The original Saxson Preaching Cross outside the ChurchThe original Saxon Preaching cross outside the Church

St. Peters Church 
Conisbrough, South Yorkshire

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St Peters Conisbrough  


The Castle Altar and Other Features


The Altar Slab

Above: The Altar Slab recovered from Conisbrough Castle around 1923. It has five consecration crosses and a Niche for a relic box. It is now used in the Memorial Chapel as a focal point for visitors coming to pray and or leave prayer request.

This trademark reproduced here by kind permission of  Robert Thompson's Craftsmen Ltd.The Church Pews

All of the' modern ' pews in the Church today were crafted by the " Mouseman of Kilburn" [ Near York ] and bear his distinguished trademark of a mouse carved into the Solid Wood. There are 27 of these mice in the Church. Some in plain view on pew ends, or on the Communion Table, and on central legs etc.



Robert Thomson [ The Mouseman of Kilburn ]This trademark reproduced here by kind permission of  Robert Thompson's Craftsmen Ltd.

Robert Thompson was born in Kilburn, Yorkshire in 1876 and died in 1955. He began his trade as a  wheelwright in the village of Kilburn  Yorkshire, and developed a skill in carving furniture, his signature was a carved mouse on each piece of furniture and he became  known as ‘The Mouseman’ . Robert followed the tradition of medieval woodcarvers and became famous throughout England in his time. He not only produced the Church furniture found in many Churches in England, he also produced domestic pieces. So the next time you visit a Church have a little look and see if you can find the trademark of the Mouseman. There is a Museum in Kilburn called The Robert Thompson Visitor Centre. To learn more of this man and his life visit this page  where you can also enquire about purchasing real English Furniture made by fine traditional craftsman in the style of Robert Thompson.


Recommended reading.

" The Tale of the Mouse" by Patricia Lennon

Published by Great Northern Books

Midland Chambers, 1, Wells Road, Ilkley, West Yorkshire LS29 9JB TEL. 01943 604027

A beautiful well written insight into the life of the Mouseman with photos of the man and his work. Not content with showing the man and his work the book has some marvellous information and photos of the surrounding area of Kilburn, and a complete listing of all the Churches containing the work of Robert Thompson. If you are from Yorkshire you will love this book, if you are not from Yorkshire you will love it anyway.

If you are visiting Kilburn the book is available at The Robert Thompson Visitor Centre.


[ Disclaimer. St. Peters Church and John Doxey have no affiliation with Robert Thompson's Craftsmen Ltd. The text and link are placed here freely without request for the benefit of you the visitor only]



" Follow Me"

The beautiful sculpture in the East end of the Church depicts Jesus saying as he did to the Disciples and to many millions since " Follow me"


The sculpture was created by a talented dear friend and sister of the congregation, who passed away in 1999.


Postcards of this beautiful sculpture can be purchased from the Church.




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This trademark reproduced here by kind permission of  Robert Thompson's Craftsmen Ltd.

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