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John Doxey I hope you have enjoyed your visit to the website of the historical Church of St Peters. Please sign in and let us know what you think of this site. Thank you for your visit.

Sue Heywood

I live in the USA but was born and brought up in East Yorkshire. In 1983 we bought a number of pieces of mouseman furniture....welsh dresser, dining table and chairs, sideboard, blanket chest , bookshelves etc. When we moved to America in 1988 we brought them with us. We continue to love the craftmanship and ' reality' of this furniture and would never part with it  Thank you

Robert and Jillian Naylor

Today we visited your Church with a Group of Ringers from Nottinghamshire. We were warmly welcomed and enjoyed looking around your lovely Church. The hospitality was exceptional and very much appreciated. Our thanks must be passed on to the ' welcoming ringer' and his daughter for making us feel so at home. Please pass this message on to him, thank him and tell the Priest and the P.C.C. what a good job he did. Many thanks, Yours sincerely

Fred Spencer  

Many thanks for the site John and Keith, there are many gems in South Yorkshire, Conisbrough and its marvelous Church is one of them. I have many memories of Conisbrough, as a young teenager I was a member of the Mexborough Wheelers, the club room was in a room above the Three Horseshoes PH on Low Road, the building remains, it is no longer a PH. When I worked at Silverwood as a 15 year old, along with my mates, we biked it over to Conisbrough to the club room. Then in the early 1970s having joined the Police, I was posted to CID at Conisbrough, a great old 'nick' almost as old as the Castle? We lived in one of the Police houses on Morley Place. From there I was posted to nearby Mexborough CID. As the years went by, I was transferred around the Force area. Returning as Detective Inspector at Mexborough in 1989 one of the areas covered, being good old Conisbrough. I retired in 1995 after 10 years I still miss the area and working with all sections of the community.  

Geoffrey B. White,

I thoroughly enjoyed this: one of the best church web-sites I've seen. I visited St Peter's 20-odd years ago & it really is fascinating. By the way, the abbey of Medhamstead is Peterboro' Cathedral; also your Romano-Briish sculpture might be the god Pan playing twin pipes, rather than St Peter!

Geoffrey B. White, St Mary's Vicarage, Shephall, Stevenage

(A Yorkshireman with ancestors from the village)

Paul Laycock

Hi John, I am writing to let you know that St. Peter's Church in Conisbrough has now registered the domain in order to have a website detailing the everyday activities being undertaken. The site is still under construction at the moment, but I have placed a link on the index page pointing to your excellent website which Rev'd Alan Griffiths would like you to maintain as it gives details of the history of the church. It would be useful if you could place a link back to the above site on your own pages.
Regards Paul Laycock

David Glarvey    [

I was brought up in Consibrough and moved to Australia in 1970, George Braithwaite was the vicar at ST Peters then and also taught us religious education at the Middle School, he was a great persona and I visited him at the vicarage before I left for Australia and he provided me with a great personal reference I have fond memories of the church and when I was young we explored every nook and cranny of it.
David Glarvey

Trevor Pullman  I now live in south Australia and have lived in Australia since 1981 I moved here for a better life but still think about when I was a boy I have fond memories of Conisbrough when I was 15 I used to come to the church to ring the bells on Sunday  it was only for three weeks of my life  but I will never forget that it was so special to me the church is always the most important place( after the castle ) that I always think of I went to Northcliffe secondary school and grew up in Conisbrough  , keep up the good work of looking after the church  regards Trevor

David Eddershaw

In you list of vicars of St Peters you have H Trevor Heddershaw in 1937. The correct spelling of the name is Eddershaw. Perhaps you could correct this? I am his third son and spent the first four years of my life in Conisbrough vicarage and later, after his death in 1942, lived at 7 Ellershaw Lane.

Robert Burns

Great Site.  Not to sure with some of Ryder's interpretations but then again I am an archaeologist as well as a genealogist
All the best Rob

Lois Valerie Harvie 

August 2007

Hi John
I have enjoyed reading the Guest Book. I was born in Conisbrough and went to St Peter's Church, Christened and married there. I have been living in South Australia for 47year's and I am delighted to have found St Peter's Church on the Internet. St Peter's has always been very special to me and was a big part of my growing up in Conisbrough. I lived in Daylands Ave. attended Morley Place and Northcliff Schools and was very fortunate to be chosen the May Queen in 1955 by St Peter's Sunday School and crowned in the Castle Grounds which was a very big honour. Thank you for your Web site and great work.

Regards Lois Harvie [nee Smith]







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