The original Saxson Preaching Cross outside the ChurchThe original Saxon Preaching cross outside the Church

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Church Groups and Workers

Compiled by Keith Baraclough

The list below will gradually be linked to more detailed information on each Group. Links are now being added starting with the Mothers Union

Bellringers  There is a team of bellringers, who practice weekly on the octave of bells in the belltower. the rope room is accessed by the narrow spiral stair to approximately eighteen feet above the ground floor. They ring the bells most Sundays before services, and at weddings and sometimes funerals as requested.

Church Cleaners The cleaners come into church after the week-end, to dust, polish the wooden floors, polish the plaques and generally make the church worthy of the title 'House of God'.

Church Wardens There are two church wardens, who have the ultimate responsibility for the church, on behalf of the Bishop. Their duties include one or the other attending every service of public worship. the physical condition of the church building, overseeing the financial, legal and safety aspects of having the building open to the public.

Communion Assistants Are licenced by the Bishop, to assist the incumbent in ministering the communion bread and wine at Holy Communion and Parish Communion services.

Deanery Synod Two members of the Church are elected to represent the Church at the West Doncaster Deanery Synod meetings, reporting back to the P.C.C. and, to the Annual Parochial Meeting. At the meetings, current topics are presented by guest speakers, with the opportunity to question. A representative of the General Synod also reports on items discussed in the General Synod meetings. The Deanery Synod can also be used as a 'showcase' for forthcoming events. 

Family Group.  Originally called the 'Mums and tots' group, give an opportunity for young mums, and sometimes dads or grandparents, to bring their pre-school children to mix, play with and interact with other like children, in a friendly, safe and non-threatening environment.

Fellowship Groups There are several fellowship groups in the Parish, where church members and non-church members can meet, share fellowship, worship, learn about the Gospel, and pray for the people of the Parish. These are seen as a medium, where non-church-goers can explore the basics of Christianity, without setting foot in the Church, should they wish not to.

Flower Arrangers Are a group of church members, generally (but not exclusively) ladies. They provide flowers each week, throughout the year, excluding Lent, to bring colour and fragrance to the Church. They also provide a basic amount of flowers for every wedding held in the Church.

Flower Festival St. Peter's flower festival is renowned throughout a large area of the north of England, for it's professionalism, spiritualism and spectacular display of artistry and colour. These are not held every year, but we have had one in 2000 and 2003. Watch this space.....

Grounds Maintenance staff Whilst the Churchyard is a 'closed' one, and thereby maintained by the loacl authority, ie. grass cut, walls repaired, damaged headstones made safe, trees pruned. A dedicated team clean the grounds of dead leaves, rubbish blown into or carelessly dropped in the grounds. They also annually clean out the roof gutters of leaves blown onto the roofs in the autumn.

Home Communion Assistants There is a small team of licensed communion assistants, who take communion out to church members who are temporarily, or permanently unable to attend church services.

Handymen & Women St. Peter's church is blessed with a group of men and women, who attend to the routine maintenance of the church and church hall. Decoration, vandal damage, repairs and renovations as and when necessary.

'J' Team 'J' for Jesus. is the name of the children's fellowship who meet weekly, to interact and share time with likeminded children, where 'Christian values teaching' is an important part.

Kitchen staff  Members of the church, 'man' the kitchen after each service, to provide light refreshment to the congregations as they leave the church. there is also a 'coffee morning' on Wednesdays and Saturdays, where people of the village, can call in for a drink and a chat, in comfortable surroundings in the 'Alpha rooms'. The kitchen is also used to provide refreshments for users of the Halls, and for special occasions when Lent, lunches, Men's meetings, the women's Guild etc. etc. need refreshments.

Lay Preachers We have a team of four regular lay-preachers, who are members of the Church, have full-time employment, but Preach or lead, Services every Sunday, supplementing the lone Vicar. We also have an interchange of Clergy / lay-preachers, with the Baptist and Methodist churches in the town.

Mothers Union Celebrated it's 75th anniversary in St. Peter's in 2002. It has a small but dedicated following, it is open to anyone to join / visit, including the occasional men. One of the many good works this group organizes is the 'Samaritan's purse shoe box appeal', where literally hundreds of shoe boxes are filled by it's members, with small gifts such as toys colouring books, pencils, gloves hats, scarves etc. etc. and are then sent to underprivileged countries, such as Romania, where their children, get very little or nothing at Christmas.
Remember 'Band-aid'........ Do they Know it's Christmas?

Nice'n'easy Is a weekly service held in the church halls, led by members of the congregation (Not a 'dog-collar' in sight), with invited guest speakers, with worship, refreshments, and the opportunity to 'sample' modern worship, without having to 'attend' church. As the title implies, it's Nice 'n' easy.

Ocharina team This is a group of young children, mostly from the 'J' Team, who take time out to practice playing Ocharinas, then displaying their talents at the Sunday 11.15am Family service. They have also played at Christian concerts at the local Community hall.

Office staff Having for many years been 'spoilt' by having a regular, very efficient, office worker to 'man' the office, take calls, receive personal enquiries, minister to people in distress, who come to the church to find comfort, solitude, healing. We are now managing with several part-time helpers, who do the printing of necessary bulletins, service sheets etc. keep church records etc.

Organist Having lost our organist several years ago, we now have to 'hire in' organists, to play at weddings and funerals, from surrounding parishes.

Parochial Church Council The decision making body of each Church of England church, is made up of: The Vicar, Church Wardens, Deanery Synod representatives and elected members of the congregation. At the first P.C.C. meeting after the A.P.M., a vice chair (man or woman) is elected, along with a P.C.C. secretary and treasurer. All of whom serve for one year, until the next A.P.M. They are responsible for making decisions on all matters regarding the church life. This includes the delegating monies to fund all church activities, including repairs, renovations,  ministry costs, the direction in which the church is going, spiritually, all legal issues in having our buildings available for public worship and civil ceremony such as  'hatches, matches and dispatches'.

Prayer Chain Is a group of church members, who are contacted by anyone having news of Health, and sometimes emotional emergencies, each member of the team then contacts another, usually by telephone, to create a ring of prayer, around the needy. There is also a prayer board in the Memorial chapel in church, where, notes can be left, either anonymously or named, with requests for a person or persons to be covered in prayer, for a specific problem. The prayer continues daily, until feed-back reveals that the emergency is past.

Sidespersons There are designated 'sidesperson' rotas, for each service, where the sidesperson welcomes the congregation as they arrive for services, handing out hymn books, bibles, weekly bulletins etc. attending to the offertory and controlling the 'flow' of communicants at the various communions. They are also on hand, to minister to anyone taken ill, needing a glass of water etc. and collecting the books in at the end of the services.

Steptoes Named after 'Albert' and 'Harold', is a 'shop' within the church halls, where good quality second-hand clothes are received and sold at very acceptable prices to the public. Every penny profit, goes to charitable causes, regionally, nationally and internationally. In 2003, £5,680 was shared between such worthy causes as Sheffield Children's Hospital, Yorkshire Air Ambulance, Doncaster Canaan Trust, The Bible Society, Christian missionary work in the Congo (formerly Zaire), the Doncaster 'Bluebell Wood' Children's Hospice, etc.

Traidcraft Is an 'outlet' for fairly traded goods, from, generally, the 'third world' countries. It's aim is to ensure that the 'producers' of goods, get a fair price for their produce. This is held in the Alpha rooms at coffee mornings and after services etc. It is a non-profit making venture on the church's part, but seen as a 'Christian duty' to bring some fairness to the very poorly paid workers who produce the goods.

Vergers  The Vergers attend all funeral and weddings that take place within the church, directing visitors to their seats, announcing the arrival of the cortege or couple, and generally being on hand to assist in any situation. They also record the event in the Parish record book. Of all the 'jobs' listed, this is the only one, where the participants are paid a modest fee. All other work is done for the love of God, and His house.

Womens Guild This group has been associated with the church for many years. It's main function is to firstly be a fellowship, to meet practical needs of underprivileged.

Worship Group The traditional 'Choir' was replaced almost twenty years ago, by a 'worship group'. This consists of Guitarists, Flautist, Trumpeter, Drummer, Pianist and lead vocalists. They meet every Thursday evening, (which again, is a time of 'fellowship') to rehearse the Sunday Hymns / Songs, and then of course, play at the services.

Youth Picks up where the 'J' Team leaves off, giving continuity to the Christian 'growth' as the Children become young adults. This a weekly meeting, where Faith is taught, appropriately to the development of the Youth.



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