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By Janice Hans



Originating in Wales the Rogers brothers made their appearance at Silverwood pre 1920, two of them William and John remained at the mine whilst Joseph who had lived at Blackpool Lancashire emigrated to Canada with his wife and three daughters. One of those daughters moved to New Jersey, New York whilst the rest of the family stayed in Canada. This daughter was the Grandmother of Janice Hans, Janice's mother now aged 80 was showing her daughter some of the family photos and in amongst the family treasures were the two obituaries below. From these obituaries Janice learned that her great Uncles had worked at Silverwood, a quick search of internet and this site was found, an ensuing email was sent by Janice and from that email we gained the history of another family of Silverwood Miners.

At present Janice would like to find out the years in which the deaths of her great Uncles occurred, and would like to also discover more about her family so if  anyone can help with information it would be very appreciated.



Wm Rogers lived at 23 Vale Avenue, Thrybergh at the time of his death. He was a Methodist and belong to the Whinney Hill Church and prior to his death he worshipped at the Dalton Methodist Church.



A Whinney Hill resident of 30 years, lived on Silver Street. He was a member of the Thrybergh Unemployed Welfare Centre.


Many thanks to Janice for sharing her family information here Janice can be contacted at










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