The original Saxson Preaching Cross outside the ChurchThe original Saxon Preaching cross outside the Church

St. Peters Church 
Conisbrough, South Yorkshire

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The Church is built
Stonework pre 1200
First Alteration
The first Extension
Extensions 1450 ad
Extensions 1450 p 2
Features 1475
 20th Century
Early Tombs

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St Peters Conisbrough  


Chronology of St. Peter's

By Keith Barraclough from information researched by Peter Ryder whilst working for the now defunct South Yorkshire County Council, Archaeological Department. It was this department, that commissioned a survey of all the Saxon churches in South Yorkshire.  It was Peters survey, that gave this Church at Conisbrough the official title of 'South Yorkshires oldest building'. Keith Barraclough then compiled the information from Peter, produced a large amount of photographs and produced a booklet for the Church, and this site is based from that booklet. The booklet can be purchased from the Church at a small cost of £2.50 [ proceeds go to the maintenance of the Church ]


 For a clearer picture of the times in which the church underwent changes, from its humble beginning as a wooden structure to the present day, the following timeline was constructed

National Events


Events at St. Peter's
Saxon conquest of Britain
540ad. Wooden Church built
St Columbia founds Iona
563 ad.
The ven. Bede writes his History
735 ad
 740 ad
Church  built
The book of Kells is written
750 ad
First Viking Raids on Britain
793 ad
Alfred the great became King
871 ad
Chancel enlarged
Battle of Hastings
1160 ad
Conisbrough Castle built
Thomas Beckett murdered
1120-1200 ad
Side aisles formed
Magna Carta signed
1215 ad
Black death reaches Europe
1348 ad
South Aisles expanded
1450 ad
Perpendicular remodelling
Columbus discovers America
15/16th century
Francis Drake defeats Armada
Mayflower sails to America
John Wesley starts Methodism
American Civil War 1860 ad
North aisle and organ chamber built
First World war started 1914
Vestry built

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