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Like a lot of people from Thrybergh I lived for awhile dahn't backs on School Street, which was the old Pit houses built in the early part of the 20th century, which were later taken over by Rotherham Council. The area referred to was between Old Gate Lane and Doncaster Road.
Quite a few people have sent in their memories from growing up in this area, they contain humour and fond memories. Memories of a time when we didn't have any money, few toys, no T/V, we relied on imagination and incentive for amusement. A time when boredom was unheard of .
The first photo is of a young David Millard and his Mother around 1947 who lived on Abel Street. As you can see the front gardens were of a minimal size, also note the old gas lamp to the left of the photo, no 'electrickery' lights in them days. The lights in the houses were also run on gas, fed by 1/4 inch lead pipes running round the walls and beneath the upstairs floorboards.  You had to be pretty careful when knocking nails in the walls. 



The photo on the left is David's Mum, her sister Mary, and David's Auntie Silvia at the rear of the row on Abell Street. The door on the right was the outside toilet, and next to that was the coal place. [Coal oil ]  Before drainage was installed the old style "Thunder Bins" were in use and they would be cleaned out periodically by the bloke with the worst job in Town. The rooftops peaking above the yard wall would be Rockland Villa's on Doncaster Road.
David recalls Some of the people on the Street around my age were  George Wallace, David Pennock, Vincent Horten, Alan Liversidge, William Rollett, Lorraine Day, Janet Day, Maurice Rogers, Brian Rogers, Margaret Wright, Other Streets were the Scattergood's Mylett's France’s All ruthless bonfire wood robbers but we would nick it back and in the end we all had the same stuff that we started with’ but it was great growing up in the Back's.


Do you Remember the Hilly Fields with its stream at the bottom we used to dam it so we could jump in after a while it was just a mud bath.  and dingle dell wood or Bluebell wood as it was also known it had the highest ferns in the world and held vast Dens were we spent most of the six week Holidays. I will leave you now this memory lane is hard work at my age Ha Ha I don’t know where we found the energy.



Another memory comes from John Ward who also lived on Abell Street

"My father Edward titch Ward worked at Silverwood colliery. We lived at Abell Street, top of Whinney Hill, Thrybergh. I can remember our next door neighbour Arthur Roberts trying to jump over the wall while carrying a tray of eggs  he caught his foot on the wall, and fell on top of the eggs. We also used the wall as a tennis net when myself and Dorothy Doff Wallis got the raquetts out."

Jeannette Mabel Davies who lived on Abell Street from around 1922 recalls

"The policeman around this time would, if there was any trouble on Whinney Hill, often hold back the crowds and let them get on with it rather than stop it. Jeannette's Father was well known in the area. Richard "Dick" Davies. Richard was famous as a local pig slaughterer as well as a miner. Kids used to come round to watch him and he'd give them the bladder to blow up. He used to have a week off the mine near Christmas to kill pigs for the street. Also had a horse and cart which the kids used to swarm around for a ride."


"We moved to Abell Street the year I was born in 1956, at no 42 and later after the council started to renovate the house (in other words ruined them) at no 50 "

My name is Ernest Durham. although I've been known for years as Ed (after my initials).   I was born in Abel Street in December 1935.   I now live in Norfolk having retired in 1989 after 36 years in the RAF.
My mother's maiden name was Moxon and her father was Enoch Moxon who was killed on 20 April 1916 - he is buried in the Ecoivres Military Cemetery just a few miles NE of Arras.    I discovered this only 6 months or so ago and my wife and I went to see the grave last month.   Enoch came from a mining family and I believe he worked at Silverwood.   He joined the York and Lancs at the outbreak of WW1 but remustered and became a tunneller with 182 Tunnelling Company, Royal Engineers.   Clearly with his experience he was volunteered when the business of mines and countermines started in France.   He was 35 years old when he died and my grandmother remarried and lived for another 10 years, having 3 more children to add to her already large family, of whom my mother was the only girl.
My father's family also came from mining stock.   Grandfather, Joseph, and father, Wilfred, both worked at Silverwood.   Indeed my father lost a leg in an accident at the pit before WW2.   I have seen their names on your excellent website.   I was wondering if you might have more information on the accident in which my father was involved.   I regret I have no better date than "before the war".
I lived in Abel St and then Silver St until just before the end of WW2.   We latterly lived with the Kelsalls.   We then moved to Badsley Moor Lane before finishing up in Wortley Road, Masborough.



Please note that prior to the Second World War the actual tenant's of the houses below took in lodgers, from the list below unless stated the actual tenant is not certain in any given period.




George Pitson  1927


J. Gough  5 1919
? Duffy  5 1919
Anthony Gavaghan 1919

James Frain ? 1919
Michael Frain  1919
W. Gough ? 1919

Patrick  F Lewing ?1919

James Keaveny  1920

Thomas Mullins 1920

J. Murphy 1920
P. Wynne 1920
John Roddy   1920

M. McGough   1923  


Thomas Linsley 1920

Richard McNichols  1925

Thomas Dodd  1924 -1925

Frank Clark  1927
Charley Mcnicholes 1927

Patrick Foy  1927

Michael Bradley  1927


Henry Kelsall  1920

Reginald Kelsall 1920

George Henry Binks ? 1924

Edward Lineman ?1924

Tom Bradley 1927

H. Kelsall  1927


William E Haythorne 1924

W H Scott  1925


Henry Joynson  1924

Benjamine Moxon  1926

Henry Johnson? 1927


William Rollett 1919


E. Davies 1923

S. Davis 1923 - 1927

Thomas Davies  1925

William Hilton 1925

Thomas Pendlebury  1927


Patrick Fowey 1919

Bertram Furton ? 1924

Samuel Cooper  1926-1927


Jess Morgan 1924

Arthur Bentley  1928


? Hale  1927


S. Claypole 1923

George Wilson 1924


J W Dean  1919


John Mclaughlin 1923

? Gannon  1924

Arthur Blackham 1924

John Parr 1925
Thos Parr 1925

Thomas H. Spittlehouse 1927

James Donagh ? 1927

A Blackham 1927

J. Keahane ? 1927 

Jerry Keolane ? 1927 



Walter Lacey 1925

Edward Ward  1924

Fred? Ward  1925

Fred Monkman?  1927


A. Draisey 1919

Andrew Wright 1919

Frank Draisey 1923 


Thomas Brennan  1919

J. Williams  1923
J. Powell  1923


W. Ward  1923

John Edward Ward  1924

John Grainger  1924


J. Landon ?  1919

Charles Oakley ? 1919

O H Oakley ? 1919

Charles Henry Oakley 1927

Charles Oakley   1928


W. Smith  1919

Joseph Downing 1920
G? H? Downing 1920


Harvey Mellors 1919


Samuel Hill 1919


Jack Youel 1926


 James Henry Woodcock  1923



John Ferguson   1925


J W Key  1919


Douglas Keye  1927


Michael Wood 1919 -1923

M. Clouney ? 1919

Win Bradshaw  1924

W. Bradshaw 1925

Peter Gaskell  1926

W. Jowett 1920

Percy Beardsley 1919

Thomas Taylor 1924

John Richard Johnson 1925

Herbert Gowett  [Jowett? ] 1925


J. Jackson  1919

A Butler 1919

V. Butler  1920
Arnold Ashton   1920

Alfred Pitchford 1924

Harry Pitchford 1924


E. Rollett 1919

Frank Butler 1924


Herbert Watson 1925


Ruben Booth 1923

Fred Greenwood  1923 - 1925


 H. Shaw ?  1925


F. Parnham ? 1919

Isaac Devinor ? 1920


James Merriman 1925

Thomas Hallam 1927


J. Nettleship ?1919

Thomas Nettleship 1923 


Jack Higgins  1925


W. Lathbury  1919


A. Layford ?1919

R. Rowley  1919


G.  Wooton 1920

Alexandra  Mctague   1920

John Adlington 1924

G. ? Maycock 1926


Leonard Laurence  1923

Herbert Nadin ?  1925


S. Millars 1919

Harold Mellors 1924


J. Poole 1919

Arthur Jones  1923


Joseph Smith  1919

W. Stringfellow 1923- 1927


Patrick Aylward  1920

William P Trueman 1927









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