The original Saxson Preaching Cross outside the ChurchThe original Saxon Preaching cross outside the Church

St. Peters Church 
Conisbrough, South Yorkshire

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The Church Today

In 1893 a peal of eight bells replaced the three bells of the previous century. What was the Chapel with its 1866 archway into the Chancel was now the site of a Church organ. The arch between Chapel and North Aisle was also widened at this time.

Plan of the Church Today

Plan 9 above shows the1913/14 addition of a Vestry [ V ] , Church Office [ O ], and the Organ Chamber [ O/C ]

The developments described are the major changes that have been detected by Archaeologists over the past two Centuries, and brought together here in logical order.

Intertwined with the major developments the Church has had continuous repairs, adaptations, and additions.

The rendered masonry in the Tower to facilitate a gas flue to the roof, the installation of a Gas boiler and central heating, the renewal of perished masonry, repairs to the leaded windows, and a new flagpole are just some of these ongoing changes.


The Church currently has a Vicar, a congregation of around one hundred, with a worship group that plays a wide range of musical instruments including, Electric Organ, Piano, Trumpet, Flute, Guitars, and Drums. Which replace the old traditional Organ and Choir.


Parish Records are kept in archive in nearby Doncaster.



The Church at sunset due to the type of stone used in its construction makes quite a splendid spectacle as the last of the suns rays strike the Church from a low angle before disappearing for the day.




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