The original Saxson Preaching Cross outside the ChurchThe original Saxon Preaching cross outside the Church

St. Peters Church 
Conisbrough, South Yorkshire



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 Bishop Bicup Church

Photo of the Bishop Bicup Church, and of the 'Monkwearmouth' masonry, that ties the two churches together. diffused section is the 'newer' part of Monkwearmouth church, so as to leave the 673ad part in focus

On the Roman times page this site , the above pictured church of 'Bishop Biscup' was recorded in the writings of the 'Venerable Bede' as being built in 674ad. This church is also dedicated to St. Peter, and is at Monkwearmouth, which is now a suburb of Sunderland, in Northumberland.
The cornerstones, shown above are the ones which Archaeologists cite as the 'proof positive' that the same builders built both churches.
The similarity of dimensions of the Nave was another link, within inches of each other. both of these links also apply to a church at Ledsham, near Selby Fork, on the A1). This would put St Peter's Church Conisbrough at a date of creation c 680ad, which is referred to on the Roman times page .
If you compare the stones of these two Churches, you will see that they are both laid on 'edge' rather than 'flat'. Archaeologists call this 'Side alternate', St Peter's Conisbrough are limestone, and the Monkwearmouth ones are a peculiar sandstone / ironstone appearance, but it is the way that they are laid that is the 'link'.
Irene Barraclough commented that the Conisbrough stones are in better condition than Monkwearmouth. The reason for this is that the Monkwearmouth stones have been outside for 1350 years. As opposed to the Conisbrough stones which have been 'inside' since the 1200ad south aisle was built. This includes obviously the whole of the 'Industrial Revolution', including it's pollution.
Only the Tower and the wall featured in the photo at Monkwearmouth, are from 674ad, hence Keith diffused the 'newer' part so as to avoid confusion by the viewer

St Peter's Conisbrough

Windows Lighting Spiral Stair

The Niche in the West Wall Tower


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