, he is in addition an old tennis enthusiast and was a team player for Thrybergh Lawn Tennis Club for several years.

The above was transcribed by John Doxey from the original Sheffield Star article.
Frederick W Beeden was born in September 1876 in Brant Broughton.




Rotherham Advertiser 6th February 1952




To Mr. Walter M. Beeden of the firm of Messrs. Beeden Ltd. of Thrybergh, goes the honour of being the first Rotherham contractor to hold the position of  President of the Sheffield, Rotherham and Districts Building Trades Employers Association. He was elected at the annual general meeting of the association at Sheffield on Tuesday evening.

Mr. Beeden has been an active member of the Executive Council of the Association for many years, and has represented the organisation at the Yorkshire Federation, having been responsible for amalgamation of the Rotherham Builders Association with the Sheffield Association. He represents the Association at the Referees Appeals Court at the Rotherham Employment Exchange.
For many years he has been connected with national housing, town planning, and garden city movements, and his firm has carried out much important work in the Rotherham district and elsewhere. He has a wide range of experience of public work as a member of Rotherham Rural District Council, having been chairman of that body on three occasions. He has also held the position of chairman of the old Rotherham Board of Guardians.


Mr. Beeden is also well known and universally respected in Sheffield and Rotherham sporting circles. He is a former director and still an ardent supporter of Sheffield United Football Club, and is president of the Rotherham and District Football Association. He is also president of the Rotherham Minor Football League, Chairman of the Thrybergh Park Cricket Club, and president of the Whinney Hill, St. Peters cricket and football clubs.
Returning thanks for his election Councillor Beeden urged that some means ought to be found to reduce the huge rents charged for houses built by local authorities. This might be done by extending the period of repayment. Otherwise some kind of moratorium would be necessary to tide over the difficult times through which the country was passing.
Houses could not be built by local authorities as an economic proposition when they were charging rents which it was beyond the power of the people for whom the houses were intended to pay.
Among other officers elected were Mr. M. J. Gleeson senior vice-president, Mr. H. Powell [ Messrs. B. Powell and Son Ltd. ] junior vice-president, Mr. J. Longden [ Messrs. George Longden and Sons Ltd. ], treasurer.

The above was transcribed by John Doxey from the original Rotherham Advertiser article.




Rotherham Advertiser 1963

MR. HARRY MUSGROVE BEEDEN, chairman of Beeden Limited builders died at his home on Tuesday.
Mr. Beeden who lived at " Quarry Field, " Ashton Lane, Braithwell, was 60. He was the only son of the founder of Beeden Ltd. , and joined the business in 1922. He became chairman of the board of directors in 1947.
He was a member of the Federation of Civil Engineering Contractors and a member of the Federation of Building Trade Employers. He was also a past president of the Rotherham Branch of Building Trades Employers Federation, and a member of the Phoenix Lodge of Freemasons.

During the second World War, he volunteered for duty with the Royal Navy, and served with the supplies division. As a young man he was a member of Thrybergh Parish Church, and later became a member of Braithwell Parish Church.
He was a keen amateur yachtsman and was a member of West Stockwell Yacht Club.
Mr. Beeden leaves a widow, two sons , and three grandchildren. A service was held at the Braithwell Parish Church yesterday, followed by a cremation at Rotherham. The Rev. E. P. Eccles officiated.
Mourners included:-

Mrs. M. Beeden [ widow ], Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Beeden, Mr. P. W. Beeden [ sons and daughter -in-law ] , Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Elson [ brother-in-law and sister ] , Mr. and Mrs. V. Duckitt [ brother-in-law and sister-in-law ], Mr. A. Whittaker [  brother-in-law ], Mr. and Mrs. J. Bohan, Mr. P. Almond, Mrs. D. Morte, and Mr. H. Lawrence [ cousins ]

The above was transcribed by John Doxey from the original Rotherham Advertiser article.



Jane Clark with additional text and material by John Doxey and Jonathan Dabbs
Jane is researching the family and would love to hear from anyone with information.


If you have any recollections regarding Beeden's the builders of Thrybergh please send them in. If someone you knew worked for the business please send in their names to be added here on this page.
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