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            Pronounced locally Thrybur  Old English Triberg

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Presented by Jane Clark
[ Descendant of the Family ]


Stone engraving on the Beeden building courtesy and copyright Jonathan Dabbs



Thomas Beeden was born circa 1825 he married Mary [ Maiden name unknown ] who was born in 1830, they had a son whom they named Thomas [ Tom ]  Beeden, who was born in 1849 in Elston Notts.  
Thomas [ Tom ] was to become a successful Gardener.  He was found on the 1861 census in Thorpe Notts.  He married Mary Almond in June 1868 and was found on the 1871 census in Potterhanworth, Lincolnshire, where he was a groom. By 1881 he was recorded on the census in Brant Broughton, Lincolnshire and was a gardener.







Ten years later on the 1891 census the Beeden’s had arrived in Thrybergh prior to 1889 and the family was listed as follows.
Tom Beeden Head M 49 Ellstone Notts. Head Gardener
Mary Beeden wife M 49Wellingore Lincoln
Joseph A Beeden son S 21 Potterhanworth Lincoln Gardeners Labourer
Frederick W Beeden son S 14 Brent Broughton Lincoln Gardener
Walter M. Beeden son S 12 Brent Broughton Lincoln Scholar
Lizzie Beeden daugt 7 Brent Broughton Lincoln Scholar
Rosemand Beeden daugt 2 Thrybergh Scholar
Elizabeth Almand vis S 51 ?


Thomas was now the Head Gardener for the Fullerton family who were the owners of the Thrybergh Park estate, an estate with a history dating back pre Norman times. The Beeden family were established in the residence known as the Garden House on Rotherham/ Doncaster Rd. As a much trusted and valued employee Tom was to find himself by 1905 as not only the head gardener, but also an agent to J.S.H. Fullerton Esq D. L . J.P. in Thrybergh.  In 1911 he was listed as a steward to J.S.H. Fullerton Esq DL JP.

Tom Beedens grave from a photo by Jonathan DabbsSadly Mary his wife died in 1905, however Thomas did marry again around 1908 to a lady named Alice Taylor. Thomas died on the 17th November 1933 in Thrybergh and was buried in St. Leonard’s graveyard. [ See photo left ]

Alice his second wife passed away in 1937and was interred at Thrybergh with Tom.

 The grave was located at the foot of  the Fullerton Chapel, John Skipwith Herbert Fullerton had this chapel erected in 1911 in memory of his Family. One can only presume that the location of Toms grave was a tribute to his service with the Fullerton's










Toms first wife Mary was the daughter of John Almond [ 1804 and  Mary Musgrove (1808-1898).  Mary was born in June 1849 in Wellingore Lincolnshire. The family being listed on the 1851 census on the 31st March.  She died in September 1905 in Rotherham.  
Tom and Mary had the following children:
William Henry Beeden (1869-1891).   William was born in 1869 in Thorpe Notts.  He died in 1891 in Rotherham.
Joseph Almond Beeden (1870-aft1915)
John Thomas Beeden  (1872- ).   John was born in 1872 in Potterhanworth.  He was a coachman.
Walter Musgrove Beeden (1874-1874).   Walter was born in 1874.  He died in 1874.
Fredrerick W Beeden  (1876- ).   Fredrerick was born in September 1876 in Brant Broughton.
Walter Musgrove Beeden (1879- )
Lizzie Almond Beeden (1883- ).   Lizzie was born in June 1883 in Brant Broughton.
Rosemand Beeden (1888- ).  Rosemand was born in 1888 in Thrybergh.

Joseph Almond Beeden the, son of Tom and Mary was born in December 1870 in Potterhanworth.    In 1891 he was a garden labourer in Thrybergh, by the 3rd of  March 1899 he had become a commercial traveller living at the back of 84 ?Carver Street , Ecclesall Bierlow Sheffield.  In 1901 he was found as a Ticket Inspector on Electric Cars. and was listed as motor car inspector living at 73 Meersbrook Bank Road  Sheffield in White's Directory of Sheffield & Rotherham, 1901.   In 1905 he was a car driver in Sheffield. He died sometime after 1915.

Joseph married Annie Walters who was born in Wensley Derbyshire.  She died after 1924. The couple had the following children:

Lewis Albert Beeden(1895-1915)
Frederick Walter Beeden (1897-1970?)
Arthur Musgrove Beeden(1899-1964?)
William Almond Beeden(1901- )
Rosamand Lizzie Beeden(1904-1905).   Rosamand was born in September 1904 in Sheffield.  She died in September 1905 in Sheffield.
Florence Mary Beeden (1905-1989)

Walter Musgrove Beeden, was a son of Tom Beeden and Mary Almond, and was born in 1879 in Brant Broughton.  He was a Stone Mason  and Builder.  He married Rachel Bohan in 1901at St. Leonard's Church Thrybergh.  In 1905 he was a builder and Masonry contractor in Thrybergh.  By1911 he was listed as a builder in in the Village.

Rachel Bohan was the, daughter of Michael Bohan and Sarah, Rachael was born in December 1876 in Rotherham.   Walter and Rachael had the following children:

Harry Musgrove Beeden  was born in December 1902 in Rotherham and probably the following children:
Irene Wade Beeden  (1904-1998). was born on 28 May 1904 in Rotherham.  She died in November 1998 in Lincoln.
Grace Mary Beeden(1905- ) was born in December 1905 in Rotherham.
Norah Beeden (1910- ).was born in March 1910 in Rotherham.

Lewis Albert Beeden, was a son of Joseph Almond Beeden and Annie he was born in June 1895.  He died on 13 June 1915 in WW1. He had been in the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, and was buried at Kemmel Chateau Military Cemetery

Frederick Walter Beeden was a son of Joseph Almond Beeden and Annie, he was born in March 1897.  He died in 1970 (approx.) in Hampshire.
Frederick married Agnes and the couple had the following children:
Marion Beeden

Arthur Musgrove Beeden, was a son of Joseph Almond Beeden and Annie, he was born on 3 March 1899 at the back of 84 Carver Street , Ecclesall Bierlow Sheffield.  In 1915 he was a Post Office Messenger boy. With the outbreak of the first world war he enlisted for military service on 28th  August 1915 and served on the HMS Impregnable.   He then transferred on the14th March 1916 to HMS Ganges – a renowned cadet training ship.  A few Months later on the 9th of June 1916 he was found serving on HMS Bellerophon.  He joined the ship just after she had seen action in the Battle of Jutland. He continued serving after the end of the war and on the 5th of February 1919 he once again found himself on a different ship which was the HMS Pembroke I.  This was not to be for long and on the 5th of June 1919 he was aboard HMS President IV.  Within a short time he found himself back on board HMS Pembroke I. on the 24th of November 1919. The following year on the 5th of  March 1920 he found himself at HMS Dolphin ( a submarine training base) . Twenty days later on the 26th of March 1920 he was back on board HMS Pembroke I.  Arthur had a  free  discharge on the 1st of April 1920 . Finally becoming  a police officer back on civy street – rising to the rank of station Inspector. He died in 1963/64 (approx.).

Arthur married Emily Rose Copland, the daughter of Robert Shelton Copland (1874-1927?) and Christina Eliza Henderson (1874-1962), Emily was born on the 29th of  September 1900 in Chiswick.  She was in domestic service and later a cafe waitress.  She died in January 1999.  
Arthur Musgrove and Emily had the following children:
Anne Christina Beeden (1929- )
Mary Beeden (1931- )

William [ Bill ]Almond Beeden was a son of Joseph Almond Beeden and Annie, he was born in June 1901 in Sheffield.
He married Mary  
William Almond Beeden and Mary had the following children:
Lewis Beeden
Joan Anne Beeden

Florence Mary Beeden was a daughter of Joseph Almond Beeden and Annie she was born in September 1905 in Sheffield.  Florence became a teacher, and died in 1989 in Ledbury.

Florence married Ellis Hughes and the couple had the following children:
Peter Hughes( - )

Marion Beeden was a daughter of Frederick Walter Beeden and Agnes, she married George Bayle on the 27th of September 1965 in Hampshire.
Marion and George Bayle had the following children:
Christine ( - )

Anne Christina Beeden was a daughter of Arthur Musgrove Beeden and Emily Rose, she was born on the 21st May 1929 in Richmond Surrey.  She was a bookkeeper, housewife  and carer.
Anna married Michael John Nolan the son of Cyril George Nolan (1907-1970) and Grace Winifred Farnden (1904-1997?). Michael was born on the 31st January 1931.  He was an Electronics Engineer.
Anne Christina and Michael Nolan had the following children:
Jane Ann Nolan (1956- )
Timothy Nolan(1962- )
Jonathan Matthew Nolan (1969- )

Mary Beeden was a daughter of Arthur Musgrove Beeden and Emily Rose, she was born in 1931.
Mary married Bernard Wilson who was a Teacher.
Mary and Bernard had the following children
Louise Wilson (1963-2001)
Christine Wilson (1963- )
Graham Wilson (1968- ).  
Mathew Wilson (1970- )

Joan Anne Beeden was a daughter of William Almond Beeden  and Mary.
Joan married Bryan Sellers in 1962.  Bryan was born on the 5th of September 1936 in New Mills Derbyshire. The couple emigrated in 1967 to New Zealand.  
Joan Anne and Bryan Sellers had the following children:
Alan Sellers ( - )
Mark Sellers( - )

Jane Ann Nolan was a daughter of Michael John Nolan and Anne Christina Beeden, she was born on the 5th of  November 1956 in Upton Hospital   Slough Bucks.  Jane became a GP.  She married Donald Robert Clark on the 22nd March 1980 in St Peters Church Iver Bucks.
Donald Robert Clark was born on the 17th of March 1957 in Ayr Scotland.  He and Jane Ann had the following children:
James Alistair Clark (1989- ).   James was born on 22 January 1989 in Gloucester Royal Hospital.
Thomas Michael Clark (1993- ).  Thomas was born on 15 May 1993 in City Maternity Hospital Carlisle.

Timothy Nolan (known as 'Tim'), was a son of Michael John Nolan and Anne Christina Beeden, was born on the 28th March 1962 in Upton Hospital   Slough Bucks.  He was a computer operator.  Timothy married Christine Woodhouse in 1983 in Shepperton. Christine was born in June 1957.  She and Timothy Nolan had the following children:
Martin Lewis Nolan (1987-1987).   Martin was born in 1987.  He died in 1987- only 1 day old.
Andrew Martin Nolan (1988- ).   Andrew was born on 28 February 1988.

Jonathan Matthew Nolan was a, son of Michael John Nolan and Anne Christina Beeden, he was born on the 14th January 1969 in Upton Hospital   Slough Bucks.

Louise Wilson was a daughter of Bernard Wilson and Mary Beeden, she was born in 1963.  She died in 2001 in Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital.
Kim and Louise Wilson had the following children:
Charlotte (1995- ).   Charlotte was born in 1995.
Christian (1999- ).   Christian was born in 1999.

Christine Wilson was a daughter of Bernard Wilson and Mary Beeden, she was born in 1963.
Christine Wilson had the following children
 Rhianna (1995- ).   Rhianna was born in 1995.

Mathew Wilson was a son of Bernard Wilson and Mary Beeden, she was born in 1970.
Mathew Wilson and Nicki had the following children:
Georgia Wilson (1999- ).   Georgia was born in 1999.
Ben Wilson (2001- ).   Ben was born in 2001.

Alan Sellers was the son of Bryan Sellers and Joan Anne Beeden.
Alan Sellers had the following children
Leah Sellers (2000- )

Ronald William Beeden born in December 1906 must have been the son of one of Walter’s brothers – either John ( in Maltby in 1901 ) or Fredrick – there is a scanned cutting about him being on the council of the local FA. He worked as an Estate agent with the Rotherham Council.
Ron became a joiner by trade and eventually became a foreman on the Rotherham Rural District Council. At some stage in his life he became a drummer for a local Band.
Ronald and his wife lived in Bramley Nr. Rotherham and became a well known respected couple locally. The couple had the following children.
Michael Beeden married and had two children, he worked as a bricklayer on the Rotherham Rural District Council, the family emigrated to Australia but returned. Michael and his family then bought a property in Wales.

The above is thought to be correct – but please notify us of any errors or omissions!
The name Beeden originates as someone from Beedon in Berkshire


© Jane Clark with additional text and material by John Doxey and Jonathan Dabbs
Jane is researching the family and would love to hear from anyone with information.


If you have any recollections regarding Beeden's the builders of Thrybergh please send them in. If someone you knew worked for the business please send in their names to be added here on this page.
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