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A Tribute Song by Stan Crowther


In a recent telephone conversation with Stan Crowther [ ex local M. P. and twice Lord Mayor of Rotherham,] Stan reflected that he was a reporter at the time of the accident and was given the job of producing the story for a local tabloid. He has never forgotten that day and was greatly affected by the loss of the men, and the grief that surrounded him. He was so moved he wrote a song shortly after, as a tribute and at this moment [ 2007 ] he is hoping to have that song recorded by a local artist.

Stan has kindly contributed the words to his song to this site.


Paddy Train at Silverwood in the 1970's


At Silverwood one Thursday morning, half a mile below the ground,

Forty miners rode the paddy, on the day shift they were bound,

When a diesel locomotive, rushing up beyond control,

Crashed into that crowded paddy, and it took a dreadful toll.


Men who live with danger daily do not cry for fear or pain,

Calmly did the injured lie there, waiting till assistance came.

To that scene of devastation came a nurse, an angel fair,

Bringing to those stricken men a women's kind and tender care.


Gently did their comrades lift them and to safety quickly bore,

But nine brave men died in the wreckage, one lived on for three days more.

Danger lurks in every coal mine. Ever since man first began,

Taking coal from earths deep bowels earth has wreaked revenge on man.


Ten more deaths to swell the total, ten more names upon the roll,

Ten more names to be remembered when we count the cost of coal,

Miners bodies maimed and broken, orphaned children, widowed wives,

The price England pays for coal is measured in her miners lives.


Words Stan Crowther

Music for the song has been composed by Ken Atkinson


About the composer



The paddy train and the men depicted above are from the 1970's and not a scene from the actual accident.


Tribute page to the people involved in the accident





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