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WHAT YOU WON'T FIND ON THIS SITE ! A hit counter. Abuse. Adult only material, Photo of Mrs. Thatcher.

WHAT YOU WILL FIND ON THIS SITE  A safe site for children to visit, history, useful information on mining. An in depth look at miners including genealogy, and also links to my other sites containing the history and genealogy of the Villages they lived in, Mining Poetry, True stories, humorous and sad recollections, great photos, and the major thing that has made this site a success, input from miners and their families.

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News and Events

The welcome page to the site

This page, which is to help you navigate

 The people listed  appear on this site, either as contributors or were concerned with the mine at some stage in the history of Silverwood. There are also those who have websites with information related to this sites content. The list is in order of appearance and is a way of locating individuals and stories not listed elsewhere on the site.

A page to add your local news or advertise local events related to Silverwood Colliery or mining



The Shaft is Sunk

Dalton Mining Co

Early Years

Early Years 2

1913 Accident






War Years at the Mine


Early Trains

The 1920's

War Memorial of 1923


Travelling to work

Coke Ovens

Pit Head Baths


1947 Accident



The Blacking Mill

1966 Disaster

The Silverwood Disaster song


Mine improvements 1970

Journey to the Face

Loading Coal

Maps of Workings


1984 Strike

1984 Strike 2

The Miners Return

The 1985 Strike

One Million Tonnes

Weekly Record

Home of Quality

Riddor Incident

Silverwood Closure

Silverwood Closure 2

Final Years Photos

Stuart Tomlins Collection

Stuart Tomlins Collection 2

Stuart Tomlins Collection 3

Sunset on Silverwood

The Last Trains

Final Years

Final Years 2

Work After Silverwood

Silverwood 2007

The birth of the mine in 1900

The company who owned the mine until the nationalization of coal mines in the U/K

Pre 1920

Pre 1920

The sad day when three Dalton men were lost in a roof fall

A listing of miners lost in the Great War

A listing of miners lost in the Great War

A listing of miners lost in the Great War

A listing of miners lost in the Great War

A listing of miners lost in the Great War

Covering events at the mine during the Great War

The year following the Great War

A page on Trains and their operatives who worked for Dalton Main or Silverwood

1920 to 1930

The story of the Dalton Main War Memorial built in 1923

The mine in pre war years

A look at how the men got to their place of work

A very informative article from Michael Knight

The battle to have pit head baths in mines

Through the war and towards the 1950's

The sad loss of George Mosley and Wallace Beavis by Ian Brameld

The decade of new machines

The decade of tragic events, and the opening of the Swallow Wood Seam

The history of the Blacking Mill by Keith Barraclough and John Doxey

The tragic accident when two paddy trains collided underground

A song by ex Lord Mayor, and M. P. Stan Crowther

The mine becomes a legend in production

A glimpse of the improvements with photos

How the miners reached the coal face in the 1970's with photos

How the coal reached the surface in the 1970's with photos

Presentation by Bruce Wilson of hand drawn Maps showing underground workings

A decade of conflict, and production records

The final conflict during which Britain became a Police State

A personal recollection by Kilnhurst Colliery Miner Mike Glennon

The end of the 1984/5 strike and the day the miners returned to work

A record gained, an agreement broken, resulting in a 2 week strike by a group of miners.

The one million tonne output record with photo of some of the miners who gained it

A photo of the lads celebrating yet anouther Silverwood record.

A group of Silverwood miners with two of the finished products from coal

No not the runaway train, this is the story of the runaway Crane

A reflection with poems and a great painting of the mines demolition by Oliver Dabbs

A terrific presentation of photos from Jonathan Dabbs

Another terrific presentation of photos from George Johnson ex Maltby Main electrician

A presentation of marvellous photographs by Stuart in the final moments of Silverwood

A presentation of marvellous photographs by Stuart in the final moments of Silverwood

A presentation of marvellous photographs by Stuart in the final moments of Silverwood

Two excellent  photos from Mick Carver

Photos by George Johnson showing the last trains to remove coal from the mine

The closing of the mine and the aftermath

A descriptive presentation from Dean George Clement regarding the last workings at Silverwood

A look at how some of the miners fared after the closure of the mine

 Views of the restored site of Silverwood tip by Jon Rosling


The Miners listed on the pages below are linked individually to the Origin pages in the next section

Miners List

Useful Information and help

Miners A

Miners B

Miners C

Miners D

Miners E

Miners F

Miners G

Miners H

Miners I-J

Miners K

Miners L

Miners M

Miners N

Miners O

Miners P

Miners Q-R

Miners S

Miners T

Miners U-V

Miners W

Miners X Y Z

A look at the men who worked at the mine, when they started, what they did, and when they finished.

A list to not only pay tribute to the men but also a fact file for their descendents.

 It is recommended to read the Miners List intro page before finding your miner. Each page contains A - Z links so you can navigate quickly.

Three Steps Search

A : Click on first letter of your miners surname

B: Locate your miner, if your miners name is underlined, click on the link

C: Your miners name will appear at the top of the new page with details, if there is a link [ more ] then follow that link for more details of your miner.



The Miners listed on this section are linked individually from the Miners List above

Origins of Miners


Street Locations

Armthorpe Colliery


Bradgate Drift

Cadeby Main

Canclow Colliery

Carlton Main

Denaby Main

Dinnington Main

Do Well Colliery

Firbeck Colliery

Grimethorpe Colliery

Hadfield colliery


Hatfield Main

Here Before




Maltby Main

Manvers Main

Men of August 1919

Mines A

Mines B

Mines C

Mines F

Mines G

Mines H

Mines I - K

Mines L - N

Mines O - R

Mines S

Mines T - U

Mines W - Y

Rossington Colliery

Rotherham Main Colliery


Thrybergh Hall

Thurcroft Colliery

Treeton Colliery

Unknown Colliery

Unknown Origin

Rotherham Corporation

School Leavers

Silverwood Top


Stubbin Collieries

Surface Workers

Various Occupations

Various Origins


Wath Main Colliery

Yorkshire Main

The following pages concern where the men worked prior to working at Silverwood, IT IS RECOMMENDED to start here, and also read the information at the top of each page

A listing of street names and their locations where some of the miners lived


Colliers from the Forces






Nearby Colliery, the mine has gone but the Band plays on

A presentation by Vincent Wardle regarding the short life of a little known Colliery



Nottingham Mine



Miners who returned to Silverwood

Men who returned after a long illness

Men who came direct from Ireland to Silverwood, or from the Derbyshire mine named Ireland

A list of Men who came from Lancashire

Nearby Colliery now one of the few remaining Mines in England

Situated in Wath on Dearne

A huge list of men who signed on in just one month with no previous employment stated

Mining locations with only a few Miners listed per mine

Mining locations with only a few Miners listed per mine

Mining locations with only a few Miners listed per mine

Mining locations with only a few Miners listed per mine

Mining locations with only a few Miners listed per mine

Mining locations with only a few Miners listed per mine

Mining locations with only a few Miners listed per mine

Mining locations with only a few Miners listed per mine

Mining locations with only a few Miners listed per mine

Mining locations with only a few Miners listed per mine

Mining locations with only a few Miners listed per mine

Mining locations with only a few Miners listed per mine

Nearby Colliery

Local Colliery Owned by John Brown and Co

Colliery owned by Dalton Mining company

Later known as Kilnhurst Colliery

Local Colliery

Local Colliery

A list of men where the previous colliery worked at is not clear

A group of miners with no record of previous employment

A list of men who came from the towns corporation workforce

Boys who signed on at Silverwood from School

A list of men with known occupations on the surface at Silverwood prior to working underground

A list of men who came to Silverwood from various steel industries

Local Rotherham mines owned by Earl Fitzwilliam

Men who worked on the surface of Silverwood who went underground

A list of men who came to Silverwood from other than the coal Industry

A listing of men who came from various parts of the U/K

A list of miners who came direct from Wales to Silverwood


Nearby Colliery at Edlington previously named Edlington Main colliery


A look at the Miners of Silverwood , their working conditions, and other facts and events during their time at Silverwood

Working Life

Working Life 2

Working Life 3

What was it like being a miner

A glimpse of the working life of Ernest Lawery

A social gathering and a meeting with Prince Phillip



Silverwood Sport

Silverwood F. C.

How miners spent their leisure time an article by John Doxey

The sporting miners of Silverwood

A presentation by Alan Hodgson of the clubs record 1919/1920 and in the F. A. Cup

Silverwood F. C. pg2

Larrett Roebuck

Lol Morgan

Samual J. Taylor

A continuation with a fact file on several local legends who emerged from the club by Alan Hodgson

Local Football star who started his career at Silverwood Colliery F. C.

Local Football star who started his career at Silverwood Colliery F. C.

Local Football star who started his career at Silverwood Colliery F. C.


This section will hopefully grow as the pages concern personal stories and histories of some of the remarkable men and women who worked at Silverwood or were associated with the mine. If you know of any of the Silverwood workforce that has a story to relate, please send it in.

William Hill

James William Hill

Fred Hartle

Hartle Family

Reginald Gray

Fred Spencer

Medical Team

Fred Kelly

Frederick Kelly Snr.

Warneford Cawthorne

Alfred Blyton

William "Bill" Marshall

Stephen Marshall

William Hitchen

Peter O'Brien

Bruce Wilson

Dave Vicars

R & F Green

Mike Longden 

Dean Clement

George Clement

James Slater

William Birch

Billy Mills

Jeff Lovell

The Barlow Family

Ralph Law

Ralph Law  pg2

George Baker

Frank Brown

James Browne

The Doxey Brothers

The Rogers Brothers

Frank Jones

James "T. C."Turner and Son

Keith B. Scholey

Ian "Bidder" Evers

Stan Etchells

Stan Crowther

Newey's of Silverwood

Alexander Dutton

Paddy Burke

Robert Pepper

James Dabbs

Benjamin Bennett

Dave Edwards

The Lawrence Family

William Lawrence

George Mosley

Albert Illsley

William Peers

Walter Ackroyd

Churm Family

George Wilshaw

George T. Davies

Don Pickering

The Coggins Family


Hero, and Train driver who worked at Silverwood.

Miner, Deputy, undermanager, Salesman, and a great character

Hero of the second world war, Silverwood Deputy, local chairman of veterans Club Rotherham

A somewhat exceptional family of miners who worked at the mine

The talented musician who was also a miner and became leader of  the colliery band.

Silverwood Miner , CID Officer, poet, artist , and writer.

A tribute featuring Albert Ilsley and other members of the remarkable team.

A man of many parts Fred became one of the best known miners who ever worked at Silverwood

Father of Fred above and William Kelly

From Coal Hewer to Chartered Mining Engineer one of the great achievers of the mine

The tragic story of a Silverwood miner, and how his widow kept his memory alive

Alfred Blyton's Grandson

The great great Grandson of Alfred Blyton relates his memories of starting work at Silverwood

A story from the late William Hitchens

Mining electrician, and local council member

Miner, underground train driver and unofficial historian of the mine

Underground Loco Driver and his memories of the mine

A wonderful insight into the lives of a father and son who played with the band

Memories of a cornet player with Silverwood Band.

One of the last Deputy's at Silverwood [ Son of George below ]

George recalls his memories from the closing of Cortonwood Colliery 

The story of a Silverwood train operative

The Miner with 51 years service with photo of certificate

The Miner from Dalton who never gave up.

An insight into the work of  a Silverwood Mining  Safety Officer by Jeff

The history of the Silverwood mining family by Freda Bliss, Betty Barlow, and Harold Barber

An insight into the work of a Silverwood Blacksmith from 1935 until 1981 with photos

Ralph's life story as related by Janet Law in 1991.

The story of a Trombone Player in the Silverwood Brass Band

One of the early Miners of Silverwood with photos.

The story of  the miner  who arrived at Silverwood pre 1906 and his family.

Three Lancashire lads who came to Silverwood in the 1920's

Three Welsh Lads who came to Silverwood prior to 1920

The remarkable story of Frank who went from dust sampling to Mining Engineer

The inspiring stories of a father known as "Topcat" and his son James who worked at Silverwood

The story of Keith with photo of his training certificate

Miner and Silverwood Welfare football club manager and player

A tribute to a local ex miner who became a Lord Mayor and received an O. B. E. from the Queen

A tribute to the man who wrote the Silverwood Disaster tribute song

A family tribute from David Newey son of William 'Bill' Newey of Dalton

The man who worked all his life in coal mines and the Coal Board has no records of him!

A tribute to the miner who was to become Lord Mayor of Rotherham but died just days before the occasion

The story of a Silverwood Coking Plant worker

A tribute to the late James Dabbs, and a mining family history

The story of a Silverwood Banksman by his grandson Wayne

From Silverwood to Appin Colliery Australia, plus a comparison of the two mines by Dave

A tribute presented by Steven Lawrence the son of Clifford Lawrence Silverwood Miner and Boxer

The Grandfather of Steven Lawrence who worked in mining for 50 years

The story of a Silverwood miner tragically killed below ground

The family story of an outstanding safetyman of Silverwood

A tribute to the Peers family of miners from Dalton

The amazing story of Silverwood's one legged miner

The life of a local coal mining family and a notorious wages case presented by Julie McNeill

The former Blacksmith who became Manager of Silverwood and Roundwood

The story of the Thrybergh family who originated in Lancashire

Dons working years at the mine

From Farmers to Miners the story of a Thrybergh family presented by Dionne Coggins


From the Mine and concerning the Mine

Silverwood Comments

The Price of Coal

Me N Thee

The Pit Shop

N. U. M.

Brass Band

Brass Band 2

Brass Band Drawing

Miners Welfare Club

Silverwood Welfare

Silverwood Signs

Checks and Awards

Silverwood Memories

Miners Interest

Under Our Feet

Mining Terms

Silverwood Row

Keep on the Sunnyside

The Managers House

Silverwood Accidents

2007 reunion

Aussie Reunion


What politicians, the press, ex miners and we said !

The tragic true cost that mining communities paid, with a poem by Fred Spencer

A poem depicting an imaginary conversation between two miners buried alive.

A look at what became the last building standing at Silverwood, the little shop !

The union at Silverwood

The history of the band with photos and band members

An incomplete listing of the bandsmen

A classy  imaginary drawing from Mick Carver

The club situated at Dalton known as the " Gun' n' Baggin"

A tribute to the committee members who emulated the true spirit of a mining community

Photos of some of the signs at Silverwood

Photos of pit checks and awards

A page to add your reflections concerning any aspect of Silverwood

A query on names of  trains and other interest

A look at the underground workings

Mining terms and explanations by Bruce Wilson, Fred Spencer, John Waller, and Keith Barraclough

A photographic presentation by Jonathan Dabs

The history of Sunnyside and Woodlaithes once owned by the Coal Board, with a list of  Residents

A photographic presentation by Jonathan Dabs

The start of a list of fatal and serious accidents at the mine

Photos of  the evening held at Silverwood Miners Welfare

The 2008 reunion of two Dalton miners of Silverwood



Tales from the Mine

Tales from the Mine 2

Tales from the Mine 3

Tales from the Mine 3a

Stone walling

Silverwood Ghost

Tales from the Mine 7


A collection of tales and memories from Bruce Wilson

Explore the Mine and meet the Miners with Bruce Wilson

This page featuring "The ride of a lifetime" Bruce Wilson

More legends and stories from Bruce Wilson

An insight into building stone walls underground by Fred Spencer

The legend of the haunting with true experiences encountered by three Silverwood miners

Two anecdotes from Geoff Walker


James Bamforth


A story from 1867 regarding a Handsworth Woodhouse miner [ Ladies you will need your Hankies for this one ]

Gary Evans


This is a great story from Gary Evans



Coal Hard Facts



Blacksmiths 2

Loco Rules 1

Loco Rules 2

The Hunslet Loco

Silverwood Canaries

Mining Books

Mining Links

Site Trivia

A general look at coal, mining.

Some of the occupations in mining through the centuries

A presentation by Ralph Law ex Silverwood Blacksmith

A presentation by Ralph Law ex Silverwood Blacksmith

A   presentation by Dave Vicars ex Silverwood Loco Driver

A   presentation by Dave Vicars ex Silverwood Loco Driver

A photographic presentation by Dave Vicars ex Silverwood Loco Driver

The life saving feathered friends of the miners

Books by South Yorkshire Author Brian Elliot

Other Mining sites

Observations and trivial facts regarding the site.


Students Page

Guest Book Page1

  Guest Book Page 2


Genealogy Links


Some helpful information for students

Sign in at Silverwood

Sign in at Silverwood

Need an answer related to mining, or looking for lost friends then leave a message here

Links to help in your family search


My other sites concerning three local villages all linked along with this site so you can navigate quite easily from site to site. The sites below contain history, genealogy, memories, local legends, and plenty of photos of the area. Many of the miners of Silverwood lived in these Villages and some of their memories and lives are recorded here.






By the glow and the warmth, we must always remember.
The price of coal, comes not in men's pockets.
It's flesh and it's blood. Let no man forget it.

Fred Spencer



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