The original Saxson Preaching Cross outside the ChurchThe original Saxon Preaching cross outside the Church

St. Peters Church 
Conisbrough, South Yorkshire

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St Peters Conisbrough  



The Mother's Union BannerThe Mothers Union

St Peters Conisbrough

The Mothers Union was formed in 1876 by Mary Sumner, who was the wife of a Vicar. The idea of the Union was to support young Mothers. From this small beginning the Mothers Union has now one million members worldwide. 80% of these members are outside the United Kingdom. The original aims stated in 1893 were:-
To uphold the sanctity of marriage;
To awaken in all mothers a sense of their great responsibility in the training of their boys & girls (the future fathers and mothers of England),
To organise in every place a band of mothers who will unite in prayer, and seek by their own example to lead their families in purity & holiness of life.



The Mothers Union at St Peter's

On the left are the Mothers Union Enrolling Officers of St Peters past and present.











In July 2002 we celebrated 75 years of Mothers Union at St. Peters.

We meet on the first Wednesday of each Month at 1. 30 in the Church Hall [ Alpha Rooms ] We have four aims aims at our meetings, worship, fellowship, fun, and to be an active hands on group.

Often we have a guest speaker, from one speaker from Bluebell Wood we were so moved that we started a support group raising funds and awareness.

Our members and also people outside the group knit, vest, hats, blankets, and teddies which are distributed via the action and outreach Co-ordinator of the Mothers Union, both locally and to Africa.

At Mothers Union we also became interested in the Samaritans Purse operation, Christmas Child, sending shoeboxes full of gifts all over the World to children who would otherwise get nothing at Christmas. This outreach has grown over the last three years with all of our Church and many people in the community taking part.

Our meetings are always open for anyone to attend, you don't have to be a member of Mothers Union, we even admit men !

Our youngest regular visitor is six months old !, and brings her Mum and Dad with her. Our members ages range from 39 to 92.

The Mothers Union itself is very active in the following areas, supporting women refugees, sending families on holidays, providing a crecé at the local prison, and many other projects.


A group of Ladies in the Kitchen


The 75th Anniversary in 2002
The invitation to the 75th anniversery of the Mothers Union

Above: the invitation Card

The oldest Member cuts the Cake

Part of the Congregation on the Day


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