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 John Doxey

The new Woodlaithes Estate from the Mine. Photo copyright and courtesy Mick Carver


Sunnyside was given birth in 1925/26 when the Industrial Housing Association constructed the estate to house miners who worked at Silverwood Colliery, it was formally part of the Woodlaithes estate, a property with a rich and varied history.


A once much admired part of the Conisbrough Estates as was its neighbour Flanderwell. Part of Woodlaithes was once held by the Thrybergh estate, and it also fell within the boundaries of Dalton. Many a local notable held residence at Woodlaithes throughout its history, and it changed hands many times.

Once just a farm the area today is being developed again with the Woodlaithes Estate pictured left, and it is no doubt that once the Silverwood tip has been regenerated and hopefully becomes a parkland, the view from Woodlaithes and Sunnyside will be once again quite a view.

In 1532 the land was listed as I. 3 closes totaling 6 acres at Woodhouse Leys, adjoining Dalton Brook occupied by John Chadwick. During the 1532—MICHAELMAS TERM, 24 HENRY VIII. A William Holgyll and John Savage, clerk purchased from Nicholas Strelley, esq., and Elizabeth his wife the Manors of Eccleshall and Wodlathis and 60 messuages with lands, 2 watermills, free fishing in the waters of Eccleshall, and £13 rent in Eccleshall, Wodlathys, Sheffeld, Brome, Crokys, and Aldwark, and the advowson of Fyngale Church; also a fourth part of the manor of Spenythorne, of 20 messuages with lands in Spenythorne, of the advowson of the parish church of Spenythorne, and of the chantry there.


1544 TRINITY TERM, 36 HENRY VIII. A member of one of the most notable families in Rotherham's history Robert Swyft, senr. purchased from Nicholas Styrley, kt. a Messuage with lands in Wodlathes in the parish of Connesburgh.
From: 'Yorkshire Fines: 1541-45', Feet of Fines of the Tudor period [Yorks]

In 1561 Robert Swyfte inherited the farm upon the death of his father.

1593 Thomas Reresby, esq. purchased from Robert Swifte, esq. Messuage with lands in Woodlathes, Conysburrough, Dalton, Narrdalton als. Litle Dalton, and Farrdalton als. Great Dalton. From: 'Yorkshire Fines: 1593', Feet of Fines of the Tudor period [Yorks]:

The Reresby's did not own the farm for too long and in 1597 a George Chaworthe, esq., and William Reason, gent. purchased from Thomas Reresby, esq. the Messuage with lands in Woodlathes, Conysburrough, Dalton, Narr Dalton als. Litle Dalton, and Farr Dalton als. Great Dalton.

From: 'Yorkshire Fines: 1597', Feet of Fines of the Tudor period [Yorks]:

By 1660 a Sherland Adams had residence there,  a Rector of Eyam in 1630. and also Rector of Treeton, unfortunately he was a Royalist and was punished for being so with the loss of his Rectorship of both parishes  so he retired to Woodlaithes, he was re-instated but died in 1664.

TITLE DEEDS exchanged hands in 1685 between William Holgyll and John Savage, clerk  from Nicholas Strelley, esq., and Elizabeth his wife Manors of Eccleshall and Wodlathis and 60 messuages with lands, 2 watermills, free fishing in the waters of Eccleshall, and £13 rent in Eccleshall, Wodlathys, Sheffeld, Brome, Crokys, and Aldwark, and the advowson of Fyngale Church; also a fourth part of the manor of Spenythorne, of 20 messuages with lands in Spenythorne, of the advowson of the parish church of Spenythorne, and of the chantry there
   Rotherham and Greasbrough
FILE - Counterpart settlement of uses - ref.  186/F/22/1  - date: 3 December 1685


In 1858 the tithe awards within the parish of Doncaster included Conisbrough, Firsby, Woodlaithes, and Flanderwell all had passed into private hands

In 1881a Wm. H. Glossop Head M Male 40 Brampton, York, England was resident at Woodlaithes a Farmer Maltster Factor Farming 206 Acres Empg 5 Men 3 Boys
Alice J. Glossop Wife M Female 31 Stafford, Stafford, England
Mary S. Glossop Daur U Female 2 Wood Lathes, York, England
John Foster Visitor M Male 63 Wickersley, York, England Landowner
John O. R. Foster Visitor U Male 17 Wickersley, York, England
Mary A. Turner Assistant U Female 24 Saxilby, Lincoln, England Mothers Help Dom
Ellen Charlesworth Servant U Female 17 Bolsover, Derby, England Housemaid
Jeramiah Coe Servant W Male 56 Braithwell, York, England Shepherd
George Scales Servant U Male 16 Dalton Magna, York, England Ag Lab
Robert Jackson Servant U Male 18 Scawby, Lincoln, England Groom Dom
Dwelling Wood Lathes
Census Place Dalton In Rotherham, York, England
Public Records Office Reference RG11 Piece / Folio 4674 / 17 Page Number 9

In 1991 Edward H Spencer born 1843 at Bramley Yorkshire a farmer lived at Whiston before moving to Dalton sometime after 1874. In 1891 Listed as a widower and Farmer Employer living at ,Wood Laithes
Ernest W Spencer Son S born 1874 at 17 Whiston Yorkshire Student
Harriet A Turner Niece S born 1861 at Braithwell Yorkshire
Elizabeth A Johnson S born 1872 at Aldershot Hampshire General Servant
William Foers  S born 1853 at Whiston Yorkshire Cow Man Farm
Aaron Mosley S born 1871 at Whitehill Kent Servnt Horse Man Employed
Public Records Office Reference Page 8 Folio 7 RG12/3848

In 1926 an area of Woodlaithe was purchased for the building of an housing estate to provide homes for miners who worked at Silverwood Colliery, this section of land became Sunnyside.


Fred Kelly's daughter Nadia was born at 13 Central Ave. on the 17th September 1929



In 1935 the Sunnyside Labour Party held it's annual meeting and a local newspaper report recorded the following.

" The annual meeting of the Sunnyside Labour Party was held on Sunday. Councillor J. W. Taylor who presided gave a satisfactory report of the progress made by the party, and expressed regret of the resignation of the secretary, Mr. J. W. Hanton owing to illness in the Homestead. The election of officials is as follows:-

President: Councillor J. W. Taylor, Vice president: Mr. Joseph Jennings, secretary: Mr. James Raynor, treasurer: Mr. Wm. Marsh, delegate: Mr. J. Holbrook, committee: Mr. B. Cook, Mr. J. E. Mills, Mr. F. Webb, and Mr G. Parker, auditors: Mr. S. Miree, and Mr. R. White.

A hearty vote of thanks was accorded Mr. J. W. Hanton for his assistance during the year.

A well attended meeting of the women's section of the party was held on Wednesday night when the election of officials and committee took place. The elected were as follows:-

President : Mrs. T. Lawson, vice- president Mrs. J. Raynor, financial secretary Mrs J. Featherstone [ unopposed ], committee: Mrs. W. Marsh, Mrs. J. Jennings, Mrs. W. Holbrook, Mrs. P. Loftus, and Mrs. W. Hallem, delegate: Mrs. C. Miree.

The retiring president Mrs. W. Holbrook wished the newly elected president a successful year of office, and hoped there would be a substantial increase in membership. She gave an interesting report on Mrs. Wadhams speech at Kiveton Park. Mrs J. Featherstone was congratulated on her election as delegate of the federation to the national conference to be held at Sheffield city hall in May.



From the COAL AUTHORITY 2001  

1.2.1 Property - Income from property sales was £0.6 million below budget mainly due to the delay in the sale of slice sites. Clawback income, however, exceeded budget by £1.9 million where an earlier than anticipated development of a former British Coal property (Woodlaithes Farm) contributed £1.2 million.


Sunnyside like its counterparts Dalton Brook and the Whinney Hill area at Thrybergh was to create a community that stuck together, and also contain many great characters, below is the start of a list of those we knew and still know as Sunnysiders, a little village with many a story to tell.







Harry Lester age 18 1928


Alfred Beresford age 36 1928


Frank Fox ? age 37 1928


John Staley age 15 1927


Sam Stead age 21  1927


Clifford White age 14 1927



Lee Russon age 14 1927


E. Golightly age 15 1928

Thomas Golightly age 33 1928


W. Watson age 21 1928

L. Watson age 16  1928


Frank Beresford  age 19 1927


Thomas Whitehall? age 27 1927


Albert Atherton age 25  1928  


James Barlow age 33  1927


John Watson age 20 1927

E H Watson age 44 1928


Numbers unknown

Isaiah and George Riley 1940's
Oswin and Agnes Wright lived on The Crescent West Sunnyside





Alfred Leonard Hunt age 17 1928


Eric Abell age16 1928




Ernest Molinson ? age 14 1927


Bernard Dickinson age 14 1927

Harold Turner age 15 1928

Fred Turner age 14 1928


W. Gledhill age 27 1928


H A Fretwell age 17 1927




Tom Thackery age 14 1927

Thomas Thackery 1939


Leslie Longmate age 14 1927


Harry Critchley age 15 1927


Martin Dodd age 25 1927


Fred Grover ag 22 1928


Ernest Morgan age 14  1926

Herbert Martin age 40 1928


William Henry Richardson age 16 1927

William Richardson age 19  1927


G. Whitelamb ? age 47 1927


James Thomas Gray age 19 1927 



Thomas Henry Grions ? age 27 1926
Edward Rushton age 24 1926

Harry Grion ? age 22  1926


Herbert Lee age 30 1928

Thomas Flaherty age 23 1928

Herbert Lee age 30 1928


George Farnham ? age 42 1927


Ernest Stanton age 14 1927

Albert Horton age 14 1928


James Gregory age 21  1928
M J Martin age 19  1928

Robert Pepper and family 1936


Tom Whitaker ? age 40 1927

Joseph Whitley age 14 1927


J. Acton age 36

Albert Rodgers age 23 1927


A. Webb age 27 living at 54 1927


David and Mary Edwards 1929
Harry Edwards
Jim Edwards
John Edwards
Joe Edwards
Bill Edwards
Evelyn Edwards
Ernie Edwards.



Alan Napper daughter Lynda grew up on The Crescent East in the house formerly owned by the Hartles
Jack & Edna Doxey lived on The Crescent East




Edward Thackery age 15  1927


Rufus and Leah Mcmahon 1929
Harry Mcmahon
Peggy Mcmahon
Tom Mcmahon
Kath Mcmahon
Flo Mcmahon
Dennis Mcmahon
Sheila Mcmahon
Les Mcmahon
Eileen Mcmahon



John Hart age 27 1928


Adam Brown age 53 1927



Alfred Featherstone age 14 1927


John W. Ferniough age 19  1927

John W Rice age 16  1927


Fred Kelly and family 1929


Joshua Shelmerelin ? age 29 1927


Charles Hutton age 22 1928






Arthur Cooper age 38  1928

Walter Buckford ? age 38  1928

Enoch Biddolph? age 47 1928


Thomas Dodd age 24  1927





S. Ingham ? age 26 1927


John Thomas Pepper age 14  1928


H Corless ? age 25 1926 



S. Raynor age 25 1927


Frederick Harrison age 43 1927


Clifford Parkin age 17 1928


Samuel Fairhust age 15 1927

Samuel Fairhurst age 16 1928


William Jones age 30 1927

W. Lindley age 28 1927





Stephen Gill age 16 1927


1924 Charles Colton age 15  March 1924 was living at Woodlaithe


Jack Wooton, Hartles, Napper,  


If you know of others who lived here please send their names

© John Doxey



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