The original Saxson Preaching Cross outside the ChurchThe original Saxon Preaching cross outside the Church

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St Peters Conisbrough  


The Priest and Vicars of St. Peter's

The list of Priest and Vicars below is taken from a Plaque from within the Church. The first and second Priests after the Norman Conquest are not recorded on this plaque. Our list below starts with the third Priest after the Norman Conquest. Priest are recorded until the Reformation of 1532, after this event the clergy are known as Vicars.
The list below tells us a little bit more than who was the clergyman at a given date, we can see that in the late 14th century the use of de between the first and last name was starting to disappear. For you younger students the term de simply means of. So using Richard de Middleton as an example, in Latin his name was Ricardus de Media Villa , we know that in English this is Richard of Middleton, and that Middleton is the place from which he originated. Later with the omitting of de his name would be simply Richard Middleton.
We can also see from the list the gradual replacement of Norman names to the English names we are familiar with today.
We will try to learn more of the clergymen below

1165 to 1506

1165 to 1202 Guy Ruffus
The third priest after the Norman conquest. We need to research more on Guy as he may be descended from King William Ruffus
In 1169 Owen Gwynedd the son of Gruffydd ap Conan died ,he was buried at Bangor. When Baldwin, visited Bangor and saw the tomb of Owen, he charged the bishop Guy Ruffus to remove the body out of the cathedral, when he had a fit opportunity so to do, in regard that archbishop Becket had excommunicated Owen heretofore.
1240 Orlandus
1271 George Hecham
1275 John de Connesbure
1287 John de Shireburne
1312 Richard de Middleton

Ricardus de Media Villa, Priest at the time of the only siege of the Church
1341 William de Walden
1349 Joseph de Crockwell
1350 Thomas Coke de Maltby
1362 John Wynterworth
1372 Thomas de Escryke
(No Date) Thomas Rawlynson
1442 William Wynstanley

William is found in the York registry of wills in the following passage.

" Residuum Aliciae uxori meae, Arnaldo Reresby et Willelmo Wynsterley vicario de Cunesburgh. Lego utrique dictorum Arnaldi Reresby et Will. Wynsterley pro eorum laboribus xiij s. iiij d. [ Prob. 1 Ap. 1467. ]


Arnaldo Reresby being the son of Thomas Reresby of nearby Thrybergh Park.
1471 Richard Symmes
1489 Robert Walthwaite




1506 to 2004

1506 Thomas Gledehill
1521 William Dybbes
1534 William Ermystead

The Grammar School at Skipton in Craven was founded in 1548 by a William Ermystead, who was Canon of St. Paul's, London.
1537 William Stansfield
1540 Richard Shippen
1554 Thomas Wright
1555 Peter Silles
1571 Robert Barber
1590 Thomas Bentley
1591 Thomas Bolland
1611 Henry Ducket
1665 Thomas Ward
1672 Samuel Lees
1680 Edward Clarinburn
1728 Thomas Lawson
1770 Henry Watkins

Recorded in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.
1830 Henry S. Markham

 The living of Conisbrough is a discharged vicarage, in the patronage of the Archbishop of York, and incumbency of the Rev. Henry Spooner Markham. [Transcribed by Steve Garton ©2000 from Pigot's directory (Yorkshire section) 1834]
1845 George Wright
1867 John George Wood

In 1881 John George. Wood was listed on the census of that year age 45 born at St Pancras, Middlesex, England and the Vicar Of Conisbro. His wife is not home on the day but in the house are
George E. V. Wood  his Son age 9 born at Conisbro, and was a Scholar.
The household had three servants present on census day and they were
Mary Ayton age 29 born at Hettersett, Norfolk, England and was the Dom Serv Cook
Jane G. Gurnell age 36 born at Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England and was the Dom Serv Nurse
Jane Dawson age 16 born at Ecclesfield, York, England was the Dom Serv Housemaid
Census Place Conisbrough, York, England
Records Office Reference RG11  Piece / Folio 4685 / 142 Page Number 50

1892 George Herbert Stock

In 1881 George was found at Harworth in Notinghamshire
Sarah Crossley Head Unmarried age 39 born at Grimethorpe, Yorkshire,who was a Farmer
Martha Crossley Sister Unmarried age 38 born at Grimethorpe, Yorkshire Visitor
George Herbert Stock Boarder Unmarried age 24 born at Lincoln, Lincolnshire was the Curate Of Harworth
John Wilkinson Widowed age 77 born at Collingham, Nottingham, and was the Farm Labourer
Emily Chamblers Unmarried age 13 born at Everton, Nottingham, was the Domestic Servant
Dwelling Harworth
Census Place Harworth, Nottingham, England
Public Records Office Reference RG11 Piece / Folio 3307 / 71 Page Number 21

The year 1901 found George Stock age 44 born in Lincoln Lincolnshire found in Pocklington in the East Riding of Yorkshire as a Clergyman Church Of England
Clara Stock age 34 born in Sheffield Yorkshire
Gladys Stock age 6 born at Conisbrough
1897 William A. Strawbridge

In 1881 William was found at nearby Doncaster as a Lodger and was listed as follows
Mary Ford Head age 71 born at Doncaster, York, England
Hannah Ford Daughter age 40 born at Doncaster, York, England who was a Dressmaker
Fanny Ford Daughter age 30 born at Doncaster, York, England who was also a Dressmaker
William Alfred Strawbridge a Boarder Unmarried age 25 born at Punjaub, India and was the Curate Of St Georges Church B.A.Oxford
Dwelling Grey Friars Buildings
Census Place Doncaster, York, England
Public Records Office Reference RG11 Piece / Folio 4689 / 10 Page Number 13

In 1901 William Strawbridge age 45 born in North India living at Conisbro and was a Clergyman Church Of England
Gertrude Strawbridge age 29 S born at Offenburgh Germany
Mary Strawbridge age 1 born at Conisbro
Christabel Strawbridge age 4 born at Masbro Yorkshire
Ruth Strawbridge age 7 born at Masbro Yorkshire .
The birth of two Children in Masbro tells us that in the years 1894 and 1897 William may have had a position in Rotherham Yorkshire

We can gather from the above information that the Father of William may have worked for the India rubber company, or possibly he was a member of one of the military services.
1927 Henry Lee
In 1901 Henry Lee age 26 born in Nottingham Derbyshire was living at Alfreton as a Clergyman Church Of England
1931 Joseph W. T. Pascoe
1937 H. Trevor Eddershaw
1942 George Needham
1945 George F. Braithwaite

In 1955 a Civic Service sheet for St Peter's Church  ...An Order of Service Sheet held in the Parish Church by invitation of the Chairman of the Council Councillor George Cheshire, JP. The preacher was the Reverend G F Braithwaite Vicar of Conisbrough  and the organist was Mr J Pinder. Part of the parish records, original reference: P7/1/G4/1
1976 Ian Chisholm
1994 Philip A. Jepps
2002 Alan Charles Griffiths

In March 2004 the Rev'd Alan gave his consent in a meeting with the Parish Council to have a website published regarding the Church of St Peter's.


Sources Listing of Priest from St. Peters, with additional material from Keith Barraclough and John Doxey.

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