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It is hoped we can record here the history of any sporting teams and their players associated with Silverwood Colliery, to do this we need your help. If you played for a team or know someone that did then please contact me .

Via this site I have met a great number of generous people who have spent a considerable amount of time in putting together information for others to enjoy or learn from. Like myself they seek no reward other than the satisfaction of knowing their efforts are appreciated. Recently Alan Hodgson of Huddersfield Town Football Club has freely produced for this site a great insight into the history of the Silverwood Colliery Football Club which includes statistics on well known individual players. On behalf of everyone I would like to extend a sincere thank-you to Alan.

Silverwood F. C. has had strong ties with Huddersfield Town starting in 1913 when Larrett Roebuck and Harry Linley signed on at the League club.

Huddersfield Town F. C.  are at this moment in time [ 2006 ] preparing a centenary celebration in 2008. The Publication Committee are seeking information on past players of the club for inclusion in a tribute.

We now have two players from Thrybergh listed with Huddersfield and it is thought that there may be others from the area who also played with Huddersfield. Information sought  on the players includes Birth, Place of Birth, Death, place of Death, Parents, and any relevant information regarding their football careers.


If you have any information regarding the above please contact Alan Hodgson





Thrybergh Cricket Team approx 1945

Thrybergh cricket team photo courtesy of Bill Mountford

Left to right  top row  Arthur Blackett  Geoff Bancroft Danny Williams
Middle row left to right Jim Dabbs  Cedrick Guy  Bill Mountford  Bob Brocklesby  Harry Sayers
Bottom row left to right Keith Robinson Ken Nightingale (wicket keeper) I think Bill called him kell ?? and finally Lol Morgan.

There are three well known football players in the above photo.


Harry, Brandon played for Silverwood colliery, football in 1907

J. Reynolds Silverwood colliery footballer who made the local newspapers on the19th October 1907

? Bashlow Silverwood colliery footballer  19/10/07

Larrett Roebuck Born in Jump (circa 1889) and signed on for Huddersfield Town from Silverwood Colliery FC in March 1913

Harry Linley ,  LH/CH/RH
 1913/14 1919/20 Huddersfield Town
1919/20 - with Huddersfield Town, Division 2 runners-up

He made 48 appearances and scored 1 goal for Huddersfield
1920/21 Halifax Town

 He made 23 appearances and scored 1 goal for Halifax
Signed from Silverwood C. F. C. but unfortunately again have no date of birth.  After joining Town in August 1913 his career was to be split in two by the Great War.  He and Larrett Roebuck actually played in the same Town team on 13 occasions in the 1913/14 season.  Linley must also have had a 'reserved occupation' of some sort, and was seemingly not in the forces, as he was to regularly feature in Town's team during the four wartime seasons when normal League football was replaced by temporary regional leagues.

Alan Hodgson

Herbert Lounds
Who was born in Masborough and started his football career at Silverwood Colliery he then went on to play for Gainsborough Trinity, Leeds City, Rotherham County, and Halifax Town
He finished his career in 1923 after scoring 87 goals in league appearances.

Billy Marshall
Who was born at Kilnhurst in 1896 started his playing career at Silverwood Colliery, then Sheffield United, back to Silverwood Colliery, and then Rotherham County (8/19)

 John 'Jack' Ball

There was an international  player who started his football career in the Silverwood Colliery team. John 'Jack' Ball who was born on the 29th September 1900 at Hazel Grove, Stockport. He signed on at Silverwood to work on Haulage in February 1921 age 20. Recorded as a Professional Footballer living at 27 Doncaster Road. Beginning with Silverwood Colliery John went on to play for  Sheffield United, Bristol Rovers, Bury, West Ham United, and Coventry City. Whilst playing for Bury, John was chosen to play Inside left for England against Northern Ireland in the 1927/28 season, the game was played at Belfast on the 22nd October 1927. Unfortunately England lost 2-0 in front of a crowd of 30,000. For you sports enthusiast here is the rest of the Team
1. Edward Hufton from West Ham United 2. Thomas Cooper from Derby County 3. Herbert Jones from Blackburn Rovers 4. Henry Nuttall from Bolton Wanderers 5. John Hill [ Captain ] from Burnley 6. Harry Storer from Derby County7. Joseph Hulme from Arsenal 8. Stanley Earle from West Ham United 9. William Dean from Everton 10. John Ball from Bury 11. Louis Page from Burnley.

In the 1929/ 30 season John made 15 appearances as a forward for Coventry City in which he scored 9 goals. In his later years John was found at Stourbridge, Hinckley United, Atherstone Town, Coventry Gas

John Ball passed away in 1989, England player and Silverwood legend


Harold Bodle who was born at Woodlands, Doncaster on the 4th October 1920 started his football career at Doncaster schoolboys, then Silverwood Colliery, Ridgehill Athletics, Rotherham United. 1938; Birmingham City. 1938. In the second world war he was a guest player for Doncaster Rovers. and Rotherham United. Joined Bury on the 17th March 1949 , then played for Betteshanger Welfare CS in 1952 moving to Stockport County on the17th October 1952.  He retired as a player on the 1st May 1957. However in 1974 to 1976. he was found at Burton Athletic as trainer, then manager

Danny Williams

 Ken Nightingale

Lol Morgan

Ken HaughtonKen Haughton 

was born 18.10.1939 in Rotherham, one of the greats who played for Silverwood Colliery Amateur, Rotherham Amateur, Hull City,  Scunthorpe Utd, Scarborough, and Bridlington Town

Ken Haughton

Kenneth Houghton played as a  finalist in the Football League Cup in the 1960/61season for Rotherham Utd. He played for Hull City when they won the Football Association Championship in Division. 3 in the1965/66 season . 1975 found Ken as a finalist in the Football Association Trophy Player Coach  for Scarborough.
 In 10 seasons between 1963 to 1974 he scored an impressive 79 goals








Chris Tyler one of the more recent players who played for Silverwood was just one of many locals who remember with pride their years playing with the Silverwood team.

Frank  Frith  centre-half played for Silverwood Colliery pre the1920-1 season, then played for Chesterfield 1920-1 four appearances and 1 goal, then moved to Shirebrook 

J. T.  Tookey  Forward played for Silverwood Colliery pre the1920-1 season, then played for Chesterfield 1920-1 made 80 appearances, then moved to Rotherham Town 



Silverwood Colliery versus Leeds United  ! sounds unbelievable doesn't it?  Well back in its early days Silverwood Colliery did actually take on Leeds in the Midland League of 1919 to 20 and played at Millmoor, yes Millmoor .On the 3rd of April 1920 Silverwood Colliery 1 - 4 Leeds United. Again on the 14th of April 1920 Silverwood Colliery 1 -3 Leeds United.


Know anyone who played any sport for a Silverwood Team please send them in


Silverwood F. C.




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