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A Presentation by Jonathan Dabs and John Doxey


Photo courtesy Jonathan Dabs


Looking up the hill towards Ravenfield





Built for the Mine Deputies around 1906 and standing on Hollings Lane between the mine and Ravenfield, no excuses for being late for the men who lived in them, the mine was but a few hundred yards away. The houses were the same style as those built in Dalton and Thrybergh.


The Browne family arrived from Wigan into the new house in 1906 , James his wife Lavinia and son Harry . They had six more children at Silverwood: Lesley, Joe, Nora (1912), John (1914), Thomas, and Robert. Family story.

One of the earliest residents also was Joseph Benson in 1909 his daughter Mildred Benson attended the then newly erected Whinney Hill School at Thrybergh, and then transferred to Ravenfield School in that year

Fred Kelham lived at number 22 in 1919 his occupation was listed as M, so he may have been a Mechanic

F. F. Barker age 28 lived in one of the houses in 1920

R. Clark  is listed as living at The green Silverwood in 1920 
Albert Briggs a shotfirer lived at number 11in 1921

A young J. Wagstaff  age 14 was living at number 17 working in the West Pit in   1921

H. Lee living at number  26  was a Office worker at the mine in 1922

L. Hickman lived at number 5 in 1922 and may have been a lodger as he signed on as a Stoneworker in this year.  
George Cole a Lower lived at  number 7 in 1923
Living at number 10 in 1924 were the Nixon Family Walter a Collier and his son Dennis who was a Driver
At number 16 were the Uttley brothers U. Utley ? who had been a Deputy but signed on as a shotfirer in 1921, whilst Vincent Uttley was a Deputy in 1923
Walter Wardle was living in one of the houses in 1923.



Photo courtesy Jonathan Dabs


Looking down towards Silverwood Mine

Photos Jonathan Dabs Text and formatting John Doxey



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