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By Geoffrey Walker


Whilst reading through the history pages of Thrybergh and Dalton Geoff brought to mind a couple of tales.






 On the Dalton site amongst Anne Meggitt's memories was this observation.

"I fondly remember my Father and his "pals" from Dalton congregating at the bottom of Osberton St, they used to  call it ' meeting at the houses of Parliament" here they put the world to rights and had the added advantage of seeing every motor vehicle that passed through Dalton, forerunners of Last of the Summer Wine I think!"


Geoff sent in this story.




"The little gathering of local "MPs" referred to by Annie Meggitt, were sitting in their usual place (on the wall) near The Grapes, when a big posh car pulled up and beckoned one of the men over, "Could you tell me the way to the Lake District" said the car driver, "Thaat reight int middle on it'" said the local lad. "some laik Mondays, some laik Tuesdays and some o' the idle buggers laik all week."


Geoff Walker.


Footnote from John.

The term "To laik" or "Laiking" was used to describe a day off work or school, the word Laiking is from pre Norman times and is Danish in origin, the word means to play or playing. It is one of many words maintained through the centuries in Yorkshire



Like most of us who were around during the 1950's and 60's Geoff remembers the one and only Charlie "Chuck" Willoughby who lived on Vale Road Thrybergh and delivered home coal for the miners.



I'd be about 8 or 9 yrs old at the time, I was stood at the end of the yard and the coal lorry came along and stopped at our gate, "come on young Walker get thi' sleeves rolled up" he said jumping out of the cab, "just think ha' proud thi dads gonna be when he comes home an tha's got coil in for 'im".  Now that's what I call psychology, I went at that pile of "coil" like a madman and got it done for me dad cummin home.  Of course he was very pleased with me and I had a "head like a bucket" for days after...

Geoff Walker.



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