The original Saxson Preaching Cross outside the ChurchThe original Saxon Preaching cross outside the Church

St. Peters Church 
Conisbrough, South Yorkshire

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St Peters Conisbrough  


Early Features pre 1475

The Vestry door

Plan 7  shows the site of a vestry and Chapel to the North of the newly extended Chancel which was built around c 1475.


The Priests window

On the North wall of the Chancel a sealed doorway and barred window may be seen, showing where access to the vestry was gained , and where the Priest could view the Chancel














This trademark reproduced here by kind permission of  Robert Thompson's Craftsmen Ltd.Also on the South side of the Chancel a second Aumbrey


The Piscina below right is built into the South wall of the South Aisle, and on the left below an Aumbrey in the East Wall of the South Aisle designed to store the Communion Chalices.

Aumbrey The Piscina
The Straight Joint

On the photo can be seen the straight joint down the wall where the South Porticus was removed, and replaced circa 1350ad.  [ Ref.  A on Plan 7 ]


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This trademark reproduced here by kind permission of  Robert Thompson's Craftsmen Ltd.

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